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venusdemi1o  asked:

hi! i'm curious who/what pierrot is? and what sorta is the project ur doin with him?? they're real cute

For the project, I’m doing doodles of 200 variations of Pierrot’s costume (most of them based on real costumes, illustrations, dolls that I’ve found) and as for who Pierrot is…

Once upon a time, Italian improv troupes roamed around giving comedic open-air performances that exploited the character tropes of the day (servants, masters, officers etc) and it was called ✧ COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE ✧

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Coca-Cola Releases 'Choose Happiness Over Tradition' Pro-LGBT Ad

Pride season is here and Coca-Cola is once again showing its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

Coca- cola`s got a brand new ad that reflects the attitude of the company to the LGBT community. But is that a real love to LGBT or just another way to increase sales? Seems to be just another company getting profit from mainstream like our politicians or mass media do. Maybe we should make democracy mainstream? Cuz we need it so much.