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I noticed Rogue petting a frog in one of the pictures, so does Papalogia allow animals in the house??

He doesn’t

However he changed his mind after being forced to adopt five flying cats

I will have no satisfaction in this life until I have ankha living in my town so I can stare at her on a daily basis

she has a tattoo on her back  wanna fight about it

Dragon Slayers (Fairy Tail)
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Sting Eucliffe, Natsu Dragneel
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Rogue Cheney
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Wendy Marvell
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Laxus Dreyar, Gajeel Redfox
  • Sinnamon Roll: Cobra/Erik
Signs As My Idols
  • Aries: William Beckett
  • Taurus: Jimmy Page
  • Gemini: George Harrison
  • Cancer: Richard Wright (THE MOST UNPROBLEMATIC ONE)
  • Leo: Liam Gallagher (the most problematic, this fucker i swear)
  • Virgo: Keith Richards (my fave, the love of my life, the one i want to grow old with)
  • Scorpio: Patti Boyd
  • Sagittarius: Paul McCartney
  • Capricorn: Syd Barrett
  • Aquarius: Charlie Watts
  • Pisces: Gabe Saporta (I STILL WANNA BE 2007 HIM)

with a boy like that its serious

Señoritas, don’t follow him 
Every night they fall like dominoes 
How he does it, only Heaven knows


eros and apollo - studio killers // arabella - arctic monkeys // back against the wall - cage the elephant // tell me a lie - the fratellis // its just forever - cage the elephant // center stage - capital cities // oh my heart - mother mother // habits - tove lo // snap out of it - arctic monkeys

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“Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?” - CoLu

“…I beg your pardon?”

“Do you have any chloroform?”

“No,” Cobra sat up, fully awake now.  At first he had thought it had been an elaborate dream, another version of his many fantasies involving Lucy, but he quickly realized that it wasn’t and that the object of his affections was actually in his tent with his best friend snoring not two feet away from them.  “What the fuck, Lucy, how did you even find us?”

“Small details,” she waved her hand.  “How do you not have chloroform? You’re the Poison Dragon Slayer!”

“You realize that I don’t actually produce specific poisons at will, right.  And that the poison I do produce is unique and not replicable in a lab.”

“Can’t you just make some?” she begged.  Her lips were pushed out in a pout and he resisted the urge to wipe it off her face with his mouth.  He had more important things to do at the present moment.  Case in point: figuring out why his girlfriend had tracked him down for the incapacitating agent.

“Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?”

“Because,” she hissed.  “It’s Gajeel’s birthday tomorrow and it’s my job to get him to the party location without him finding out, so if I knock him out, he’ll never know!”

“…Lucy, I don’t know if you use this, but it takes close to five minutes for chloroform to take affect in the way you think it will, and even then you’d need to drug him.  In those five minutes, Gajeel will break you because he thinks you’re attacking him, and then I’ll have to break him for hurting you.”

Lucy groaned, toppling forward onto his chest and pushing him back onto his bedroll.  Cobra’s arms came up to wrap around her waist.

“Now how am I gonna get him there…?”

Cobra sighed.  He hated it when her plans got foiled - the gentle trill of her soul turned much darker and it rubbed him the wrong way.  

“If you’re gonna do this then I’m joining you to help subdue him.  We’re gonna need chlorine and methane and then something hot enough to burn at 500 degrees.”

Lucy squealed in delight, kissing every inch of his chest that she could.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Cobra rolled over so she was pinned beneath him and his dark grin.  “But first…it’s been a while, Lu-cy…”

“Midnight is right there,” she breathed, but her hands came up to tangle in the thick mass of his maroon hair anyway.  Cobra pressed a searing kiss to her neck, whispering, “Then I guess you’re going to need to be really quiet…”

“I am awake, you heathens.”


