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Fairy Tail  >> Suicide Squad!AU

AU’s author - @rivendell101

Huuh, I’m so tired to do this art… I really fell in love with this amazing AU! (Also, I’m in love with the comics books) I hope that this art isn’t disappoint you! (Please, forgive me if my vision doesn’t match with yours!)

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How would the dragon slayers and gray react to a person scaring/threatening their s/o?

Shit would go down fast. Nobody has the right to threat his s/o or scare them in any way. He’s the only one allowed jumpscaring them and then only just for fun, never every seriously scaring them. He’d probably just punch them in the face.

He’d be pissed. First he’d ask what the problem is and why somebody has to threat or scare his s/o, then he’d probably freeze these assholes right on spot, leaving them there without giving a single fuck.

He’d scream and if neseccary he’d even fight these idiots for scaring his s/o, scaring them away with his rather rough and strong appearance. Not many would dare fighting a guy with piercings literally everywhere in his body .

When a guy like Laxus comes around the corner with a dark expression in his eyes, everyone, literally everyone should run and hide because no one is allowed to scare his s/o in any way or making them feel uneasy.

He’s rather polite, so let them explain why they have to scare his s/o, then he’d think about breaking their legs with a paddle but since he’s a polite guy he’d just whisper something “nice” into their ear… leaving them scared for life.

His calm personality makes it possible for him to have a serious conversation with those guys scaring his s/o but deep inside he’s filled with rage and anger. However he’d still be polite and ask to (fuck the hell off) leave his s/o alone.

He’d be confused why someone has the urge to scare his sweet, little s/o. Asking what their problem is and why the hell they are doing this. And when they have no obvious reason he’d just ignore them and try to soothing his s/o.

Am I the only one who wants to know the joke that Natsu “told” Cobra during the fight over Nirvana. He said he’d tell Happy when he was old enough.

Also, when we get the flashback of Angel in the tower of paradise, we see Cobra in the background with Kinana in snake form. Was being turned into a snake her punishment for something? Did they know each other before she was turned into a snake?

And, if Jellal destroyed all the boats, how did everyone else escape (Oracion Seis and anyone who didn’t stay)?

And I want to know more about Brain training Jellal, did he learn heavenly body magic from Brain or someone else?

Also, since it is CANON that Gray had a crush on Lucy during this arc (both in the anime and manga) was he jealous that Natsu an Lucy had matching outfits? Since he did mention the outfits.


So like Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, Rogue, Laxus and Cobra?


Fairy Tail: The Real Girlfriends of Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers are probably the most badass mages in the Fairy Tail universe, at least for me that is

As cool as they can be, they have the worst case of motion sickness. Dragon Slayers need “a woman’s touch” and have to be taken care of, especially when in transit. 

Most of the Dragon Slayers already have established pairs. I have noticed some similarities among the ”girlfriends” of these Dragon Slayers.

First Generation Dragon Slayers: Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox

Real Girlfriends of 1st Generation Dragon Slayers: Bookworms and Best Friends

  • Lucy Heartfilia
  • Levy McGarden

Second Generation Dragon Slayers: Laxus Dreyar and Cobra

Real Girlfriends of 2nd Generation Dragon Slayers: Barmaids at Fairy Tail 

  • Mirajane Strauss
  • Kinana

Third Generation Dragon Slayers: Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney

Real Girlfriends of 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers: Twins (and Little Sister Characters)

  • Lisanna Strauss
  • Yukino Aguria

Both are still probably crack ships for the third generation dragon slayers, but I find it interesting that the two girls are very similar

Allow me to explain…

Although this does not apply to ALL couples and is subject to interpretation, I personally think this is Hiro Mashima’s way of telling us that a new couple will become canon soon, or that he intends to pair these two together:

Look what happened to Gruvia, Jerza and NaLu (also my ships by the way). I think it is already a bit of a stretch on Hiro Mashima’s part considering that this act is so out of Rogue’s character. I actually see this more as something of Sting’s character, but the fact that Hiro Mashima made Rogue do it got me rethinking my ships. 

Trust me, I also shipped Sting x Yukino initially. But when Yukino was expelled from Sabertooth, Rogue was the one visibly upset and concerned, while Sting pointed out that Yukino was weak and that she’s no longer needed in their guild. I was actually disappointed that Sting reacted that way towards Yukino, and the unexpected boob grab scene from Rogue got me convinced that Rogue is possibly the one for Yukino. Rogue and Yukino are both shy, but I think they’ll eventually open up and warm up to each other. 

As for Sting, he’s the only one now among the dragon slayers left without a pair… and so is Lisanna! All of the Fairy girls are already “seeing someone,” except for Lisanna. Although she and Sting have yet to meet, they would definitely make a cute couple! Sting has Laxus’ looks and Natsu’s personality, making him a good (if not perfect) match for Lisanna. I also wonder why Sting’s character was fashioned from Laxus so much. Both are hot muscular blondes with spiky hair and scars on their right eye. They even have this fur thing going on with their wardrobe, and not just anyone rocks fur in Fairy Tail! Talk about a Miraxus mini-me! This is also what got me shipping them, since I hardcore ship Miraxus. And now that I think about it, the Strauss siblings are all paired with notable fur-wearing characters (Laxus, Evergreen, and Sting). 

