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I know I’ve got a lot of projects but this one hit me and I’ve already written a bit - zombie apocalypse AU (I know I know), except this one stars Mike, who’s all alone and searching for his friends, who are probably dead. Mike, who has been alone for weeks and weeks, and it’s getting bad. All he wants is to feel human. Mike, who is terrified of what’ll happen if he’s alone for much longer. Mike, who while moving locations in a city, searching for more supplies as he continues his journey to the place where Erwin told him to meet them before the phones went down, finds a small man in trouble, surrounded by stiffs and looking like he won’t make it. Only he does, he kills them all before Mike can get closer. And Mike calls out. The guy looks up, wide-eyed and confused, and then the understanding sinks in. He takes up a fighting stance at first, but Mike manages to quickly and quietly talk him out of him, urges him to come with him to a safe place so they can talk without the stiffs around them. They move in silence, find a place, sweep it out, and settle in. Mike finally looks at him and says “I’m Mike. How about you?” And the guy pulls a notebook out of his backpack instead, writes something, and passes it over. “My name is Levi, and I’m mute.”

Kanji for 23 August 2016 / 平成28年8月23日

  • ON: ラク
  • Kun: から・む、から・まる
  • Nan: none

entwine, coil around; get caught

脈絡 (みゃくらく) “chain of reasoning, logical connection, coherence, context”

短絡 (たんらく) “electrical short-circuit; drawing a hasty inference between two events, jumping to a quick conclusion, dealing with matters quickly and carelessly”

Refresher! Yesterday’s kanji: 寛 (カン; くつろ・ぐ、ひろ・い、ゆる・やか; とも、のぶ、のり、ひろし、ゆた)

KAD Classic

  • ON: カン
  • Kun: あま・い、あま・える、あま・やあす、うま・い
  • Nan: かも

sweet, sugary; coax, pamper; be content

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consider: meteorstuck rosemary story where davekat and rosemarys positions are reversed and its dave and karkat that are the smug perfect couple coaxing rosemary squad to get together. like what if the whole crew tried multiple times to get them together and they are at their wits end and davekat is like we sorted our shit out fam its ur turn

skejhfhskk i’d read the shit out of this

aesthetic: the goblin king of los angeles

true, he ascended as hollywood rose to fame, but he is as much a creature of pavement and palm trees as he is of glitz and glamour. when hollywood boulevard is blocked off for a premiere event, you can find him along the red carpet, in the eaves of the chinese theatre, or sprawled across the glittering marquee of el capitan. but come the morning, he will be back coaxing a spot of shade out of the trees in griffith park, or whispering a traffic light on sunset boulevard to stay green a little longer (the lady in the civic is rushing to the hospital, and he hears her silent but fervent prayers). ask anything of him - a parking space, an apartment vacancy, a safe trip on the 101 or a slight delay at LAX - but be prepared to come before him with a clear mind, an open heart, and pure intentions. if you would beg a boon of the goblin king, you must first ensure you are worthy of receiving it.

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If you're still doing prompts, maybe something where everyone BUT Mikey gets sick so he has to take care of his bros? Whatever universe moves you. Thank you!

“Honestly,” Mikey says, and Don leans into the cool hand that cups his forehead, “I could have told you this would happen.”

He’s just being nice. He did tell them this would happen, and tried to coax them inside half a dozen times – successfully luring Casey in with the box of old VHS movies he found in the attic – but the rest of them played stubbornly through the rain, a game of ninja tag that was more fun than Don could remember having with his brothers and sister since before they lost New York. Even Leo was bright-eyed and laughing despite his limp, and Raph stayed glued to him throughout the game, tossing wondering, delighted little sidelong glances at this happy version of his big brother that had seemed to crawl out of the woodwork of the old farmhouse.

Mikey doesn’t like storms, which Don thinks just feels true to his character, but there were warm towels and mugs of cocoa waiting for them when they dragged themselves inside, and Mikey grinned when April squeezed into the space between him and Casey, and when Don claimed the spot on his other side. Raph and Leo took the floor right in front of the couch, carapaces leaning back against legs, Leo with his bad knee stretched out carefully, and the two of them talked to each other throughout almost all of The Sound of Music. The storm kept up for the rest of the night and well into the morning, sometimes rattling the windows and tearing at the shutters, but Don felt so secure.