G.I. Joe: Classics Vol. 20

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G.I. Joe: Classics Vol. 1

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title: continued silence
summary: Angel doesn’t like to talk about her sister, it’s a good thing Cobra doesn’t need her to say a word.
notes: thanks so much to @dragonshost and @papalogia for looking over this for me! i’ve wanted to write something like this for a long time and it actually turned out pretty good, don’t let your dreams be dreams lol

Angel glared at the pages of Sorcerer Weekly, ignoring her guild’s shenanigans in the background. From what she could hear, Hoteye had, once again, decided that Crime Sorciere’s cloaks would look better with sparkles somewhere, this time professing that they should sew pink lace onto the hoods of the navy blue cloaks. As per usual, Meredy was 100% in favor. Midnight had vanished (with his cloak) along with Racer, Jellal was attempting to be the voice of reason, and Cobra had written a twelve-page long essay complemented by statistics and a PowerPoint presentation detailing how pink lace would negatively affect their operation. Angel herself was currently involved in not caring. Which she was very good at (or so she liked to think).

The next page made her scowl more, enough that she saw Meredy shriek and jump away in the background from the dark aura Angel was giving off. Splayed across the glossy magazine page was a young woman with short silver hair, a feathery cloak rippling around her, and posing next to another woman, this one with shiny black hair and a blue dress with a high slit on the leg.

The headline read Sabertooth’s Hottest New Team: The Strongest Ladies in Sabertooth Double Up! Apparently, Yukino Aguria and Minerva Orlando had teamed up for a few jobs and the magazine had seized the opportunity to interview the two about their budding friendship, as it was apt to do. Better than its usual articles featuring Yukino, at least - the last two had involved the dramatic and (definitely nonexistent) love triangle between Sting, Rogue, and Yukino. Love angle, rather, unless Rogue/Sting had a crush on the other, which honestly wouldn’t surprise her that much. Either way, Yukino was definitely not involved.

She better not be involved, Angel thought to herself, flipping to the second page of the article. A photo of a grinning Yukino with her arms wrapped around a smiling Minerva’s neck stared up at her from the page. Angel glared back resentfully, and it was that last outburst of loud, emotionally-charged thoughts that finally tore Cobra away from his PowerPoints and over to her, leaving Jellal to deal with Hoteye, Meredy, and their sparkly demands.

“You know, you don’t have to read the thing,” he drawled, dropping the the ground next to her. Angel ignored him as she often did, knowing he would just read her mind and respond to the probable insults and threats accordingly.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that you’re too chicken to go see the kid in person,” Cobra protested the unsaid insults. “I mean, no wonder you’ve got all these feathers,” he added, darting a hand over to pull one off her skirt, causing her to punch him in the arm. “It’s symbolism. They’re even white.”

“Chickens are brown, idiot,” Angel told him, her eyes never leaving the magazine page.

“No, that’s roosters,” Cobra informed her patronizingly, earning himself another punch he didn’t bother to dodge.

“I don’t care.”

“Oh, so when you’re wrong you suddenly don’t care?” he smirked, easily gleaning from her thoughts that he was right. Of course, this was the usual scenario when Cobra interrupted her reading of every single issue of Sorcerer Weekly that featured Yukino in any way, but Angel seemed much more irritated then usual, and he was pretty sure that part wasn’t Hoteye’s fault.

(From what he could hear, Jellal was citing Cobra’s essay, which proved he was desperate. Meredy must have had candy or something. Probably Midnight’s fault, he never paid attention while on Meredy-SugarWatch.)

“May I?”


Cobra deftly snatched the magazine out of her hands, which she bore barely any resistance to. Turning the pages over, it was immediately evident what was causing Angel’s air of annoyance. “Wow, really, Angel? Jealous?”

She didn’t bother protesting.

“You know, there’s this thing called friends. You are, for some reason, one of my friends,” Cobra said, the slightly patronizing tone returning (she was going to stab him with a key any second now). “Your lovely sister here has a friend, and they do stuff together. That’s how friendship works.”

