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A brief history of Madonna’s feud with Pepsi

Madonna has been one of Pepsi’s biggest foes for the past 28 years. And after the uproar around the release of the soft drink giant’s ad starring Kendall Jenner, which many say co-opted activism movements, the pop icon has renewed her public disapproval of the soda company. Here is brief look at the legendary singer’s multi-decade feud with Pepsi.


Back in 1989, the singer formed a business deal with Pepsi. Their agreement had her starring in a TV ad for the soda company, with Pepsi also sponsoring the singer’s world tour. Madonna’s commercial debuted on March 2, 1989, and featured the pop star singing her song “Like a Prayer” and reminiscing about her time as a young girl.


In 1999, Madonna showed up to the Grammys dressed in all red to match a Coca-Cola can she carried with her — Coca-Cola being Pepsi’s biggest rival. Madonna shared the photo on her Instagram page Wednesday.

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How much of ERBs Mars/Venus stories are in the Public Domain? Because I remember reading somewhere that only the first five John Carter stories are in the Public domain, while the rights to the other five and the character himself are held by ERB Inc. Which has some shady history to it, like the time they went after Dynamite press for publishing John Carter comic books.

It depends on where you are. Almost all the Tarzan and Barsoom books are in the public domain in Australia, since the Aussies have shorter copyright duration. That’s why I tell people to look things up on Project Gutenberg Australia first. 

Nothing has entered the public domain since 1998. The shrinking of the public domain due to increased duration for copyright is nothing short of criminal; it’s robbing the entire public of culture that should belong to all of us. 

To understand the situation with Tarzan and John Carter, you have to understand the difference between two different types of intellectual property, copyright and trademark. 

Copyright is: 

  • Given to artistic works in a fixed medium (art, fiction, novels, movies, etc.)
  • Is designed to expire, so that works can become common property of our cultural heritage. The goal of copyright law is to provide a thriving public domain, not the other way around.

  • Is automatic from the time something exists in a fixed form, so you don’t have to register it. 

  • There is no “use it or lose it,” you don’t lose it if you don’t enforce it strongly.

Trademark is: 

  • Given to symbols or slogans that have no value in and of themselves, only because they are associated with a company or brand, like the Nike swoosh or the Coca-Cola logo. Trademark is an issue of consumer protection; only actual Coca-Cola can call itself Coca-Cola. The goal of trademark law is to prevent consumer confusion.  
  • Does not protect the content of works, but only the title, and terms it can be sold with. 
  • Is not designed to expire (is perpetual) 

  • Requires registration

  • Can be lost if it isn’t enforced (this is why companies hate it when a brand becomes a word for something, like kleenex or xerox machine: it’s possible to lose the trademark if it is considered a generic term)

Let me be absolutely clear, here: The copyright on the first few Tarzan and John Carter of Mars books have expired, which means Tarzan and John Carter of Mars are in the public domain now and belong to all of us, as well as the situations, events, and concepts in the first few novels: Opar, La, Jane Porter, Dejah Thoris, the holy therns, the Green Men, etc.). For characters, copyright is fixed at the point of initial publication. This means anyone can write or create their own Tarzan or John Carter of Mars stories and use them for commercial purposes, even sell them. However, situations and characters introduced in the works still under copyright are still protected, which means you can’t use Queen Nemone and the City of Gold from Tarzan and the City of Gold, written in 1933 and still under copyright in the US and UK. 

However…because the terms Tarzan and John Carter are still trademarked, still owned by ERB, Inc, you can make your own Tarzan book (since it’s out of copyright), but you can’t call it Tarzan, since that would interfere with ERB, Inc’s trademark. That’s why the Dynamite comics initially went with “Lord of the Jungle” and “Warlord of Mars” (we know what they mean).

Now, here’s where it gets shady: trademark is used to create a kind of perpetual, permanent copyright…which was never the intention. The Dynamite suit was totally baseless (again, these characters are in the public domain), and it’s something you see often when dealing with older characters: “copyfraud.” Yes, I said fraud, and I mean fraud. It’s a racket: pretending characters that now belong to all of us are still under ownership, enforced by the threat of litigation. Buck Rogers, Fu Manchu, Tarzan and John Carter should all, at this point, be public domain. Thankfully, the tide is starting to turn, particularly after the suit against the Conan Doyle heirs that said their supposed continued ownership of Sherlock Holmes was copyfraud. 

more Patater Prompts

If you like any of these feel free to write them!!

(Celebrity & Fan AU)
Alexei still plays for the falconers, but Kent doesn’t play in the NHL. He’s the falconers biggest fan though and Alexei is his favourite player!! Kent definitely has a huge crush on him too, probably has at least one Alexei Mashkov poster in his bedroom. Maybe they meet and Kent totally has a little heart attack and fanboys! (It’s okay tho cause Alexei thinks it’s cute.)

