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“I thought Kaneki gave you an out,” Hori says as she follows Tsukiyama around his hotel room. He’s packing his meager belongings into a small leather suitcase. The purple haired ghoul turns around to face his closet, slides open the door, and empties his few dress shirts, pants and coat onto his bed.

“Why aren’t you taking the out?” she asks again, Tsukiyama ignores her in lieu of folding his shirts and pants into his small suitcase. Hori stands beside him, camera out, and snaps a picture of his folded clothing. Tsukiyama goes into the restroom to get his toiletries and picks up his only other pair of shoes. Hori is lying on the bed, on her back as Tsukiyama puts the last bit of his things into the suitcase.

“I thought you would have chosen to go with your dad.”

At this, Tsukiyama finally looks up from his suitcase and his ponderings, and fixes Hori and indignant look, “My father understands.”

He picks up his suitcase and walks towards the door. Hori follows him quietly outside into the night.

“I let him go once, Chie, many years ago. I can’t forgive myself if…”

Hori rolls her eyes and looks down at her camera to fiddle with the settings.

“And now you’ll follow him, instead of stopping him,” she says matter-of-factly.

Tsukiyama smiles sharply.

“It is a much kinder fate, I think.”

Hori takes a picture of his retreating form, disappearing in the night.


PINK PERFECTION - models: Jan Carlos Diaz & Hector Diaz, Baylee Soles & Kelsey Soles - photography: Bruno Staub - styling: Julian Ganio - hair: Maranda - makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra - WSJ Magazine February 2017

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