More recent work for Le Pain Quotidien. Honey co-branding for Spain locations. Seriously hoping I’ll get a picture of the final product, if I’m not able to see one in person.

*These aren’t actually the final files- the ones that are being printed also have the EU’s organic seal, and LPQ’s organic stamp on them- but I’m having trouble saving the final files as .JPGs to post.


Selling underwear, promoting adoption

Does adoption sell underwear? I was just about to hit “Buy Now” on my Jockey bra order, when I saw the plea: “Give $1 today and bring comfort to adoptive families tomorrow” and a link to “Jockey Being Family.” At the site I learned that “Jockey Being Family is our company’s commitment to help strengthen adoptive families for successful futures.”  Jockey has donated more than $3.5 million to adoption organizations.

Well I thought, maybe this is okay. Families that adopt hard to place children need all the help they can get. But then I saw this: Jockey offers best-in-class adoption benefits to employees. The adoption process can be costly and time-intensive. At Jockey, we’re proud to provide an extensive adoption benefits package to our employees including a $10,000 stipend per child each year and resource and referral services.“(Emphasis added.)

Jockey, headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a family-owned business. CEO Debra S. Waller succeeded her mother as CEO. Her ties to adoption go deep. She was adopted as an infant, is a 2014 Angel in Adoption honoree by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and serves on the Board of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Jockey CEO
Weller’s concern for her employees, however, didn’t stop her from lobbying for the Central American Free Trade Agreement, closing factories, and shipping jobs to Honduras according to Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy. My naturally suspicious mind wonders if some of the adoption assistance funds go to sleazy adoption officials in Honduras. I must also ask whether Jockey gives poor Honduran mothers $10,000 so they can keep their babies? Weller is also a big supporter of the Tea Party, the Koch brothers organization Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and Wisconsin’s union-busting governor, Scott Walker.

Apparently admen and the CEO’s (who approve the ads) believe that connecting merchandise to adoption is an effective way to sell bras, baubles and cereal. A Cheerios ad features two white gay men and their black adopted daughter. A Kay Jewelry ad celebrates the happiness of a couple who receives a new born baby, pairing the baby with a gift of jewelry. And Jockey’s message, Buy from us, toss in another $1, and help a child realize his dreams of a "forever family.”

Back to my purchase –I didn’t really need more bras but they were on sale and I had a $10 off coupon. I cancelled the order and tossed the coupon. No way will I support the break up of families and the Tea Party–Jane.

 Korean Air Partners With Absolut To Add Bars To Its Jets

Korean Air has joined forces with leading vodka brand Absolut to create ‘Celestial Bars.’ which will feature in the airlines’ new Airbus 380 aircraft. The A380 will be fitted with three of these bars, with two in Business Class that are self-service and one in First Class with its own bartender/mixologist
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Késako? La collection drag queen de Meadham Kirchhoff pour Topshop

Le duo de créateurs Meadham Kirchhoff lance ce 21 novembre une nouvelle capsule pour l'enseigne Topshop où le style victorien fusionne avec l'esprit girly kitsch.

On pensait avoir atteint le summum de la surenchère de couleurs et motifs avec Desigual et Manoush mais c’était sans compter sur le label Meadham Kirchhoff. Le duo de créateurs franco-anglais Edward Meadham et Benjamin Kirchhoff sort aujourd'hui le fruit de sa nouvelle collaboration avec l'enseigne anglaise Topshop. Baptisée “The Cherrys”, la collection de 80 pièces revisite le style victorien à la sauce girly kitsch… Lady Gaga s’est probablement déjà ruée sur un bon nombre de pièces alors si vous voulez vous venger de votre vieille tante qui vous a offert une bouillotte à Noël l’an dernier ou si vous cherchez toujours votre déguisement pour le concert d’Arcade Fire à Baltard vendredi soir, ne tardez pas :

Photos DR

Où shopper cette collection? Sur l'e-shop français de Topshop

Combien va me coûter ce craquage? 125 euros le pull monstre en angora, 235 euros la paire de babies rouge pailletée, 46 euros le serre-tête à motifs flammes….
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Pub du jour #61

Voici la toute nouvelle publicité de H&M et son partenariat avec le créateur Italien Marni. En voila une belle publicité comme on les aime, avec un beau story telling, bien plus proche de la cible de H&M, que leur dernière publicité pour leur vetement cobrandé avec Versace, qui quant à elle répugné plus qu'autre chose. C'était sans compter sur le réalisateur de cette publicité Sofia Coppola, qui une fois encore à su montrer ses talents à propos de l’esthétisme de ses réalisations.