cob construction

Cob Houses - Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development  

Search for step by step videos on how to make a cob wall and cob homes from inexpensive materials or materials already in your backyard.  You do not need a 30 year debt, to pay your home many times over, in order to live in a fabulous home that can outlast stick built homes by hundreds of years when kept dry and well maintained. 


repurposing/recycling for use in our cob home construction has turned into a cluttered business-top left is a view of our accumulated wealth from claw-foot tub to scrap lumber, windows, etc. so, we have been building a tire wall to block our junkyard from view (top right) and hope to plant it this spring so that it will ultimately be a lush backdrop, like that pictured at the bottom (as lush as our desert terrain allows!)