And then in the afternoon, everyone wakes up sick and feverish and moaning a little, and Mikey and Casey stand over them all with matching, iron stares of “I fucking told you so,” and the compassion to not say it out loud – because Don has a headache that’s going to kill him in cold blood, and it looks like the rest of them do, too.

And Don watches Casey rub an affectionate hand over Raph’s head and then grin at the miserable way Raph tucks himself against Casey’s side. And he watches Mikey linger the longest next to Leo, something older than his age and unflinching in his bright eyes as he checks their leader’s temperature and makes him drink another glass of water. And April sighs in restless sleep, face a burnt red that almost matches the sweaty hair clinging to her cheeks, and drapes an arm across Don’s plastron. And surrounded by the hoarse coughs and sniffles and tired murmurs of his family, Don dozes off.

And when Mikey wakes them up a few hours later, with water and homemade soup and an extra strength cold medicine Casey took a long trip into town for, the sun is finally shining outside but the light is muted through the curtains, and the room is comfortable and dim, and there’s another movie playing quietly on T.V.

Mikey sits with Casey, their legs tangled, and the two of them are talking while their little clan eats, and because he’s Mikey and Don is his brother, he feels Don eyes on the side of his face and turns. And when he smiles, it’s just like the night before – despite everything, Don feels safer than he has in a long time. And similarly, Raph peers at Mikey from under the thick blanket he and Leo are nestled into and announces unrepentantly, “Worth it.”

(Which Don knows is just another way of saying thanks.)

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McHanzo prompt: McCree takes Hanzo out to a really loud steak house where all the customers are roudy and have bad table manners.

The archer flinched, watching a man with a bad farmer’s tan belch so loud he swore he felt the table shake. “We can leave,” McCree said sheepishly. “We haven’t ordered or nothing yet, so…”

“No,” Hanzo insisted. “I want to be here.”

“But you ain’t comfortable,” he muttered. 

“I am not accustomed to this. That is all,” he coaxed. “Just as I was not accustomed to Reinhart’s volume. Or Torbjorn’s drinking habits.”

They both turned when someone knocked a glass to the ground.

“s not the same,” McCree picked up.

“There is no need to concern yourself,” Hanzo assured, softer this time. “I have been in far worse places. This is amusing, if anything.”

“I just want you to enjoy yourself. If it can’t be here-”

“I am with you. That is all I require.”

McCree blinked, then let out a breathless laugh. “Well now. You’re flattering me, darlin’.”

“Flattery or not, it is the truth.”

“Don’t make me blush, sweetheart,” he breathed.

Hanzo gave a small smile. “What should I order, then? You are the expert.”

“Oh. Right,” he nodded. “The food! I’m so hungry I could eat the north end of a south-bound goat.”

The other man paused. “You… eat goat here?”

“What? Ah, shit. No. Just an expression, darlin’. I know you’re a sucker for fries – considering you ate all mine the other night – so we’ll get you those…”

Things That You Said When You Were Drunk

11) Things you said when you were drunk

Word Count: 985

A/N: So cute omg. I just really like the idea of Warren being a happy drunk, I know it’s not really canon and he’s probably the angstiest, saddest, angriest drunk ever but I think it’s cute okay? Okay.

Warnings: Fluff. Mentions of sex.

Request a “Things that you said…” Here.

You pushed through the sea of swarming people, grabbing a chair from under the kitchen table and yanking it past bodies, towards you. Stepping up onto the chair, you scanned the room searching for the oh-so-familiar curly blond hair and fluffy white wings. He had to be around here somewhere. You had kept tabs on him all night, that was until you stopped for a minute to coax Kurt down from where he had been dancing on the bar. You had turned your back for a minute. Just one minute. And in that minute you had lost him. You sighed, hopping down from the chair and ducking under limbs and squeezing past bodies. You hated these parties, you were always the “designated driver”, even though the parties were all held at the mansion, it was always you who had to be the one to wrangle your friends and make sure they didn’t do anything that they would regret in the morning. You sighed as you made your way towards the DJ at the front of the room. It wasn’t like you had a choice. Your mutation came with an unfortunate side effect. You couldn’t get drunk. So it wasn’t like you could just go off and let loose, but still you wished that one day someone else would take over and you could just enjoy yourself for once.

