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Dear Josh, What was the total number of people at Obsidian who worked on New Vegas over those 18 months, and do you think that you would need more or less people on your team should you develop Fallout 4.5? Also I would be very interested to hear more about your song "Streets of New Reno." I know it's a take of the Marty Robbins song, but is there a backstory? I I almost didn't believe it was really you singing, but I wouldn't mind an encore performance today either

A full list of people at OEI who worked on F:NV should be available in the credits.

During most of production, I think we were at 40-50 developers.  I believe we peaked in the low 70s.  I would expect a similar project would require a similar number of developers, but I don’t know how Bethesda’s art and animation creation pipelines changed with their move to the new renderer in F4.

There’s not much of a backstory to Streets of New Reno.  We needed a small number of songs for the performers at the Tops after Talent Pool was completed but we hadn’t actually decided on/licensed anything. We realized this fairly late on the project and didn’t have many options, so I suggested writing variants of folk songs to be performed with James Melilli and Nathaniel Chapman on guitar. That’s what we would up doing, later adding a variant of Cobwebs and Rainbows to a low-cost instrumental track we found somewhere.

It should be noted that The Streets of Laredo dates back far before Marty Robbins. Like many great country songs, it’s part of an American folk tradition that stretches into the 19th century, often borrowing from English, Scottish, and Irish songs.

The Unfortunate Rake, which was the basis for Streets of Laredo, also morphed into St. James Infirmary Blues (Arcade Gannon’s theme song in the Black Isle tabletop campaign).

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