I’m the girl who loves to be alone, but can’t stand being lonely.

I can barely open up, it’s like I want to fade away to nothing, barely remembered.

I don’t like to speak to people, I just want to sit in my room alone.

Everything I want from life lies in the corners of my brain, covered in cobwebs, for I haven’t touched them in years.

I want to become a mystery, I want to be no one.

The closer you get to me, the more you realize you know nothing about me.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t exist.

I hate existence, it’s tedious.

Reality is the worst, I live in my thoughts.

I wish I could melt away.

—  a poem i wrote
30 September, 2016
Miss Havisham Outfit Inspiration

Miss Havisham Outfit Inspiration

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The theme of Gloomth’s upcoming Tea Party on November 13th is “Miss Havisham’s Dolls”. In our vision of this classic character we see her as a maiden left at the alter, acting out her dream wedding with her crumbling porcelain dolls in an attic bedroom full of lace and cobwebs. Today I wanted to post some outfit inspiration and ideas on how to bring this theme to life in your own outfit- whether…

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A dream that i hope nobody relives.

So i just remembered this one nightmare i had back when i was still in school.
I was strapped in a jungle full of cobwebs and spiders lots and lots of spiders i tried running away but where ever i went there where walls of cobwebs blocking my path soon enough the spiders begin to crawl up my legs some begining to cover me in spiderwebs while the others where bitting me, at the end of the nightmare a huge spide. Came down from the trees and approached me but then i woke up.

Freaky right??