cobweb tattoo


Sombra was an annoyance to speak to, let alone to work with.

When Widow had brought the implant to her, it did not take her long at all to figure out its purpose. She squeaked on and on about her favourite spider having feelings after all.

Turnedvout it wasn’t being tracked, only its functionality was monitored. Genji had apparently done a good job removing it because any compromise to it would have had Talon at her door.

So the best thing Widow could do with the implant was nothing. And she had to reveal this transgression against Talon to the trickiest of her colleagues to discover this.

She was let off with an I.O.U for the hacker.


Meanwhile, these passing weeks were hard enough on Widow. As it happened, the main emotion she had suppressed was loneliness.

She wasn’t expecting to feel good, by any means, but something more along the lines of guilt or remorse made more sense to her.


All of her assassinations were done in cold blood, and she felt that rush afterwards better than before.

And then she went home, looking at that photo of herself and Gerard.

Some things just couldn’t warrant a release…

Perhaps for the best.

She got the details of her tattoo fixed, and it now sported a new feature– a wheel-shaped web sprawling across her back. It had taken her a while to settle on that look– black widows, the subject of her tattoo, wove cobwebs, not spiral webs. In the end, she decided it was more aesthetically pleasing, and the pain of the needle moving in such a pattern was stimulating and coherent for her.

All of these changes did nothing to distract her from the fact that Genji was mad at her. Not only did the pricking anxiety of being rejected by someone she secretly respected keep her up at night, but it also scared her. Dealing with new, and negative emotions should have been enough, but now she ran the risk of being sold out by two of her colleagues.

Perhaps she could reason with the other…


They were assigned on an intel mission together today. Practically office work, as far as she was concerned.

But where to start? She had been walking on eggshells for weeks, at a loss for how to approach him without setting him off.

Fuck. She had nothing.

“… I’ll keep lookout.”

I just did some research on prison tattoos.
Cobwebs denote time stuck in jail with the number of rings
corresponding to the number of years doing time.
I haven’t found a really clear pic of Louis’ web but I think it
has five or six rings.
Louis Tomlinson picks up a spot of lunch in Malibu
The 24-year-old was pictured picking up a couple of Subway sandwiches with a couple of friends, along with a Vitamin Water, while sporting a low-key look.

He spent the weekend partying with a bevy of beauties in Las Vegas - but it was back to reality for One Direction star Louis Tomlinson on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old was pictured picking up a couple of Subway sandwiches with a couple of friends, along with a Vitamin Water, while sporting a low-key look.

The father-of-one modelled his own eclectic sense of style as he wore a pair of long denim shorts with a patterned T-shirt and a grey Adidas zip-up top.

He wore a pair of white high-top trainers and flashed a glimpse of the cobweb tattoo which sits on his leg as he made his way back to his car. 

Keeping a low profile, he wore a grey Adidas baseball cap which perfectly matched his top, while balancing his superstar shades on the neckline of his T-shirt. Despite being overseas, it’s fair to say that Louis’ thoughts were still back home as he tweeted about the recent success of Leicester City.

The football fan wrote: ‘Can’t believe what @LCFC have achieved ! Everyone involved in the club should be so proud.’

He also wrote about how much fun he had in Vegas, simply telling his followers: 'Vegas has broken me.’

Louis enjoyed a wild weekend at the city’s Wynn hotel on Sunday, cutting loose at a lively pool party surrounded by a bevy of bikini clad beauties.

He whipped off his t-shirt to reveal his slimline tattooed torso as he made his way to the busy pool area while EDM tunes pumped from the speakers.

Noticeably absent, was Louis’s girlfriend Danielle Campbell and he was also flying solo for the red carpet opening of new club Intrigue in Nevada, earlier that night.

The singer recently moved to California to be nearer his new baby Freddie Reign, who was born in January.

The British pop star made the move to the US where Briana Jungwirth, the mother of his son Freddie lives, earlier this year.