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Another Day, Another Conference

Why am I writing about a conference on church leadership?

And why am I writing about it at 11pm?

Because of this:

“@RickWarren: Al, the reason so many conferences are just church theory&philosophy is so few actually know HOW to DO church effectively.”

I heard A LOT of that today. One guy was passionate, but didn’t care what I thought (he may not have actually meant that, but it’s how it sounded).

Another talked a lot but made assumptions and taught class but I didn’t recall hearing much on leadership, the second day anyway - yes I went for 2 days, they had free Krispy kremes what can I say?

I’ve heard the problems. I’m waiting for inspiration, vision to fix them. Not more debate about the problems in the church and the churched up answers that really convey “I don’t know either, but thanks for buying a ticket and a seat to listen to me philosophize the issues.”

I’m not a conference person. Though they are entertaining to go to.

You see a lot of nuts. And some are the speakers. Just sayin.