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And here on your left ladies and gentlemen, is a Lilo & Stitch!AU where Yahaba was Lilo and Kyoutani was Stitch.

Oikawa was Nani
Iwa was David
Hanamatsu were the two aliens
Ushiwaka was cobra bubbles
And the rest were miscellaneous ayy 

There are so many doodles of this I can’t be l ie v e

Walking Out Into The Dark (1/5?)

Another spec fic for the S4 Finale! Where everyone gets their lives reversed. This was what initially came out when I started writing Pirate!Emma (Cutting Out A Different Path). It’s a bit rough but I kind of love the idea so I decided to share. My first (and only?) Dark!Emma fic. Captain Cobra and Naval!Killian. 2k ish words below. 

NOTE: This is not a companion to Pirate!Emma (that is coming later) this is it’s own story. 


It wasn’t Henry’s first trip through a portal but it was still a surprise when the swirling vortex abruptly ended and he felt himself falling through normal air. Amidst surprised shouts he landed hard on a coil of rope and wooden planks.

“Ugh!” He moaned as he tried to get his bearings.

“Captain!” came a shout from his left  

He turned toward the voice but before he could get a proper look at the person or where he had landed he was grabbed by his arms and pulled roughly to his feet. Vaguely he recognized the mast and sails of a ship before they spun him around. He had the sensation that he had been on this ship before but hadn’t the time to gather his thoughts. Then suddenly he was face to face with the Captain.

Henry’s mouth dropped open “Killian?”

The old Apprentice had told him that everyone would be very different in this new world the Author had created but Henry still couldn’t believe his eyes. The man looked so much like his mother’s pirate boyfriend and yet completely different. 

He stood tall in white trousers, high black boots and a starched blue jacket with gold trim. Instead of an open shirt and  generous amounts of chest hair his vest was buttoned up to his neck; a black scarf intricately tied round his throat. The beard and eyeliner were also gone lending a younger, naive look to his otherwise stern face.

“That’s Captain Jones to you boy. Have we met before?” Killian clasped his hands behind his back and looked critically at Henry’s jeans and sweater.

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Man to man

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Killian didn’t understand children at the best of times. That isn’t to say he doesn’t like them, because he does. During his spare time as a lieutenant he would often go to orphanages and make sure the children there were well-fed and if not happy, at least content, as he had lived on the street and understood how hard it could be. As a captain, he only considered children once Milah entered his life and opened so many other possibilities, but that, like his second chance with Bae, was gone before he could even appreciate it.

His current confusion was due to Henry. He had presumed he and the lad had bonded during their short voyage and were at least on friendly terms, but the boy had slid into the booth Killian was sitting in without a greeting and proceeded to stare at him.

“Is something the matter, lad?” He asked with concern.

“I need to have a talk with you,” Henry replied, with an unusually serious tone, “Man to man.”

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