Things I want to discuss from OITNB season 3

my actual questions/discussion topics are bolded because it’s mostly comments or queries about season 4

  • Chang
  • because she’s badass and i’ve really grown to like her
  • I really want more backstory because i feel like there is so much more to understand. what did she get arrested for? was it the guy’s murder? or was it more?
  • how did leanne get arrested after she left the farm again?
  • are soso and poussey a thing because i would like to see them be a thing.
  • i wish flaca and maritza weren’t straight because i love them together
  • but i also love them apart. they’re both great
  • literally why would they take bennett off the show? like i can’t forgive him now but they were so good together and i wanted them to get married
  • chang
  • Also i’m waiting for more Suzanne backstory
  • I also really want some more Sophia backstory. like childhood stuff and then when she started to come out
  • and although i didn’t really care that much about guard backstories, i oddly want to know more about healy’s? like what was up with his mom 
  • My baby is happy (Lorna) but i wish she was happy with Nicky….,,
  • i liked piper in season 2 alright but what is her problem now she’s like a crazy bitch
  • chang
  • red is too good for healy why did this happen
  • i love doggett and i will kill everyone that has wronged her
  • also they weren’t the best apart but together, but big boo and doggett friendship is so sweet and amazing i love them like please be friends forever
  • like it’s obvious big boo really cares about doggett and not in a “i want sex” way like she usually is for people, but in an actual, loving best friend way
  • i am so happy for cindy
  • soso reminds me of myself and it’s like :/
  • is nicky coming back???
  • i don’t think they are going to kill alex but i don’t really see a way around it so i’m really interested in what will come of that
  • i want more chang
  • and i want a yoga jones backstory
  • KILL officer coates
  • i will protect maritza with my life like please don’t give me a maritza rape scene next season…that’s not what anyone wants…please…
  • maybe flaca will beat coates up
  • stella was such a weird addition like i’m mad because i feel like she was just there for sex appeal like there was no reason for her to be there except to add a short term hot person for piper to cheat with
  • how did leanne and angie inject heroine in prison i don’t get how drugs work
  • chang

haha i forgot about this

oh bob… <3

Every single blank from four guns was hitting me in the face. All I fuckin’ said to Sutter was make sure that me and Clay have an ending, have a resolve. I got fuckin’ NOTHING from Sutter. But what I did get, was Charlie’s gun, his [Theo’s] gun, Tommy’s gun. And they’d all go ‘sorry Coatesy’ and the stunt guy would go ‘Coatesy, stand over there’ and I did. Boom boom boom boom boom. I stand over there. Boom boom boom boom. I swear to God.
—  – Kim Coates on Clay’s Death scene [x]
(I love this man so much!)