cobra belt  Awesome grid shot from our brother over @spentbrasstraining - for all your #socal training needs go check them out 💯👍
Plate Carrier by @t3gear, IFAK by @spentbrasstraining , rifle by @danieldefense ,shotgun by @keltecweapons , battle belt by, @highspeedgear , eye pro by @oakleystandardissue , Med supplies and shears by @northamericanrescue and @phokusresearch , gloves by @condor_outdoor , holster by @gcodeholsters , pistol by @glockinc ,ear pro by @msasafety , smoke by @enolagayeusa , ammo by @bulletman911
cobra belt by @tactical_defense_systems_usa Patches by

Lo ! Behold the Lord of the icy peak
Crowned with crescent moon,
Glistening matted locks,
Be drenched by heaven descending Ganga,
Flaming eye in the forehead,
Venomous poison purpling the beauteous neck
Live bracelets of wriggling serpents
And a belt of cobra holding up the animal hide
Pearly ash smearing the chest
A blinding spot of vermilion on the forehead
Beside the searing eye
Ruddy lips smeared by freshly chewed betel,
Diamond studded earrings of the purest gold
Dancing like stars twinkling in the sky
Vision negating form
The fair person of the Lord
Radiating effulgence Divine

—Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Heading out for the day! What’s your EDC?

Sig Sauer P320
Extra Mag with Kytex Shooting Gear Carrier
Mechanix Wear Mpact Gloves
Leatherman Wave
Spyderco KaraHawk
Streamlight MicroStream
Apple IPhone 6 Plus
SOE Gear D-Ring Cobra Belt
OTTE Gear Alpine Jacket

Decided to follow up yesterday’s pic of my rifle with a full gear loadout.

Pictured is:

  • LBT 6094B Slick Plate Carrier, with issued Large SAPI strike plates, with attached IFAK, 27oz Source hydration pouch, and side magazine pouches (with Esstac KYWI inserts)
  • GoRuck SD25 Backpack
  • FrankenAR, with Primary Arms MD06, BCM Gunfighter Keymod VFG, Surefire M951 w/ LED head
  • Emdom E-MM Gunslinger Sling
  • Oakley Lightweight SI Gloves
  • VTAC Cobra buckle belt
  • Bravo Concealment RTT Light-Bearing Holster
  • Army RFI-issued combat pants
  • CZ P09 with a Streamlight TLR-1s
  • Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs
  • Smith Optics Aegis Echo eyepro
  • Garmont T8 boots

Some of this stuff (namely the plates and IFAK) will have to be replaced in the next year since I’ll have to return them when I ETS, I’m going to have to be on the lookout for replacements.