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ok so this list is waaaay far from complete but here’s a list of some of my favorite bands with women in them. it’s a pretty diverse list (like seriously - classic rock to metal to indie pop), so there should be something for everyone. most of them are female fronted, there are also a couple girl bands and bands with women playing instruments. each band is listed with their genre(s) and also a song that I feel exemplifies them pretty well (although that’s mostly personal opinion). a couple also have some cool facts added bc why not. feel free to add your own faves!

  • Paramore - pop punk/ alternative; “Brick by Boring Brick” - probably one of the better known female fronted bands, and by far the best known in the pop punk/ emo scene.
  • PVRIS - rock; “My House” - they’re a very new band but they’re becoming popular very quickly which is super rad because one, they’re amazing, and two, the lead singer Lynn Gunn also plays guitar (which is cool bc lots of bands have female singers but not very many have women who play instruments) and is openly gay.
  • We Are The In Crowd pop punk; “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”
  • Crystalyne - pop rock; “Punks Don’t Dance” - they’re super underrated imho so do yourself a favor and go check them out
  • Tonight Alive - pop punk; “What Are You Afraid Of”
  • Hey Violet (formerly Cherri Bomb) - pop punk/ alternative; “I Can Feel It” - they’ve been associating with 5sos a lot lately but don’t let that tarnish your opinion of them bc they’re an amazing all girl band!! and as if that weren’t enough, they were super young when they got together - they were all fourteen year olds, I think.
  • Bikini Kill - riot grrrl punk; “Rebel Girl” - required listening if you wanna be a real punk (as opposed to a fob punk)
  • Be Your Own Pet - punk; “Black Hole”
  • Against Me - punk/ alternative; “Unconditional Love” - the lead singer is a trans woman (Laura Jane Grace) which is hella cool
  • CHVRCHES - pop rock/ electronic rock; “The Mother We Share”
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - riot grrrl punk; “Bad Reputation”
  • Halestorm - rock/ metal; “I Miss the Misery”
  • The Pretty Reckless rock/ alternative; “Heaven Knows”
  • Save Ferris - ska punk; “Nobody But Me” - honestly they’re what got me into punk
  • Fleetwood Mac - soft rock/ British rock; “Go Your Own Way”
  • Bratmobile - riot grrrl punk; “Feels Blind” - also required listening for punk girls (haha jk it’s punk there’s no required listening but seriously do yourself a favor and check ‘em out)
  • The Cranberries - Irish rock; “Zombie” - THEIR LEAD SINGER’S VOICE IS SO PRETTY OH MY GOD
  • Flyleaf - alternative/ metal; “All Around Me”
  • Cobra Starship - pop punk; “The City’s at War” - the lead singer is a dude but their keytarist and backup vocalist Victoria Asher is a (rad) lady
  • Neon Trees - pop rock; “Love in the 21st Century” - again, the lead singer’s a dude (but he is openly gay which is great), but the drummer is a girl HOW COOL IS THAT seriously how often do you hear about female drummers
  • Echosmith - indie pop/ pop rock; “Cool Kids”

Ghost King

The Kids Are All F’ed Up Cobra Starship/Wolf Bite Owl City/Hell Streetlight Manifesto/Nicotine Panic! At the Disco/Viba Verdena/Kill Your Heroes AWOLNATION/Down, Down, Down To Mephisto’s Cafe Streetlight Manifesto/The Only Hope For Me Is You My Chemical Romance/Teenage Lobotomy Ramones/Skeletons Yeah Yeah Yeahs/I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth Fall Out Boy/Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes Modest Mouse/Thank You For The Venom My Chemical Romance/La Fine Non e La Fine La Quiete

happiness in misery → a mix of inter-bandom songs with guest vocalists, covers and remixes. a mix for tight-knit friendships.

I. northern downpour - covered by william beckett, originally by panic! at the disco. II. america’s suitehearts - remixed by cobra starship, originally by fall out boy. III. 20 dollar nose bleed - fall out boy, featuring brendon urie of panic! at the disco. IV. kiss my sass - cobra starship, featuring travie mccoy of gym class heroes. V. chicago is so two years ago/the pros and cons of breathing - covered by ryan ross and brendon urie of panic! at the disco, originally by fall out boy. VI. clothes off - gym class heroes, featuring patrick stump of fall out boy. VII. stuck in love - william beckett, featuring ryan ross. VIII. i don’t care - remixed by cobra starship, originally by fall out boy. IX. c'mon - panic! at the disco, featuring fun. X. bring it (snakes on a plane) - cobra starship, featuring william beckett of the academy is…, travie mccoy of gym class heroes and maja ivarsson of the sounds. XI. under pressure - covered by my chemical romance and the used, originally by queen. XII. keep on keeping on - travie mccoy, featuring brendon urie of panic! at the disco. XIII. look alive, sunshine - my chemical romance, featuring steve, righ? of mindless self indulgence. XIV. what a catch, donnie - fall out boy, featuring gabe saporta of cobra starship, travie mccoy of gym class heroes, brendon urie of panic! at the disco, doug neumann, alexander deleon of the cab, william beckett of the academy is…

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Fav Animal: Sharks definitely

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Fav Fictional Character/S: mmmmMMMMMMM HOW DARE YOU. I’ll just put down the one character I actually have a shrine of so,Toma

Number of Blankets I Sleep W/: Two, I’d have more but my brothers need it more. I like to think the more blankets I have the more I can cover up my insecurities and depression :)))))

Fav Singers/Bands: Other than my usual weeb shit I really like Cobra Starship, Daft Punk, and Virtual Riot

Dream Trip: I’d really like to see Italy or any of the Asian countries I guess? I enjoy seeing nice architecture, especially of churches and temples

Dream Job: Playing games all day. It’s probably unrealistic but it’d def be living the dream

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golden ft sia - travie mccoy // knee socks - arctic monkeys // lovely - twenty one pilots // riptide - vance joy // so happy i could die - lady gaga // somewhere in neverland - all time low // we’re on the run - gold motel // welcome to new york - taylor swift // when can i see you again? - owl city // when the day met the night - panic! at the disco // you make me feel… ft sabi - cobra starship // 20 dollar nosebleed ft brendon urie - fall out boy

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