So I think me and this cockroach are bonding. 

I went out to the garage to smoke and I happened to look over and see him sitting there. I assumed he was dead, so I blew a gust of harmless air at him and he moved, so I knew he wasn’t.

But then he just sat there so I started talking.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

assbutt-of-the-tiger replied to your postassbutt-of-the-tiger replied to…

no I’m not even gonna roleplay with you. you don’t deserve it. suck my throbbing dick, I am out **throws head back and shrieks and flies off into the mesosphere**

gee how classy

look guys i have the classiest kismatesprit around donchu know

C'mon, you know I have to antagonize you with appreciative gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness. I’m just a cruel-hearted person like that, you know? 

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  • John:Do you play any instruments?
  • Dave:Something you regret that people must never know about?
  • Rose:What is your favorite subject/genre to write?
  • Jade:Are you any good with science?
  • Karkat:What sets you off easily?
  • Aradia:What's something you've been fascinated with for most of your life?
  • Tavros:What's your favorite fairy tale from when you were a child?
  • Sollux:Have you ever had a speech impediment or something similar?
  • Nepeta:What's one thing you love to do that people find creepy?
  • Kanaya:Any good at gardening?
  • Terezi:If you were blind for the rest of your life, what would you do?
  • Vriska:Are you good at multitasking?
  • Equius:What's the most precious/expensive thing you've ever broken?
  • Gamzee:Would you call yourself lazy?
  • Eridan:Have people ever called you a failure?
  • Feferi:Is there an aspect to your personality that people don't understand?
  • Hussie:(Make up your own question!)