(Celebrity and Fan AU)
Alexei is the drummer and back up singer for a famous boy band in the USA. Kent is obsessed. Accidentally runs into Alexei at the grocery store or something and Alexei is like hey I recognize you from twitter! Kent dies. Wow tater is even cuter in person what?????

(High school au)
At a party everyone plays spin the bottle and Kent lands on Alexei;))
Or they all play truth or dare and jack is up to something when Alexei picks truth and he asks Alexei what he honestly thinks about Kent. Alexei is all blushy and “I’m not even know him. We talk once or twice.“ Cue jack being like “so?? Tell everyone what you told me.“ And Kent is listening all curious.

(High school au)
Maybe Kent and Alexei are taking biology in the same class and are paired up for a project. They have to study the organisms in two different types of soil and make a comparison chart. They take samples together from Alexei’s dry ass back yard and the forest beside Kent’s house. Maybe Kent accidentally trips on uneven ground in the forest or something and Alexei has to carry him back to his house:))

(Starbucks au)

Whenever Kent goes to Starbucks, he only has enough to get the little danish he likes. That doesn’t stop someone from always ordering him a cotton candy frappé with a cute message written on the cup whenever he sits down to eat it. The barista who brings it to him never knows the name of the guy who ordered it, and he always leaves before he can point him out to Kent. One day there’s a different barista who brings it, and is like “DUDE ALEXEI MASHKOV FROM THE PROVIDENCE FALCONERS JUST ORDERED YOU THIS DRINK!” And Kent doesn’t follow hockey, but he’s in providence, of course he knows who the falconers are. That day when he goes home he googles Alexei Mashkov and HOLY SHIT THIS GUY IS GORGEOUS. So next time Kent is at Starbucks and he sees Alexei ordering, he marches up to him and just plants a big kiss right on his lips. :)))))

(Retail au)
Alexei works at forever 21. Yeah he gets chirped sometimes for working at a store where basically everything is out of Tumblr but it pays a bit better than most clothing stores and he gets Commission. Not a lot of boys shop at forever 21 but one day Kent marches in, claiming he needs new shorts and boy shorts don’t fit his ass right or something sassy he would say. So he demands that Alexei measure him to figure out what size he would be and cue Alexei blushing and thinking bad things he shouldn’t think while he has to touch the cute blond’s waist and hips so he can measure him.

(Dog sitter)

Alexei hires Kent to take care of his puppy while he’s on the road for hockey. Alexei always tips him absurd amounts and complements him in ways that make Kent turn redder than a Coca Cola can.

(Harry Potter au)
Kent is in Slytherin, always plays pranks on the really cute boy Alexei, from Gryffindor. One day they are paired together in potions class and have to make the potion Amortentia. They make it but think they screwed it up because it just smells like each other to them.

(Harry Potter au)
Alexei is in Slytherin. He’s friends with Draco and Draco makes fun of Kent (a Hufflepuff) all the time. One day Alexei finally stands up for him and Kent is stunned because omg did the boy he has a huge crush on finally notice him?? And help him?? So Draco is like whatever Alexei I’ll leave him alone and Kent pecs tater on the cheek or something cute and fluffy as a thanks for helping me:))) then cue Alexei being a dork and pining over Kent for a few days before finally doing something about it.

(High school au)
Mutual pining but not knowing how the other person feels. Alexei leaves Kent romantic love letters in his locker and Kent wishes he knew who it was.


Coca Cola Classic - NKOTB 1990

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👀 spins in and places a platonic on the ground 4 dusty and coca-cola


▸ soda just. cannot. get over dustin. moderation? what th’ fuck’s that? she admires him to the ends of the earth for how genuine he is. it has a weird way of manifesting, given how abrasive she is in her tactility, but paying attention will make it obvious that she adores him. her smiles are just a little wider, her laughter just a little louder, her eyes just a little dreamier – the difference is a little unnerving, actually.
▸ she tries to keep in contact with him way too much. she regularly texts him a commentary of her day ( “thIS duck ing l U NA BLASTER” “FUCK U PHONE I SAID FUCKING” “OK U KNO WHAT SCRU INKBRUSHES !!!!” “hey dude this place in arowana malls got gr8 ice cream we need to go somtime” “DUCK E LITERS” “GODDAMMIT DID U MESS W MY SETTINGS IVE NEVER GOTTEN S OMANY CORECTIONS ), and sometimes she sends him snail mail for nostalgia’s sake. ( those letters are surprisingly long and detailed – she seems to genuinely like writing them. )
▸ dustin is her go-to for practice, since resha’s just a bit too high-level to practice with on a regular basis. she’s learned to live with his speed, even if it can still overwhelm her – but she’s learned to take that in stride with dustin, and now she couldn’t imagine him without it. ( still teases him about it, though. ) she also still heavily associates speed with him, and usually gifts him with spyke-modified gear full of run- and swim-speed ups.