cobra snakes

Snake Friends:

(1) アフリカニシキヘビ (2) ブラックマンバ (3) タイパン (4) ハブ
(1) African rock python (2) Black mamba (3) Taipan (4) Habu (Protobothrops flavoviridis)

(5) キングコブラ (6)  アマゾンツリーボア (7) エメラルドツリーボア (8) ヒョウモンナメラ
(5) King cobra (6) Amazon tree boa (7) Emerald tree boa (8) European ratsnake

(9) ツチノコ (10) ヤマタノオロチ
(9) Tsuchinoko (Cryptid/Youkai) (10) Yamata no Orochi (Youkai)

Dragonslayers as Reptiles

I fuckin love lizards bitch

Natsu: Bearded Dragon (red morphology)

Gajeel: Gila Monster

Wendy: Tokay Gecko

Laxus: Common Snapping Turtle

Sting: Greater Earless Lizard

Rogue: Black Pearl Gecko (They’re nocturnal ;))

Cobra/Erik: Indigo Snake (partially based off of Cubellios; they’re immune to rattlesnake venom!)

Acnologia: Komodo Dragon

God Serena: Ring-necked Snake


I spent way too much time on this piece of shit and I regret everything by e

That’s more of a continuation to that old comic than an answer to the ask but whatever man though I’m pretty sure the kids (sans Wendy) would probably laugh at Acno rather than comfort him lmao


it took Rogue a week to convince Cubellios not to eat Frosch