“Oh my God you were fucking serious,”
"You’re so fucking stupid. Why do you do this to yourselmmmphmmn-” 


Some fanart for OHAC! Even if it may not be finished it remains in my heart as a personal favorite. <3 
Doodled it just for you Stridemother! In hopes of helping you feel better after having had such a long week.  


Lowblood set of Adventure Time!Stucks. 

They are, in order, 

  • Princess and Prince Crabbycakes, heirs to the Sea Cave Kingdom. (Karkat)
  • Princess Cinnabunny and Prince Cinnabun, heirs to the Cinnabunston Kingdom. (Aradia)
  • Princess Nitrisse and Prince Nitros, the Adventuring Prince and Princess. (Tavros)
  • Princess Beelybub and Prince Beeselbub, children of the Demon Bee Queen. (Sollux)

I’m working on more! Hehehe. 

Brains, brains, I won’t lie, 

I’ll eat their brains ‘til they’re zombified



Have you ever really liked the sketch of something but really disliked the lineart? 


Heavily inspired by this post here by one of the best blogs ever.

Flipsidered, I love your work and gosh wow you give me so many Mituloz feels. All of the best ones.