cobalt blue skirt

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(shipxdrabble) kinks: biting, uniforms, rough sex, mirror sex, teasing, I really like making my man jealous tbh and then letting him show me who I belong to hehe ~

The reflection of my core as Taehyung’s fingers sink in stimulates my nervous system. My eyes are embarrassed to see it, but curiosity keeps crawling in my mind, forcing me to take a peak once or twice. His teeth hold on to pieces of my neck and sometimes his tongue slides in the way. I guess the fact that I’m wearing the sailor uniform he bought for our Valentine’s Day is the provocative catalyst that leads to this complicated situation. The further we go with testing new fetishes, the more barriers we have to overcome. 

“Would you look at that?” Taehyung’s whisper knocks on my eardrum. “A dirty little girl who loves to spread her legs for me.” He licks the inside of my ears as his fingers enter in deeper and suddenly curl up. The girl in the mirror arches her back and her nails dig deep into his skin. Her core is soaked with water. It’s hard to think that she is me now that I can see everything that happens under that cobalt blue skirt. 

“Let me take a picture of this and send it to that guy you texted yesterday.” He looks straight into the reflection of my eyes. Even though this is the millionth time, I can never get used to Taehyung’s dominant eyes and the dark tornadoes in them. 

“No, please. I’m sorry.” I gasp.

“Why not? It’ll be fun to see his reaction to this.” He chuckles, raising one of his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry. I only have you. I did wrong… I’ll never repeat it again.” My voice disappears in my breath.

“You seem to have forgotten who you belong to.” He lifts me up and slams my back into the mirror. “So let me remind you.” Taehyung inserts his erection in, not letting me have the easy way to adapt to the size of it when it’s hardened. He thrusts inwards to where he can go in deeper. The sound of wetness clutches my sanity. I can hardly keep up with his pace as my pelvis shrinks into a tiny ball of yarn. My endurance reaches its orgasm, yet I hold it back to see if I can climb higher to the peak. It only takes a few seconds before my volcano erupts and my heart drops to the bottom of the ocean.

Oh man how I love myself some mirror sex.