coat spy


HOLIDAY MEDLEY - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

These were my xmas eve nails! I wanted to do something festive, but if taken away from the holiday context would be somewhat seasonally neutral. :)

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + jade is the new black
  • Color Club - Wicker park + fig sprouts
  • Sally Hansen - golden-i + white on
  • Cover Girl - natural blush
  • gold nail art beads
  • star sequin
  • blue zircon Swarovski Crystals

Stay tuned for the remaining three designs featuring this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more!


NEW YEARS / NEW MOONS - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + my boyfriend scales walls
  • Revlon - espresso
  • Ginger + Liz - icing on the cake
  • 14k gold foil
  • gold star sequins

This is the third look using O.P.I. - the spy who loved me. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.


London Spy S01E03 (Blue)

Danny’s black coat appreciation post

No wonder Danny is dressing more and more like Alex: he’s gradually entering his boyfriend’s world, where a formal attire is of great importance. The black coat he wears with the suit given to him by Scottie is reminiscent of Alex’s: both feature four buttons and a half belt, but Danny’s is double-breasted and has two front flap pockets.

Big A and Uber A Theory

Marlene says “wait for it” when asked if Big A and Uber A are the same person.  If Big A and Uber A were the same person, there would be no reason to give such an ambiguous answer to the question.  She also says there is only one active A.  So here is what I think.

There are two A’s: Big A and Uber A.  Charles is Big A, and Red Coat/Black Widow is Uber A.  Charles is the only active A at the moment, but Uber A has always been there, and she is the ultimate A. The real A. Right now she is only watching. In season 3 red coat was always spying on them, and in 4x01 Black Widow was lurking around.  She’s been around for a the whole time.  Everyone just forgot about her.  The end of 6x07 made it very obvious that there is another A-like person out there, Charles was caught off guard by the gift, and the card that said “Your friend and ally” was written in red (reminds me of some earlier messages that they got in season 4 from supposedly Red Coat).  Everyone seems to forget that the real A is, and always has been, a woman. Red Coat, Black Widow, Kisses -A, the picture Clark took in 6x05, Toby saying how it’s always felt like a SHE.  Everything points to it being a woman.  They made such a big deal in season 3 about how Red Coat was the captain of the A-Team and that she was the one in charge.  She was giving Mona orders.  We saw Red Coat buying gloves for the A team in 3x02, watching A dig up Alison’s grave, and torching a Hanna doll in A’s lair. We have seen both Black Widow and Red Coat in A’s lair, which means they are for certain A.  We never truly found out who Red Coat was, that mystery was never disclosed.  Everyone has totally forgotten who the real A is. 

While Charles is not Red Coat or Black Widow, he is still A.  He’s just not Uber A.  Like, the writers mean it when they say he’s A.  But he is being manipulated and controlled by Uber A this whole time.  Charles isn’t the bad guy.  We’re supposed to feel bad for him.  The bad guy is Red Coat/Black Widow.  She is the ultimate A.  This is all her game. She stole the game from Mona when she was sent to Radley (don’t forget the ending scene of season 2 when Mona had a visitor in Radley wearing a Red Coat).  She is A. So Charles is Big A, and the only active A, but Red Coat/Black Widow are Uber A, the true mastermind.

So first of all, who is Charles?

Charles Dilaurentis is Charles Dilaurentis.  I don’t think he’s a character we’ve met yet.  i know the writers said we’ve met Charles already, but they lie all the time to protect the show (eg. They said Mona was dead).  I think that Charles is a character who’s face we have yet to see. The actor Justin Fix (who has blonde hair and blue eyes) is labelled in a photo for 6x09 at the prom, and he’s wearing a mask. Ali looks scared of him.  I think ABC family might have made a mistake by crediting his name.

Justin Fix posted a photo of the script for 6x09 on Instagram and wrote “no lie, gonna be fun… #grateful”.  This Instagram post was deleted soon after.  (This reminds me of when Dre Davis posted a photo of her wearing the yellow top from 6x01 and later deleted it, because it was a potential spoiler).

This wasn’t long after Marlene tweeted that the actor/actress now knows that they’re A.

The fact that he made that post and then deleted it quickly makes it seem like he has a pretty important part in the episode, and from the photos it looks like he is playing Charles.  Why else would there suddenly be a new character showing up, wearing a mask, looking a Ali, that has blonde hair?  Justin looks exactly like how you would expect Charles to look (blonde hair, blue eyes).  

It makes sense, no other character that’s already established on the show would make sense.  Wren just doesn’t fit the look. I get that people’s hair colour and eye colours can change when they get older, but why would they deliberately cast a kid with blonde hair and blue eyes if the character he’s meant to be has dark hair and greenish/brown eyes? Also, why would we have ever seen Charles before anyway? It’s not like he can walk around Rosewood and not be recognized as a former Radley patient (especially by his parents), and be working at the hospital.  it wouldn’t be logical.

I believed that Wren was A/Charles for a long time, but now it just doesn’t make sense.  Yes, there are a lot of hints/clues that it could be him, but it would just create a million plot holes/make no sense, and I don’t think these writers are that horrible to try to pull that off.  So I don’t think Wren is Charles, although he is without a doubt a helper of the A team.  There’s too much evidence for him to have no involvement.The “That’s what A said” account on twitter was asked to describe Wren and they said “Handy”.  It sounds like he’s a helper.  Maybe he moved to London because he wanted out, or he was threatened. 

And who is Uber A/Red Coat/Black Widow?

It’s Cece Drake.

I don’t feel like typing and explaining every single hint/clue they’ve given that she’s A, but I will give a link to the theory that convinced me.  Check out this user’s other theories too.

This post will convince you that Cece is A.  I think she’s controlling Charles, and she is Uber A.  I agree with almost every single thing in this post.  And the number of clues towards her would make it astounding if she wasn’t A.  Like, the writers have been working in all these subtle yet deliberate hints towards her for 3 years.  Everything makes sense.  No other character makes this much sense to be A.

So that’s my theory.  I believe Charles is Big A, and we haven’t met Charles yet.  And Uber A is Cece Drake.