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Animals had always been easier to deal with than people. Owls in particular. They had this quiet sort of hyper judgmental intelligence that he could relate to. When a large and beautiful owl landed near him in the corner of the library, he coaxed her into staying with owl treats and soft words, and the occasional ruffle of feathers. By the time he was halfway done with his transcribing for Ancient Runes, he heard approaching footsteps in the otherwise dead silence. “Nope. We’ve bonded, I’m keeping her. Find a new one.”

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What would happen if the person yandere!north is interested in became scared of him ? how would he react ?

Ooo… he’d probably flinch and shut down a little, but hide it. This is not how he wanted this to go. He stays calm, and starts trying to coax them gently with promises and reminders that he’d never hurt them (”you know that, right?”). If it’s just not happening, and they’re not responding positively, he physically backs off and goes off to think. It’s time for a tactics change.

Suddenly, he’s back to behaving perfectly normally– if a bit sadder than usual. There are no hints of whatever scared them remaining. He leaves them messages sometimes, apologizing and telling them that he misses them (nothing weird or incriminating), but otherwise doesn’t try and approach them. Instead, he watches from a distance, and uses their mutual friends. He confides in these friends about how much he misses his romantic interest, and how he feels like he lost a friend, and how it’s all his fault, and how he’s trying to stay away so he doesn’t cause them anymore pain. He’s very noble about the whole thing. In turn, the mutuals end up talking to his romantic interest themselves purely of their own, well-meaning volition, and vouching for North (“this whole thing seems like it’s hitting him pretty hard… you don’t have to forgive him, but you should probably at least talk to him and get some closure.”).

If the person he’s interested in talks to him again, he’s just like how he used to be (before he scared them), and slowly reels them back in as they remember how much they used to enjoy being around him.

If they don’t, he follows them in secret for the rest of their life (even across planets), and sabotages all of their attempts to find romantic and/or sexual partners without them knowing. One day, years later, he “runs into” them again (”What a coincidence!”) when they’ve had a particularly horrible day, and takes them out to dinner to cheer them up.

Boat Ride

Rebecka was sitting at the front of the boat and Magnus was sitting at the back.  Their legs were outstretched and their feet were touching as they made a large oval to encircle the children.  The kids were good, they were just happy to be out on the lake, laughing at their Papa as he paddled and their Momma as she  just sat and watched them.

Viktoria had the baby in her lap and she was singing to them as they floated around the lake on a warm summer’s day.  All of the kids were wearing big puffy life jackets that made it difficult for them to see over them  let alone move quickly, but that suited Magnus and Rebecka.  

It had taken some coaxing to talk Magnus into letting them all go out on the lake.  He was wary around the water and even though the bigger ones knew how to swim and the little ones were taking lessons and the baby was still too small to not know how to swim, Magnus was uneasy about it.

But Rebecka had talked him into it.  So often it felt like they did things in small groups instead of as  a whole family.  It was difficult with such a big family to coordinate everything.  Rebecka promised him she would watch them.  She promised him she wouldn’t let anything happen to them, and she reminded him that they were her babies too.  They were all good swimmers.

So he took them out on the lake in the large inflatable boat.  When he relaxed a little bit, he began to enjoy them.  They were giggling at  being so far away from the shore.  They were waving to their grandparents, Magnus’ mother and Rebecka’s mother and father, who were sitting in chairs on the beach.

A duck swam beside the boat and the little ones squealed and quacked at it until it flew away.  Rebecka laughed and hugged them as they tottered over to her, Magnus holding his breath until they were safe in Rebecka’s arms.  

She could only smile at him.  She loved everything about him.  She loved his worry.  She loved his overprotection of the ones he loved.  

When they headed back to the shore, the grandparents  stood up, ready to swoop the little ones up and take off their life vests.  Magnus helped Viktoria and she smiled up at him with Rebecka’s smile.

“Tack Papa,” she said and then she leaned up to kiss his cheek.  He leaned down so that she could reach and then he helped her out of the boat.

“We’re hungry,” the children all sang in unison as they looked at their father.  He was the one to make them food. Magnus looked at Rebecka and sighed as he began to stand up.

“Eh,eh,eh,” his mother chided him.  “You are on holiday.  You sit back down in that boat Magnus.”   Rebecka’s parents each picked up a child and Viktoria held the baby.  “We can feed these babies,” Joanna said as both Amanda and David nodded.

