the signs as things from
  • aries: 4 dicks, 1 tits
  • taurus: alex suarez constantly mumbling "what the fuck" to everything that happens
  • gemini: cobracam jr
  • cancer: nate novarro's letter to his mother
  • leo: cobra clean (it gets ya SWEET!)
  • virgo: mountain man nate novarro
  • libra: club nate
  • scorpio: guy ripley's "hot me" lip tattoo
  • sagittarius: "LET'S GET WASTED!"
  • capricorn: famed accordion player luten meister
  • aquarius: the guy selling gabe saporta's nudes on the street
  • pisces: club ryland

I also used to watch this almost every night before I went to sleep because I just loved listening to his voice ahahehaelr. 

3:57-4:00 though


for anyone who’s never seen it (probably a lot of you i’m guessing) this is the UNCENSORED ORIGINAL CUT of the cobracam season 1 finale episode

for the most part it’s the same but once they get wasted there’s a few scenes that were cut from the youtube version