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The Super Bowl ads and Lady Gaga proved that showing decency is all it takes to be political in 2017

  • All it took was a brief dramatized shot of an immigrant to send certain corners of the internet into hysterics during the 2017 Super Bowl. 
  • #BoycottBudweiser started to trend days before the big game, when Bud first shared its ad depicting its founder, Adolphus Busch, coming to America to found what would become America’s most popular beer.
  • Budweiser’s simple ask, which amounted to little more than “treat human beings the way you’d like to be treated,” spiraled out into a divisive flag-plant fit to shake brand loyalty and get the cuck sirens sounding. Because it seems that’s all it takes to be political in 2017.
  • Make a simple ask for peace, patience and compassion, and watch yourself turn into a martyr overnight. Read more