“But…” Magnus began.  

“No but.”

And  with that they took the happy children and waved as they left Magnus and Rebecka alone in the boat.

Rebecka waved to the little ones and then she was crawling to Magnus on her hands and knees.

“See, I told you that would be fun.”

Magnus looked after his children as they went along the path to his mother’s house.

“It was fun,” he said as she captured her face in his hands.  Rebecka smiled and leaned into him and kissed him, his skin warmer than it usually was due to the summer sunshine.

“Will you take me out again?” she asked with a smirk.

Magnus could only smile as Rebecka turned and leaned against his chest, her golden hair tickling his bare chest slightly as she leaned her head back against him.

He didn’t have to say anything, she knew what his answer would be anyway.

When they got out into the middle of the lake, he pulled the oars in and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheek.

“How long do you think we can stay out here?” she whispered to him.  He chuckled.

“Long enough,” he said as his hand moved down her body, feeling the cool skin beneath her warm swimming suit.  “Long…enough…”

The sigh that feel from Rebecka’s lips danced across the water, and she smiled.

“You’re the man from my dream…” Rey murmured. She stepped forward and reached out, running her fingers over the scales on his snout. Her heart pounded harder in her chest.
“You have the same eyes he did.”

She reached out mentally, trying to coax something – anything- from him, but his mind was like a steel trap.
“I know it was you, Kylo. No one has eyes like you.”

A Girl and Her Dragon

@littlemanicmonday‘s amazing Dragon/Mage Reylo AU.

Finally got to draw Rey properly! I had fun with Kylo. The silver mimics the design of his mask, the scales made to look like the texture of  the tabard he wears in the final part of the film. Unfortunately you can’t see the full length of his horns in this shot. Next time. ;)


Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Dean takes care of you when you’re sick which leads to the boundaries of your relationship getting a little blurry

Word Count -1.5k ish?

Warnings - Probably Swear words. Sexual tension. Bcoz I am an asshole. unbeta’d i feel like that’s a warning

A/N - So i started this for @spnjensenlove02 KK and #The Fangirl Get Well Project but I didn’t realize there was a deadline (because of who I am as a person) so it’s a little late. It’s my first SPN fic guys and I was going to post it all but decided to split it into two parts. ( @femmedplume )

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Featherlight touches down your cheek pull you from sleep as you try to coax your eyes open

“Shit, sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Dean brushes hair from your face, slipping a hand down to rest on the side of your neck, a gentle reassuring pressure. 

“S'ok, I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. I’m sorry, Dean.” You’re sprawled across the couch, your head resting gently in his lap, fallen there at some point during the movie you clearly missed.

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Who Wants to Talk about Chubby Jack and Too Skinny Kent?

When Kent Parson falls in love with Jack Zimmermann, he is still soft. Baby faced, heavy set. He’s strong underneath, but nobody seems to care. He likes being on the ice because the hockey pads hide it. On the rink, everyone else looks as big as he feels. Except Kenny. There’s not enough padding in the world to make Kent ‘100 pounds soaking wet’ Parson look soft. Instead he just looks goofy, like there isn’t enough surface area on his body for all the pads that he needs. 

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ok you know that ‘make the princess laugh and you can have her hand in marriage’ thing?

imagine so many come in.

they try, so hard, to make her laugh.

she just sits there, morose, ignoring every man who tries to coax a smile.

one day she’s sitting on the balcony. she just looks so sad.

of course that little thief tries to make her smile.

a girl who goes through the (semi public) royal gardens every day to pick flowers, even though technically only the royal family is allowed to do that. 

she sees the princess while she’s picking them up to sell on the streets, and she’s just… so sad. this princess needs someone to cheer her up.

and she tries. she’ll do silly dances when she comes in, she’ll bring up frogs from ponds and act out comedies, she’ll make flower crowns and exaggerate just how hard it is.

the first few days, the princess doesn’t even look at her.

then she starts noticing. this girl, trying so hard to cheer her up. she probably hasn’t even heard of the hand in marriage thing, she doesn’t know she’s trying so hard for nothing.

but she does it anyway.

one day, the princess starts talking to her as she does these things. “You do know that it’s useless?”

“What?” the thief says. “No way! I’m going to get you to laugh!”