“I know that. Shut up,” Angel scowled. He just didn’t get- no, scratch that, he totally got it, he was just being the asshole he was apparently put on this earth to be, and it was obvious from his expression that he was just trying to get to her. Angel wasn’t jealous. No, jealous wasn’t the right word at all - she was just resentful. And of a former member of Tartaros, no less. How pathetic.

She must have been scowling more fiercely than she thought, for the next words out of Jellal’s mouth (or what she assumed they were based on his usual admonishment; Meredy was trying to stuff cotton candy in his mouth) were: “If you two are going to fight about chicken colors or whatever you’re arguing about this time, go do it somewhere else!”

Cobra shrugged and lazily rose to his feet, Angel following in suit as they headed in the direction of the town. Jellal pointed in the other direction. “You are not blowing up another bar.”

Both sighed loudly and instead vanished into the dense forest, leaving Jellal to deal with Hoteye’s plans to open a cloak store co-operated by Meredy. If there wasn’t a crater by the end of the “discussion”, Cobra owed Midnight ten jewels, and he doubted he would have to pay up.

They walked quietly for several minutes before Cobra broke the silence. “So is there a specific reason we’re headed in the direction of Sabertooth or….?”

Angel muttered something to herself that Cobra determined to be an insult and switched directions entirely, ending up in a dark part of the woods illuminated by small rays of sunlight, peeking through gaps in the trees. Deciding that this was fine, she lowered herself to rest against a large trunk, legs crossed and and pulled up by her arms, hiding most of her face. Cobra let her be for a few minutes before commenting, “So if we were in a romance novel, this is where you’d start crying and open up to me about your deepest secrets, and I’d give you a hug and possibly a forehead touch if we’re really scandalous, and we’d have a moment.”

His words almost elicited a laugh from Angel. “You know my deepest secrets anyway, and the day I cry is the day the world ends.”

There were tears welling up in her eyes, so Cobra made a point of taking serious glances at the sky for deadly meteors or angry gods. There was one glowing meteor surrounded by dark clouds, but nothing else. “Midnight owes me.” he murmured under his breath. He was still holding the offending magazine, and Angel cast another glare at it.

“So, how’s the jealousy?”


“Right, resentment,” Cobra corrected himself, rolling his eyes. Surprisingly, Angel looked as if she was actually about to answer his question, but decided against it and stared at the ground instead. Cobra huffed shortly and pursed his lips, which Angel took that as a sign of him switching to invading the privacy of her mind.

“What is it this time? Wait, don’t tell me. I’m going to go with a feeling of inadequacy,” he declared, nodding to himself. She looked very tempted to throw her shoe at him, but settled for softly snorting and saying, “Hypocrite.”

Cobra shrugged in acknowledgement of the accusation, as it was true. He hadn’t looked for Kinana. But at least he didn’t know exactly where to find her. “And?”

Angel had no retort, and Cobra let out a long suffering sigh before sliding down to rest against the tree she was curled up against, stuffing his hands in his pockets. If there was one thing he knew about Angel from the many years they spent together, it was that eventually she’d talk. She just needed time. Cobra knew that he couldn’t read her thoughts this time around; she needed to speak for herself.

It took nearly twenty minutes for her to do so.

“All Yukino’s probably heard of me is legends; legends of the terror of the wicked Oracion Seis and their evil mages who staged a prison break and are now probably somewhere planning terribly evil deeds, because obviously the Council can’t go out and say they released us for your information,” Angel said, still looking at the ground instead of Cobra. “She’s a top-ranked mage in a powerful guild. I’m sure she’s seen pictures of me as part of the Oracion Seis. And last time I checked only Erza knew we were with Crime Sorciere now…if I went to visit her, she’d probably attack me,” she added with a self-depreciating laugh. “Yukino’s so kind and sweet…I can’t imagine she’d want to associate with me if I went to find her, or even believe I’m her sister.”

She hadn’t verbalized her worst fear, and Cobra didn’t expect her to. He could hear it, though, weighing on her mind - a fear that yes, Yukino had seen pictures, yes, Yukino had recognized her, and yes, Yukino had written her off as evil and unworthy of contacting. 

