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The Deadpool and Spidee One

At a party, bored as hell. Thank you @captainpeachperfect @aca-esthetic @brittany-snodes for giving me something to work on. *phone typed* *hard af* *kinda short sorryz* *running on 3 hours’o sleep* *lolz*

Lemmie’ tell ya’ something.

Flying –is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever been subjected to do. And of course when I say flying, in actuality I mean swinging from building to building by a sheen set of cob webs being shot from the tips of my fingers (perty cool right?).

But, besides the regular concerns of stinging rain, getting struck by lightning, and…*shivers*…bug splatters –there comes to light an even more stressful concept.

Some fucking ninja-bitch in a black and red spandex that refuses under all circumstances to just fuck the bloody hell off.

“Oi! Sexy spidee guuuuurl~” 

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Family Camping

Things had been calm for almost a week now, so they’d finally decided to make good on something they’d talked about. They’d borrowed enough sleeping bags from various club members and waited until a night that had 0% chance of rain predicted. And now they were having a backyard camping trip. 

The only person not sleeping on the ground was Dani, who would be in her pack and play simply because Lyla didn’t trust her not to start toddling towards the pool in the middle of the night. Abel and Piper were old enough to know to avoid it, although they were both in the pool right now, splashing away while Jax cooked up some burgers and hot dogs on the grill. 

Lyla was busy boiling corn on the cob and setting out plates, chips, drinks and so on, carefully supervising Dani, who was sitting in her pack and play now over by the table. “I think we’re all set,” she said, smiling over at Jax. “Are the burgers close to done?”


Shadowhunters last episode

Okay so I’ve been thinking about how the episodes of shadowhunters will work and I suddenly thought what if they end the last episode of the first series with Alec going to see Magnus and thanking him for saving his life and asking him out. Because ‘Kissed’ is set after CoB but before CoA so it would be perfect and I would freak out so much