cobra pr


The Commander wanted some coffee this past Wonder-Con, but I got into a little argument with BR (boy PR).  Luckily, the Commander was just having fun.  At our expense.  He does that a lot. 


The Commander loves his parades, even if they’re at Dragon*Con with some Joes. 

A rare moment with the Commander.  He’s not one for much affection, but in this picture I believe I had made a Batman joke that actually made sense (The Commander loves Batman and showed me the Nolan movies).  He laughed and patted me on the back, a way of saying “well done,” I suppose.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Cobra Island (the Commander hates it, in fact).  I actually didn’t know about it until I was a teenager and I had to Google it.  So there’s nothing special planned today.  Nothing but the usual. 


Myself, Cobra PR Trooper #284-CF (the Commander calls him “BR”), Destro, The Commander, and the Baroness. All of us together at WonderCon.