He paused, holding in his first and most likely not situation-appropriate thoughts. He was not very good at comforting people and never had been, even if he could listen to their every conscious and subconscious thought and use those to address the issue. In fact, he ventured that that power made things worse - when one could hear people’s every insecurity, it was hard to isolate just one and make sure it was the one they were talking about. Not to mention that being in a dark guild for the majority of one’s life was not very good for developing the people skills necessary to deal with anything outside of coordinating to kill. Still, Angel was part of the closest thing he’d ever had to a family, he had no choice but  to try.

“Look, Sorano, as far as I know, these days Sabertooth’s a regular Fairy Tail.” At the use of her real name, she jerked her head slightly (after four months the former Oracion Seis members still didn’t use them that often, even if Jellal and Meredy did - years of conditioning was hard to overcome), but other then that didn’t react. “You know, with the whole nakama-power-will-save-us-all and spirit of forgiveness thing? Not to mention that Yukino completely forgave a guild that made her strip, remove her own guildmark, and kicked her out for losing once, and to Kagura Mikazuchi. I have trouble believing she’d completely write you off.”

Angel was unconvinced, if her thoughts and expression were any indication.

“Even if she did write you off, who cares? You just track her down outside of Sabertooth and talk to her, and explain that you’re firmly on the light side now. That’s what I’d do, at any rate. Probably more eloquently then you.” he tacked on, watching for her reaction. Angel stirred slightly, two fingers pulling another feather off her dress and staring at it. She was probably remembering something, Cobra thought.

“Really?” she asked, finally looking up at him.. It was in more fragile a tone than Cobra could remember her using in a while, maybe even not since they were little and she would quietly ask him, in the middle of the night, whether someone like her could ever really be an angel.

“Yeah.” he replied, without a hint of snark this time. Waiting a few seconds, Cobra added in a lighter tone, “Hey, if she can forgive Miss Tartaros here, I can’t see her not forgiving you. You’re probably nicer. You are her real family, after all…and the two of us should definitely know how important family is, eh?”

Angel sat in silence for a few seconds, turning the feather over in her fingers, before a small smile crossed her face. “You should be a therapist, Erik. You’d probably be good at it.” She pushed herself up from the ground and stretched her arms above her head as he chuckled.

“I’m already Midnight’s sleep therapist. And Meredy’s (unwilling) fellow love consultant. And Jellal and Erza’s unofficial couple counselor. Not that they need one, they’re so ridiculously in love.”

“But they aren’t a couple, right?” Angel asked, with a complete tone of innocence. There was a pause of approximately five seconds before both burst into laughter, all seriousness gone as she turned to head back, Cobra following.

As they neared the significantly quieter clearing (which now smelled like smoke and burnt sugar) where the rest of Crime Sorciere was, Angel glanced at him.

“Seriously though, thanks.”

Signs As My Most Listened To Albums As Of Late
  • Aries: Viva La Cobra- Cobra Starship
  • Taurus: As You Were- Liam Gallagher
  • Gemini: Some Girls- The Rolling Stones
  • Cancer: Magical Mystery Tour- The Beatles
  • Leo: Folie A Duex- Fall Out Boy
  • Virgo: Almost Here- The Academy Is...
  • Libra: The Wall- Pink Floyd
  • Scorpio: Infinity On High- Fall Out Boy
  • Sagittarius: Bob Dylan`s Greatest Hits- Bob Dylan
  • Capricorn: Sticky Fingers- The Rolling Stones
  • Aquarius: Don`t Believe The Truth- Oasis
  • Pisces: Plastic Beach- Gorillaz
Headcanons - Newt & Hermann at Disneyland

- So Newt and Hermann made a deal: if they had a more-or-less traditional wedding that pleased Hermann’s family, then Newt could pick the honeymoon destination. Newt picked Disneyland.

