cobra cam

The signs as things from cobra

Aries: let’s get wasted!
Taurus: cobra clean
Gemini: Gabe’s surgery scene
Cancer: Nate’s beard After the cabin
Virgo: gabey baby made me go bad
Leo: suarez’s cooking show
Libra: club Nate
Scorpio: vicy’s blurred out face
Sagittarius: Vincent twice Vincent twice and dick bagwell
Capricorn: the cobra starship Olympics on believers never die tour
Aquarius: cobra cam jr.
Pisces: guy ripely

Signs As Iconic Emo Things
  • Aries: "THE ACADEMY WAS" *throws shoes*
  • Taurus: Cobra-Cam
  • Gemini: Tai... Tv
  • Cancer: 2005 just 2005 all together
  • Leo: Ryro`s eye makeup
  • Virgo: "YO check this out ive got a soul voice" *wails*
  • Libra: *g note* *cries of 100s of emos in the distance*
  • Scorpio: *pete wentz screaming in the distance*
  • Sagittarus: "we`re going down town turn an indian round and sugar we`re going down swinging i`ll be your number 1 with the bully i know you got cornflakes cockey a pull it"
  • Aquarius: eyeliner
  • Pisces: FRINGEs