Just a quick picture taken outside of the fedex location where I picked up Raka, my new corn.

For some reason literally every time I have received a corn snake that was shipped from the east coat, it had a minor URI upon arrival. Something about shipping to California does not agree with them. This has happened with 4 separate people. I do not for an instant think Raka’s seller shipped me a sick snake. I think the stress of shipping, temperature changes and humidity changes all caused her to be a bit congested. With heat and calm she should clear up in a week or so. If not, it’s off to the vet.

She seems really good tempered so far too, which is nice because sunkissed morphs are known for being shitheads.

east coat girls are the most live im telling you ,east coast and part of the south coast actually we will fight anyone we will make anywhere a function

Mercedes must choose between love or society’s thoughts: Although years have passed, the chemistry between Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) is undeniable. Being just friendly roommates is proving to be easier said than done, as old feelings surface.

The episode catches these two lovebirds watching the “Facts of Life” TV show, as Sam is attempts to explore their past. A few awkward silences later, Mercedes grabs Sam’s face and the most ferocious make-out session in “Glee” history explodes. From this moment, it is clear that Sam is on a mission to make Mercedes Jones his woman. And after footsie-playing at the weekly potluck, a faux fur coat in the East River, and a Mercedes Jones cover of Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman,” it seems as if Sam has won her heart. Right? Not quite.

Things take a turn for the worse when Mercedes decides to introduce Sam to her friends and he says some rather questionable, borderline-racist things. One weave-wearing comment too many and a few other head-tilting remarks and it is clear: The girls are not Team Sam. In an honest conversation, Mercedes’ friends convince her that as a black singer, having a Caucasian beau would ensure no black support and is not healthy for her image. Considering their opinions, she ends things with Sam, breaking his heart.

Really, Mercedes?

Toward the end of the episode, the pair meet in the studio, where Mercedes apologizes for her actions. And in effort to explain her feelings, she sings her debut single, “Colorblind.” It is a heart-felt song about being in love regardless of color. With this incredible number, Sam and Mercedes are back on. The song is seriously amazing.

Coastal Escape

Bay of Fires seems a fitting name for the stretch of pristine white sands that lie between Binalong Bay and Eddystone Point on Tasmania’s north east coast. The orange-tinged stones scattered along the beach lie in stark contrast to the turquoise waters and surrounding bushland. 

Despite the remarkable hues that have earned this spot the reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, the name actually has a more literal explanation. Whilst exploring the east coast of Tasmania in 1773, Captain Tobias Furneaux was struck by row upon row of Aboriginal fires as he sailed past. 

Take in the area’s beauty via one of its many scenic coastal walks, stopping for a dip in the crystal clear waters, a surf or even overnight stay at a beach-side campsite. There are plenty of choices for everyone to experience this gorgeous area including game fishing, bushwalking, bird watching, diving, snorkeling and boating. 

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by kate0680.