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My 08 WRX at Mt. Hood

Photo credit to my good friend Perry Kveton.

I bought this car bone stock 3 months ago. As of now it sits as a aggressively tuned Stage 2 with a few other goodies. This WRX is definitely not the most brutal Subbie on the streets, but I’ve learned a lot with this car, and its a hell of a lot of fun to drive.


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Ford Focus ST on Fire with this Photoshoot

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The Ford Focus ST has been under the knife since January 2013 and we definitely have a lot to show for it.  With a cumulation of performance parts including the intercooler, exhaust, intake, and more from from Agency Power, we have also had the opportunity to build this entire aero kit enhancement out of carbon fiber.  The Focus ST in its normal off the shelf look is not a bad looking car.  But it just seems to skinny for such a hot hatch.  With a majority of us relating to the rally cars of WRC, this Focus really needed more of a squat than a stance.  With our own in-house composite department (aka the meth lab), we created these parts taking queues from many different rally car photos of the past couple decades.  The hard line fenders are designed to accompany a 10.5 inch wide wheel like these Work Wheels Meister with Toyo Tires we have on.  The bottoms of the fenders have a hard straight edge similar to the Ford Fiesta R2 rally car (seen here).  The monster carbon fiber grill serves both a function and form.  It definitely helps give more airflow to the larger intercooler while hiding the factory bumper beam.  Giving it a larger mouth was influenced from Brian Deegan’s Ford Fiesta rally car (seen here).  The front center lip was a simple add-on to help curve out the front bumper.  But the side carbon fiber wind splitters really help bring out the width of the cars new stance.  Finally the rear diffuser is a kick to the Focus RS of Europe (seen here).  Instead of building a complete rear apron, we wanted to build a add-on part which also gave the empty rear end some more aerodynamics.

This is just one photoshoot of many to come.  Don’t worry Vivid Racing Video fans, we will have something for you too!  Interested in these aero parts for your car?  Well they can be had, but they will cost you a bit.  Making them in-house is not cheap.  We are sending these parts out to be made in production but we anticipate 90 days before we see parts.  You can always contact our Ford Focus ST specialist at 1.480.966.3040 x228 for more information.  Photos by Cody Gephart.

View all our Ford Focus ST Parts Here

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Current mod list:

Work Wheels Meister SP1 18×10.5 +15mm 5×108

Toyo Tires 265/35/18

Cobb Tuning Accessport

KW V3 Coilovers

Agency Power Carbon Fiber Aero Trim

Agency Power Shorty Antenna

Agency Power Downpipe

Agency Power Catback Exhaust with Tri Tip

Agency Power Cold Air Intake

Agency Power Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud

Agency Power Turbo Inlet Pipe

Agency Power Intercooler

Agency Power Intercooler Piping

Agency Power Intercooler Charge Pipe

Agency Power Bolt-in Harness Bar

Agency Power Lower Engine Mount

Agency Power Crank Pulley

Agency Power Rear Control Arms

Agency Power Rear Toe Arms

Bucky Lasek x Subrina

Bucky Lasek has been a customer of COBB Tuning for a number of years now.  A true gearhead at heart, he loves being behind the wheel and enjoys being able to blow off a bit of steam when necessary.  Being a driver for Subaru Rally Team USA, Subaru is obviously in his blood.  He recently paid our COBB Tuning SoCal shop a visit to bump up the power output of his 2012 STI. ()


Frankenstein is complete, easy first start. Ran good on a base tune, ready to be driven to the tuner this week :) 320whp here we come! Can’t wait to drive this monster, hand build by yours truly ;)