Aaaand here’s where I would put my actually funny art.


Side note: Since I forgot the rook in the first joke, I gave him some dapper headwear to make up for it.

He’s still pretty upset, though :\

DS Backlog art part 4. Not quite sure why I drew this one… Tentacles have been responsible for so many of my death induced ragequits. Frogs I like…or at least I liked them a lot more before a certain element of adventure mode was added. Mostly, I think I just enjoyed duplicating all the different little flower models from ingame.


All reports of my diving into a Pokémon Fusion drawing in order to avoid practicing expressions and hands have been wildly exaggerated. 

Now to find a way to send this back into the past, so I can post it when pokéfusion drawings were still a thing :\

DS Backlog 6, more Portal/DS stuff. This, I think, is my least favorite. I like the concept, but I doodled it out so quickly that it just looks too lumpy. Anywho, meet the companion machine! 

“Pal, I’d like to remind you that the Companion Machine cannot speak. In the event that the Companion Machine does speak, I urge you to disregard its advice. Not that anything it would have to say would be remotely helpful, of course. After all, you made it, so how useful can it really be?” ~ M4X-W3LL

DS sort of newer but still oldish backlog. I’m too lazy to check which number this is.

Anyway, I’ve always liked Mr. Skitts, but there’s something very creepy about how he skitters off after Wilson gets too close. 

Unnecessary Headcannon:

Maybe Skitts is like a parasite; always invisibly lurking near Wilson, siphoning off his fear whenever his sanity drops. Then he scampers away to drool out refined nightmare fuel. Maxwell’s place as the puppet master ensures a fresh supply of fear. The reason Wilson and the rest are brought to the wilderness isn’t simply Maxwell’s entertainment…

they’re food.