- Newt wants them to wear one of those annoyingly cute Disney couples shirt sets, but Hermann refuses. Newt says, “Okay, what about matching mouse-ear hats?” Eventually they settle on the R2-D2 and C-3PO hats. Newt hands Hermann the C-3PO hat. Hermann says, “Why do I have to be C-3PO?” As he puts on the R2-D2 hat, Newt replies, “Because you’re an uptight worrywart, and you object to everything I do even though I am a genius and always right.”

- Newt does not let Hermann “forget” to put his ears on before they go to the park every day. Hermann thinks, Oh well, it’s not like anyone will even notice. Forty thousand people go to Disneyland every day, and none of them are there to look at us. But then when they’re in line for rides, people around them recognize Newt by his tattoos, and make a big deal off thanking them and congratulating them for the whole saving-the-world business. Hermann implodes with embarrassment.

- It’s 2026 but those creaky, dusty animatronic dinosaurs are STILL on the train ride. And Newt loves them. They have to ride the train all the way around because OMG Hermann, dinosaurs!

- Hermann has not been on Splash Mountain before and Newt did NOT let him see what happens on it. When they go to get on the ride, Hermann is like, “Ew, I don’t want to sit down, the seat is wet.” And Newt just grins like Guess what, buddy. Hermann gets COMPLETELY soaked and he is FURIOUS but then an hour later it’s 85 degrees but Splash Mountain has provided him with his own personal air conditioning system and Newt’s like “See?” Hermann has too much pride to admit that Newt had a good idea, but Newt says, “A few moments of your stubborn silence is reward enough.”

- But now Hermann does not trust Newt at all. When Newt suggests they go to the Enchanted Tiki Room, Hermann is suspicious and says, “What happens on the Enchanted Tiki Room?” Newt blithely tells him, “Oh, you know, there’s a 300-foot drop, and then a cobra roll. People have been known to DIE on the Enchanted Tiki Room.”

- There’s a bit of a muddle getting on Astro Orbiters, because it’s a big-spoon/little-spoon ride, and Newt forgets that he should sit in the front because, when not at Disneyland, he is almost always the big spoon.

- Newt tries to make out with Hermann on Pirates of the Caribbean. And on the ferris wheel. And the Jungle Cruise. And Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. And Space Mountain.

- But like all couples who honeymoon at Disneyland, they are too exhausted at the end of each day to actually have sex. Except for one of the days. One of the days, they do not go to the park at all.

- When they are dining at Trader Sam’s, Hermann sees a cat, which lets him pet it for several minutes. At some point Newt gets up to use the restroom, and Hermann low-key feeds the cat a little bit of his teriyaki chicken sandwich. “Don’t tell Newton,” he says to the cat. “I don’t want him to think it’s okay to do this sort of thing.” (Newt’s takeway from Trader Sam’s is that green beans can actually be good, if you deep-fry them.)

- Meanwhile, over at DCA, Newt knows exactly the moment when they take your picture on the Tower of Terror, and gives Hermann a kiss on the cheek at just that moment. When they get off the ride, everyone is using their phone to take pictures of the kiss on the display screen because it’s sooooo cute. Hermann implodes with embarrassment.

- Just when Hermann has had enough of the heat and sun and screaming kids, Newt reveals that he has secured for them a lunch reservation at the Blue Bayou. Hermann gets to sit in the quiet dark by the water with a cold sweet drink and eat something that is not a churro and he is happy. Sometimes Newt can be very thoughtful and a good planner.

- On the last day, Hermann is just so tired, and wants to go back to the hotel even though it’s only 8, and Newt goes with him, and helps him get into bed, and gets him a snack, and tucks him in…and then goes back to the park and rides Space Mountain six times in a row.

- They get on the plane to go home. The plane is full of exhausted families whose Disneyland vacations are also over. It’s fairly quiet as they wait for takeoff. Newt says to Hermann, “So what was your favorite ride at Disneyland?” Before Hermann can answer, Newt (who still has no inside voice) says, “Mine was you.” Hermann implodes with embarrassment.

Okay, that’s all I can think of for now. Thanks to @skylanth for much help with this.