cobra the enemy

Have you ever stopped to think about how Billy is just so nice to his fans?

Like dude.

JTT was on the Cobra enemy hatelist but the second this dork found out that he was a fan he dropped every hate for him and went to support him 1000%? Like buying his stuff and just helping him?

And the part in How to impress ladies where he considered his groupies A-listers? And when Cooper disguised himself as a fan in Billy Joes last fan and when he found out that the Cobraheads didn’t forget about him he was so happy just look at his face I’m crying-

Like… Billy may be problematic on an AWFUL LOT of levels…. but his love for his fans is just… so real. And I absolutely love him because of that. He may be an asshole at times but then again. Nobody told him how to act like a normal person. He grew up famous nobody dared to talk back to him until he died. But he still loved his fans dearly and I just…. aaagh I love him

Challenge~ Fairy Tail AU

chapter 8 of heads or tails~~~ 11000 words prepare ur booty


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I stared down the hallway like it contained a prophecy that would unveil my very future.

All I have to do is run…Gajeel could probably get me a fake ID and then I could continue my life, not as Juvia Lockser, but as Norma Shraknut. Or something like that.

If I took a step forward, I would condemn myself to a lifetime of regret.

If I took a step backwards, I would be forced to endure such tragic humiliation I would most likely never recover. Both options were less than adequate, and in all honesty a scapegoat would be manna from heaven.

“Juvia, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

I turned to see a concerned Kinana sticking her head out of the locker room anxiously. I’m sure I looked a lot like Heath Ledger before his untimely demise at the moment, hair sticking up out of its bun fruitlessly and smile etched onto my face like somebody had taken a pink sharpie marker and gone nuts.

“Yup. I’ll be right there.” I crackled, voice refusing to stay on one octave as it bounced around the decibel range from extremely high pitched to a baritone tuba, if that’s even a real thing.

I turned around, facing my shitty destiny as the world’s biggest swimming tease.

It was do or die.

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