In TWIST news: a woman came by our house last night claiming to be a neighbor, asking for money to get her daughter an inhaler from the pharmacy. Dave (Ol’ Soft Touch Dave we call him) gave her the money, and we later found out she definitely doesn’t live in our complex, as if that was in doubt. Whatever. We both hoped it had helped in some way.

Then today, against all odds, she came back! Not for more money, nor to pay us back – she just wanted to tell me she’d spent the night in the emergency room with her daughter. I don’t know who she is or what her real situation is, but if she is really just a concerned mom going about helping her kid in a really strange fashion, well, I’m glad we could get them through the night.

(And if she was casing our house, at least she now knows that we don’t have that much nice stuff.)


OMFG guys. This is the cutest video everrrr

Pitties and Coatimundis togetherrrrr AH 

I love my job. Even tho I mostly work with baby tigers. I got to babysit some baby coatimundis the other weekend :3 TOOOO CUTEEE! They where borowing in my hair and one snuggled inbetween my boobs. It was funny and adorable.

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Our trip to costa rica and the Coatimundi came out to play

I don’t normally do this, but since a coatimundi is such a random animal to dream about when they’re not native to my area and I haven’t even thought about them in years, compelling curiosity took hold and I looked up what they represent in dreams. There’s not a lot of info available it seems, but I did find this scant bit:

Coatimundi in dreams: Implies that you are wasting your natural skills and talents. You should take some initiative instead of expecting things to happen own their own.

Duly noted. 


Old Friends :)

The coatimundi dream has me reminiscing about old critter companions. I have had such wonderful experiences with rehabilitating orphaned and displaced wildlife. My dog has very much enjoyed it as well, as you can see; she is such a protective, nurturing soul. Hooty the owl is probably the most compelling story, being that he was successfully reunited it with its parents shortly after I took him in. I wonder how they’re all doing now <3

White-Nosed Coati (Pizote): Looking After Others


Looking after others, being generous with your time and space, foraging, finding wisdom in unexpected places, being highly adaptable, sniffing out the truth, accepting the imposing presence of others, integration and assimilation, physical play.

General Description:

The white-nosed coati/coatimundi, also known as the pizote, is a member of the raccoon family found in wooded areas within the lower end of North America, and the upper end of South America. They have flexible long, sensitive, white-tipped noses, which, along with their sharp claws, assist in their omnivorous diet; they are particularly fond of fruit. It is diurnal in its habits. When walking, it holds its tail upright in a distinct position. The white-nosed coati is an excellent terrestrial hunter, but is also a competent swimmer and climber, and tend to sleep in trees. Males are solitary by nature, females travel in packs with offspring. They are adaptable to human presence, very intelligent, and can be domesticated easily.



I dreamt that a coatimundi found its way into my house one night and was trying to steal food and stuff. I was like, “Nah, man. Here ya go. Take what you need and come back anytime.” We hit it off pretty quickly.

This likely stemmed from remnants of the experiences I had with some raccoons I rehabilitated several years ago, who would come and go as they pleased once they grew up.

So it wasn’t too crazy of a dream, but it was fun nonetheless.