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It’s time for an icon change! And here’s what I decided on.

It’s Kalea, because I’m super invested in her and the campaign.

The pose I used as reference is Alfons Mucha’s “The Moon and the Stars”.

Thank you, @zankyger, for being a good DM and not killing my beautiful Monk yet. And thanks to my group as well: @ablubluh@burlygrimoire @theenigmatic-me and @titenoute. Goddamn nerds who play games where you roll dice. Weird.

A motivational poster for everyone who needs it!

I got this idea when I thought about what kind of motivational posters Grunt would have. Maybe I’ll end up selling this as an actual poster if there is enough interest.

I chose blue as the main color, because I love the paragon way and I hate being mean and hurt virtual characters’ feelings. (One time I killed the Rachni and cried)

Happy N7 Day!!

An illustration I made for emissary-architect‘s new fanfiction “Match”.

It’s an AU and Ava has to deal with those two assholes courting her. It’s hilarious and cute! And it has super neat world building!

It is also a way to introduce you to the OT3. I call it “Fort Asshole”! 

Don’t want to decide what’s more trash? Flaming Arrow or Fire Wire? Then Fort Asshole is for you! It’s 3 at the price of 2! Not only do you get those two garbage ships, but you get Six/Odin as well! What a deal!

Ngl Archi and I talk about dumb Fort Asshole AUs 90% of the time. There is a Cop AU (Six is a cop and Ava is an undercover cop) and a Coffee Shop AU (where Six is also a cop). There may or may not be a lion involved.

I have no excuse except I wanted to draw a lion and it makes a really cool motive.

I wanted to add dandelions to her hair but they didn’t look so good. This was a lot of fun. I took longer for Ava’s hair than for the lion’s mane.

AU where Ava has a pet lion that chases everyone off that intends to hurt her.

Bonus: Fort Asshole

I have no shame whatsoever.

Ava’s Demon DeiIno AU. Deidara is a demon of passion. He usually possesses her to give a nasty art critique to some unfortunate painter or so.

Initially the two of them didn’t get along at all. But Ino figured out quick that Deidara would stop being mean to her when she made art. She ended up enjoying art, especially the art of flower arrangement, Ikebana, since both could agree on it. Ever since they got to know each other better and are a pretty good team. 

Neither of them really feels like pacting since that would mean they can’t hang out all day.


I love DeiIno so much someone please help me fill this tag!

Dave is probably looking at a photo of his ex-almost-gf or he’s checking out new shades. Or he is looking at some rap he made up and is super proud. And he tries to look cool by leaning on his ridiculously tall spacefishgiraffe bf.

And his spacefishgiraffe bf has pink glowy forehead thingies which is spacefishgiraffeish for “oh no he’s hot!”, if I remember it correctly.

Happy birthday zeekappa!!!!! Lots and lots of love from Cola! You commissioned a waist up picture, I know! But I decided to surprise you and make it a fullbody commish for you because it’s your birthday and I love you, my penguin friend! I hope you have a nice day even if the odds are kinda against you. :o <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

This is Eridan and Dave from Zee’s Fanfiction btw! It has super amazing world building and writing, I should know because I was there when she wrote a big part of it and read super hilarious stuff to me. If you like longass fanfics you should absolutely give it a read, you won’t regret it!

So, I ended up dreaming up a DeiIno model AU where they were wearing pastel colored outfits. 

Deidara hated having to wear pastel colors until he realized that he can work with Ino that way. Then he suddenly didn’t mind that much anymore. Deidara can do a really good cat eye and helps out Ino with her make up when he makes her laugh so much she starts to snort and cry. He totally does that on purpose obviously. 

What he doesn’t know is that Ino was responsible for the pastel outfits he constantly had to wear because why talk to someone when you can just manipulate him into working with you? I don’t know. As long as it works, right?

[Here’s my DeiIno playlist I keep expanding]

Space Detective AU ft. DeiIno!

They share a spaceship for work because of the rent. Usually they don’t have much to do with each other but then they start getting hired for the same cases.

Ino is a genius at manipulation and interrogation. She’s good at gathering information, she’s very bossy and good at acting. Also very sneaky.

Deidara used to run with criminals and still has good connections and knows who to ask when shit is going on. He does spend most of his time trying to blow things up though. He’s not the sneakiest, but he is good at his job.


I finally finished it!

I love Child of Light! I bought it right on the day it was released with neat keychain and poster and art book.

Now I decided to finally draw a fanart of it. Truth be told the hair nearly drove me insane but I like the result. Queen Auroras dress didn’t appear in the game but I like the artbook dress more so there. :o

I only gave little Aurora Igniculus and the sword because of reasons.

Added 50% closeups because I worked on a huge canvas.

And here are WIPs: [1] [2] [3]