cobb house


If you liked the tiny house post I made yesterday you’ll love this one. I found this video last night & I’ve not stopped thinking about it since. It’s amazing! You could build a studio, a hideout or even a whole house. Love. Love. Love.

Fandom Sorting Hat : Jayne Cobb (Firefly) for Anon  - Slytherin 

As the Serenity’s “muscle” and “public relations,” Jayne ostensibly affects more of the brassy, bravado of Gryffindor than the sleek, schemer image of Slytherin which exists in the cultural imagination. He struggles with cleverness and what to do with power once he gets it, but Jayne values the ambition, resourcefulness, and selective loyalism which define Slytherin. 
     Jayne is blatantly ambitious; he sells his services (and frenemies) to the highest bidder or for marginally nicer bedrooms, and makes it blatantly clear he would usurp Mal’s leadership at any moment. He’s also resourceful, having a deep affection for his tools (Vera). Although Jayne’ “loyalty” is highly exclusive to his “people”, he is protective and cares very much how he is perceived by them: he hates the newcomer Tams as burdens to the crew, but would prefer to die with no one knowing of his betrayal; he revels in the adoration of being The Hero Jane, but hates the his fans would put his life before theirs; he is unapologetically self-seeking but loyal to his family back home, sending them money and they send him Slytherin-cunning headgear.