“The best jesters in the kingdom have tried, don’t bother,” the princess declared pessimistically, staring down at the girl.

Then the thief puffs out her chest, “Of course I am! I’ll find the best jokes, even better than the jesters have found! I’ll… fight a fire breathing dog for them!”

There’s no laugh, but the corner of the princess’s mouth twitches. it’s sad how she thinks she can make me laugh…

the girl keeps trying, for years, making more silly stories and trading flowers for jokes rather than food or money. the princess slowly realizes the girl is getting closer and closer, asking her for responses in knock knock jokes and encouraging her to speak when she wouldn’t respond immediately.

the princess eventually had the girl hanging from her balcony, holding on tight to the rail and feet wedged between the columns, grinning and telling yet another iteration of that already old chicken joke.

the princess has been smiling, slightly, but she mostly just looks unresponsive. the girl is happy, it’s better than looking so sad, like she had been years before.

the girl moves on to puns, pointing at the exotic lunch the princess was eating. “Why do the melons have to go to get married? They cantaloupe!”

“You only know that word because of me,” the princess snarks, but there’s a small smile there, a bit of happiness. This little flower girl, this thief has grown into an amazing friend, a wonderful person who genuinely just wants to help. she doesn’t know of the deal, only nobles and jesters could know, not the commonfolk.

“Well, it makes quite the pun,” the girl says, proud of her joke. a smile! what an accomplishment!

“Say…” she continued, “What would you call a princess who got swept up in conversation a thief?” she pulled a flower out of her pocket, waving it in front of the princess’s face. the princess’s eyes crossed to see the flower before they rolled at the obvious setup.

though, it was interesting that it obviously involved them.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, sighing in preparation for another horrible pun. “What?”

the girl grinned. “A pretty theft!” she exclaimed, ticking the flower against the princess’s nose.

the princess froze for a moment, stunned. she had been complimented a million times over, called graceful by etiquette instructors, been called beautiful by many a suitor, been called wonderful by her mother before… she stopped thinking about that. 

she had never been called pretty.

she burst into laughter at the commonplace compliment, as if she was some sort of milkmaid who had somehow grown up to be good looking! it was ridiculous, the notion, yet somehow it had her blushing all the same.

then she suddenly stopped, realizing what she’d done.

the flower thief was staring at her in amazement, a blush of her own speckling her cheeks. her flower tilted out from in front of the princess’s nose, as if it had it’s own amazement.

“Wow…” the girl breathed. she’d never heard something so beautiful in her life.

The princess was silent, knowing what she had just done. She had just laughed for the first time in years.

The girl may not have been aware of the arrangement, but she was quickly swept up in it. A maid had heard the laughter and burst in, to find the thief and the princess, caught up in each other’s eyes, reveling in what had just happened.

The wedding was beautiful, a flower filled affair, a wonderful nod to how it happened. The king was so happy to see his daughter with someone who made her smile for once, tearing up as they were wed.

The princess’s laugh was still incredibly rare. She still had a hard time smiling. But a well timed joke from the girl– no, her wife– and another flower that had a hidden meaning behind it, than maybe, maybe you would hear it.

After all, the princess had finally laughed with the one she loved.

BTS reaction to you randomly kissing their neck


Namjoon being the pervert he is he would think you were trying to coax him into bed and he would automatically switch to daddy mode “kitten your gonna have to use your words”

Originally posted by baebsaes

He would giggle a bit and pretend he hated it and groan “stooooop it jagiiiiiiii” but he’d love it and want you to keep going

Originally posted by tabwi

He’d take it as you trying to be naughty and he would just calmly lean to your ear and whisper “don’t start something you can’t finish babygirl” and just go back to whatever he was doing with a small smirk on his face

Originally posted by tabwi

He would be happy that you were showing him affection because he loves any kind of skinship so he’d immediately return the kiss

Originally posted by jiguk

Jimin would be super adorable about it he would scrunch up giggle and ask “What are you doing jagi” he’d have the biggest smile on his face

Originally posted by booptae

He would quietly moan and tilt his neck silently asking for more and it would escalate more and more until you guys took it to the bedroom

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

He would smile and scrunch his nose and peck you on your neck and you guys would go back and forth giving each other quick pecks on your faces until you guys are both a giggling mess

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