Can’t Get to Heaven - a playlist for Dee Reynolds

Her Again // Sleater-Kinney Seether // Veruca Salt Throw Me Down The Stairs // Sleigh Bells All Hands On The Bad One // Sleater-Kinney Meticulous Bird // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Hate // Cat Power Glory Box // Portishead Sheela-Na-Gig // P. J. Harvey Don’t Touch My Shit // The Coathangers Army Of Me // Bjork Spin Spin Sugar // Sneaker Pimps

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International Women’s Day Playlist Part 2

1. Chumped- Something About Lemons

2. Screaming females- Ripe

3. VersaEmerge- Fixed At Zero

4. Hop Along- Sister Cities

5. Be Your Own Pet- Becky

6. The Runaways- Cherry Bomb

7. The Distillers- Drain The Blood

8. Fight Like Apes- Tie Me Up With Jackets

9. September Girls- Black Oil

10. The Eyeliners- I Could Never Hate You

11. Milk Teeth- Grease

12. Next Stop Atlanta- I’m Not Morrissey

13. No Doubt- Spiderwebs

14. The Coathangers- Hurricane

15. Anavae- Anti-Faith

16. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Bad Reputation

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If You Do - Jackson

Group: GOT7
Member: Jackson
Type: angst, fluff

 Pt. 1    Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4     Pt. 5


the veins in your neck were swelling up so much you could feel your throat tighten, making you swallow shallowly. Your chest rose up and down, burning with anger as if it was a volcano, ready to burst. You felt your head getting dizzy from the emotions running through your trembling body and your teeth were gritting. You weren’t even sad but tears were flowing down your cheeks anyway. Anger and crying usually went hand in hand with you. Sadness too, but not this time. You didn’t feel even slightly sad or guilty from the words that were being thrown around your head.

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