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PINK PERFECTION - models: Jan Carlos Diaz & Hector Diaz, Baylee Soles & Kelsey Soles - photography: Bruno Staub - styling: Julian Ganio - hair: Maranda - makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra - WSJ Magazine February 2017

  • featured designers: Bottega Veneta jacket, Hopman Design jacket - Bally jacket, pants & sweater, Ralph Lauren shirt, Canali jacket & pants - Thom Brown jacket, cardigan, polo & pants - Sacai coat & mesh pullover - Ermenegildo Zegna shirt & pants, Valentino Garavani bag

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in regards to people asking about eye supplies-- i'll just put this out there since lots of people don't seem to know where to buy the proper mesh for eyes.. and makers that sell "eye kits" are gutting them for the cost of convenience. i personally use vinyl aida- it's like vinyl coated fabric mesh. works great, very smooth finish. jo-ann sells it, and i'm sure you can get it online if you google it. and you can easily get white plastic (plastruct is what i use) for 2d eye at hobby stores. (1/2)

and for 3d eyes, you can buy the craft smart brand plastic paint cups at michael’s. 6 cups to a package, makes 3 sets of eyes for around $2. you’ll need a dremel to properly cut out the bottoms and smooth the cuts, but they look amazing when they’re done. well worth it. hopefully this can help someone save a few bucks (as well as the trouble of searching) when it comes to fursuit eyes. (2/2)

Thank you so much for your help :3

In an effort to give my Regency gentlemen more options, I’ve begun shoe/bottom swapping and frankenmeshing.

I love that coat mesh by Yuxi - it makes a fabulous great coat! The shoes and trousers though… not period appropriate. Now it has Boots and Shoes! The tie isn’t 100% period accurate, it would probably look better retextured to look like a cravat, but I love it!

This suit by AAS. I love it! I especially love @andavrii‘s retextures, they are life <3 but the trousers/shoes again. I must have breeches! These will come with Heget’s shoes, Berg’s dancing slippers, and boots as well.

All the meshes are for TM and AM at the moment, but I will have a look at converting them for CM as well.

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top 5 gillian anderson outfits

this is a good and very important question and i have SO MANY TABS OPEN RIGHT NOW

  • absolute number one all time forever - the thong dress, tag attached

  • TWO - the muppet coat over black mesh crochet, for chilly nights on the town with your favorite lesbians

  • number three: the 1997 emmys dress with complimentary malaise

  • four: armpit hair in the early 2000s

  • five: a velvet burnout button-up and a black backpack. daring.

  • HONORABLE MENTIONS: the bat dress

    all black everything including dog

    still a goddamn gangster punk in a brown mesh sweater dress

    this ill-fitting, wrinkly, inexplicably shiny suit worn during one of her (imo) hottest photoshoots. science can offer us no explanation

    and finally, the rubber catsuit, staple of sci-fi lady fantasies everywhere and, i am not above mentioning, featuring a generous view of some cute, pink little areola

Maison Margiela is honored to be featured in Vogue magazine’s September issue  #VogueForcesOfFashion. 

Model FeiFei Sun wears our AW15 ‘Artisanal’ hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi - designed by John Galliano.. 

Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace Coddington

New Material Could Help Clean Up Oil Spills

by Marcus Woo, Inside Science

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago today, killing 11 people. The leak that followed spilled millions of barrels of oil, creating one of the worst environmental disasters ever.

Despite renewed safety efforts, disastrous accidents will almost surely happen again.

During the Deepwater Horizon disaster, cleanup workers used a number of methods to reduce the spill’s impact, including boats that skim the oil off the gulf’s surface, chemicals that disperse the oil, oil-absorbing pom-poms, and even burning. Now, researchers have developed a new potential tool: a high-tech coated mesh that separates oil from water with the ease of a sieve.

“There’s only so much oil you can absorb,” said materials scientist Bharat Bhushan of The Ohio State University. “What we try to do is rather than absorb it, we try to separate the two.”  

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A special #TBT featuring Ellen Degeneres, Téa Leoni’s sapphic cousin and so much brown corduroy

Does it surprise us that, as the designated driver, Gillian has paired this black crocheted dress with a waist-length tricolour stripe muppet coat

No, gentle readers, it does not. 
A daring look for a night out on the town.

Lazarus: fur coat, mesh vest, leather pants, crocodile skin shoes 

Ian: hooded jacket, jumper, jeans, scarf. lots of layers, lots of ways to hide face.

Prometheus: trenchcoat, shades, slacks, smart shoes.

Omen: whatever fits. (im picturing mostly sweatpants and like a donkey jacket or some kind of heavy coat).

First family heirloom

1K of Bitty acquiring a pie safe. Tooth-rotting fluff.

So FB does those “memories” thing, and 6 years ago today I posted this: “And you learn new things everyday… now I know that a “pie safe” exists, and also what one looks like.” And it made me think about Bitty at the Haus and then I ficced. Oops.

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