City of Bones: One Graphic Per Chapter
↳Chapter Eight: Weapon of Choice

“Have you seen those men before?” “No.” She shook her head. “Never.”
“Lucian seemed to know them. To be friendly with them.” “I wouldn’t say friendly,"said Simon. "I’d say they were suppressing their hostility.”

“They didn’t kill him outright,” said Jace. “They think he knows more than he’s telling.”

“Maybe,” said Clary. “or maybe they’re just reluctant to kill another Shadowhunter.” Jace laughed, a harsh, almost vicious noise that raised the hairs up on Clary’s arms. “I doubt that." She looked at him hard. "What makes you so sure? Do you know them?”

The laughter had gone from his voice entirely when he replied. “Do I know them?” he echoed. “You might say that. Those are the men who murdered my father.

City of Bones: One Graphic Per Chapter
↳Chapter Four: Ravener

It was crouched against the floor, a long, scaled creature with a cluster of flat black eyes set dead center in the front of its domed skull. Something like a cross between an alligator and a centipede, it had a thick, flat snout and a barbed tail that whipped menacingly from side to side. Multiple legs bunched underneath it as it readied itself to spring.

A shriek tore itself out of Clary’s throat. She staggered backward, tripped, and fell, just as the creature lunged at her. She rolled to the side and it missed her by inches, sliding across the wood floor, it claws gouging deep grooves. A low growl bubbled from its throat.

She scrambled to her feet and ran towards the hallway, but the thing was too fast for her. It sprang again, landing just above the door, where it hung like a gigantic spider, staring down at her with its cluster of eyes. Its jaw opened slowly, showing a row of fanged teeth spilling greenish drool. A long black tongue flickered out between its jaws as it gurgled and hissed. TO her horror CLary realized that the noises it was making were words.

“Girl,"it hissed. "Flesh. Blood. To eat, oh, to eat.”