It’s also mentioned in the manga that Lisanna loves cats! I think she deserves a dragon slayer boyfriend with an exceed. I think that will make her really happy.

And I just really want Lisanna to have her fair share in love as well since she has already expressed her support in Natsu and Lucy’s relationship. I think that’s genuinely kind of her. 

Also, Yukino had a different look when she debuted during the Grand Magic Games arc, and it is curious that her hairstyle had to be changed. 

Mirajane even pointed out that Yukino does look a lot like Lisanna. So why is she made to look more and more like Lisanna? Hmmm…. I wonder why…

In terms of physical aspect, I think Sting x Lisanna is a ship that is almost the same as Sting x Yukino.

Personality-wise, Sting’s outgoing personality matches well with Lisanna’s since I think this will also remind her of how this personality made her so fond of Natsu when she was younger. Moreover, should Lisanna develop feelings or attraction towards Sting, it can be attributed to having the same taste as her sister Mirajane, who obviously has taken a liking towards Laxus, who Sting strongly resembles. Sting’s playful and fun-loving attitude is a perfect match for Lisanna’s charming and cheerful personality. On the other hand, Rogue’s shy and reserved character matches well with Yukino’s. I think both are very well-mannered. Yukino’s sweet and calm personality is surely endearing to a gentleman like Rogue. Imagine the Twin Dragons dating twin-looking girlfriends! That would be the cutest double date ever!

I’m just in awe at how parallel the Dragon Slayers’ girls are, especially when you classify them according to generation. The Dragon Slayers are so cool and badass that they should totally have their own reality TV show with their girlfriends, hence the title of this post. 

And I must say that I ship them all.

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Kinks that the dragon slayers have?

He’d like doing it on different places like the kitchen or in the shower or…in the guild or…anywhere where he wants to basically. I also think he’d normally be the dominant typ but he’d like it when his s/o takes full control once in a while and I mean the kind of"tied up to the headboard, riding his brain out" full control.

When he’s in the kinky mood prepare yourself because that’s gonna be a looong night. He’d enjoy to see his s/o helpless, whimpering infront of him, begging to finally give you want only he can do sooo good. And don’t you dare not obeying his will at times like this because he will punish and he will do it with a lot of pleasure.

I think he’d be a little bit like Natsu just less extreme. He’s such a tough and strong type so maybe he’d sometimes like it when he’s dominated. But not with tieing up or stuff like that more with just denyning to do something when he acutally could. And a shit lot of teasing while he just has to lay there.

Roleplay. He’d like to see his s/o in a sexy school girl outfit and fuck you over his office table. Maybe he’d like his s/o to take control too. For example: You are dressed as a nurse and he has again overdone it with a fight, so you have to punish him a little bit…

I think he’d like it when his s/o his scratching his back while he’s on top. So I think he’d be a little masochistic, things like pulling his hair back or biting his shoulder would really turn him on. And don’t hesitate saying what you want, he’d like it when he’s commanded and maybe screamed to too.

Pretty obviously he’d like to be talked to during sex. Scream, shout, tell him what you want. And curse the shit out of your lungs. He like to hear the noises your bodies make so he’d do it when you’re dripping wet. Headboard may be smashing against the wall and the bed would sound like it will break any second…and he likes it.

Fairy Tail Couples Dancing

I’m sad about stuff, so have some fluff! 


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Fairy Tail kisses <3


This is just a kiss on the cheek but i can really see Juvia kissing Gray like this and he being all tsundere on her


I think that their kisses will be very passionate and lustful so they can make up for all the time they lost


I think that when Levy has to go Gajeel will run after her and make her stay maybe gently pull her to him so she doesnt leave his sight


Nalu’s kisses would be playful and fun just like that handshake they have

Cobra X Kinana

When Cobra kisses Kinana i think she would just stand there not really believing whats happening after all the time they spent seperated from eachother

Natsu X Happy

This one was probably a mistake but I kinda like the pairing xD

Sorry if this is not very good but this is just how i imagine it well for gruvia i have a tons of other kissing scenarios but this one with Frozen seemed the sweetest


I draw it, but it was a big work to me. `(๑ △ ๑)`*

fanart by mitcheu | requested by anonymous

I recently got more into Fairy Tail. Could I get some blogs to follow? Reblog and I will check out your blog
I ship
•Gruvia (my OTP)
•Gale (Gajevy)
•Cobra x Kinana
Any other ships after that are fine. Those are the only ones I’m concrete on. Having no ships is great too.


SnKxFT: The Dragonslayers Shifters

I finally finished this! The Dragonshifters //cries. Okay before you kill me for putting Sabertooth mark on Wendy and FT mark on Cobra let me tell you that in this AU. Fairy Tail = Survey Corps. , Sabertooth = Military Police and Blue Pegasus = Garrison. And since Annie(Wendy) is in the Military Police I put the Sabertooth mark on her and Ymir(Cobra) is in Survey Corps. so I put the FT mark on him. geddit? 

And I didn’t used my usual shading this time because that would triple the time I spend on this and to add more anime-ish look. lol. 

please forgive me cobra fans don’t kill me //runs away.