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I actually drew this like months back and then just forgot about it.
Basically, I found an old sketch from 2012 and decided to redraw it. I remember really liking the original idea of the sketch (Spy and Sniper sitting on top of Snipe’s van) but never got it to work. So here. I cut a lot of crap out it so now it kinda works yay

PLL: What we know about Sara Harvey Season 1-6

The first significant episode regarding Sara Harvey is 3x24 “A dAngerous gAme”. At the time we weren’t able to fully understand the episode because it was not revealed that Sara Harvey is Red Coat/Black Widow. It is revealed in 6x10 "Game Over Charles" that Sara Harvey was hired by Charlotte Dilaurentis as Red Coat to do her dirty work. She is the red coat who flies to the Thornhill Lodge to distract Mona. After Shana set fire to the lodge Sara pulled Mona, Aria, Spencer and Emily out of the burning lodge but left Hanna inside, who was then saved by Alison. When Alison saves Hanna she unknowingly reveals that she is alive to Shana, Wilden and Charlotte. Knowing that Wilden wouldn’t allow Alison to come back, because of lies he told regarding her death and Radley Charlotte kills Wilden.

In 4x1 we see Black Veil with a burned Alison mask indicating that it was in-fact Sara Harvey who pulled Mona, Aria, Spencer and Emily out of the fire. But why did she leave Hanna? (Theory at bottom of post)

In 4x9 a Red Coat is seen unscrewing a panel In the Dilaurentis home, we can now assume Sara Harvey was the person hiding underneath the Dilaurentis home. There is holes in the floor boards hinting that the Red Coat has been spying on the everything that’s been going on in the house.

Sara is mentioned in 4x14 “Whose in the Box”. It is uncovered by Hanna that Sara went missing around the same time as Alison which causes her and Emily to meet with Sara’s friends to find out more information about her. One of Sara’s friends, Claire says this about Sara “She was pretty, poised and perfect and everything she gave you, she took two things away. I mean she’s gone but she’s not "gone”. And we can’t get away from her and I’m so tired of being Sara’s friend, it just sucks the life out of you.“ 

In 5x6 "Run, Ali, Run” Black Veil is seen sending flowers to the parents of Bethany Young. Charlotte reveals in 6x10 that she absolutely hates Bethany after Bethany blamed Marion’s death on “the boy in the dress”. If Charlotte hated Bethany so much we must assume that she would not want to send flowers to her parents either. Sara Harvey had other reasons for sending flowers to them.


Sara was found in the doll house wearing the iconic yellow top. It is implied that Charles was forcing her to be Alison. In the same episode Mona (trapped in the dollhouse) is wearing the yellow top, and Alison (trying to save the liars)  is forced to wear the yellow top as well. Point being, there is at least four of the same outfit. Jason saw someone talking to Melissa in a yellow top, and Charlotte promises it was not her, my theory is this was Sara Harvey. I believe Sara Harvey is the twin of Bethany Young. It has not been revealed who told Bethany about Mrs. Dilaurentis and her fathers affair, my guess is her twin, Sara Harvey informed Bethany of the affair. This is when Bethany realized why Mrs. Dilaurentis was spoiling her. Bethany then steals Charlottes clothing and escapes Radley to get her revenge. I believe Sara went to the Dilaurentis house to find her missing twin, Bethany but instead found Melissa. Melissa had already buried Bethany’s body at this time. Sara was then left with no clues as to where her sister had gone. From that evening she devoted her life to figure out where her sister had gone, hence faking her kidnapping. At this time Charlotte believed Alison was gone as well and I think Sara Harvey agreed to be the new Ali doll in order to find out what really happened to her sister, Bethany. When ‘A’ (Charlotte) and Red Coat are seen standing over Alison’s grave in 3x01 “It Happened 'That Night’ I believe this is the first time Sara realizes her sister is truly dead. At this point Sara realizes her sister was killed instead of Alison, giving her a reason to go after Alison and the people keeping her hidden. The night of the lodge fire 3x24 "A dangerous gAme”, Sara flew to the lodge pretending to be an accomplice in hopes to get revenge. This is the reason she leaves Hanna in the fire to burn, because she thought it was Alison. The real Alison in fact saves Hanna, revealing that Alison is still alive. Sara Harvey continues to work for 'A’ in hopes she will find Bethany’s real killer. While grieving she secretly sends flowers to her parents in 5x6. In 6x10 “Game Over Charles” Mona reveals that she hit Bethany with the shovel, thinking it was Alison. When Mona saw Alison walking later that night she assumed Alison didn’t die from the shovel and tried to cover up what she had done by helping Alison fake her death, creating the first 'A’. She would not have any reason to believe anyone else was killed, until it is revealed that Bethany was in the grave. As of now, Five years later, I believe Sara Harvey knows exactly who killed her sister (Mona). I believe she blackmailed Mona into giving a fake testimony to make sure Charlotte was released and that’s why Mona changed her story so last minute. It would explain her reaction when Sara Harvey comes to Charlottes funeral and why she bolted so quickly after the funeral ended.

What do you guys think?  Let me know your thought opinions, if I missed something or anything. Thanks guys.

PLL - Still unanswered questions

Who did Spencer hear scream that night? 

Was Spencer already awake when she heard the scream, or did the scream wake her up?

How did Toby’s jacket have Alison’s blood on it? 

Since Mona is the “Original A”, how did Mona get a hold of Toby’s jacket, considering Alison did not have the jacket when Mona took Alison to the Lost Woods Resort?

Who took the photo of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the shot that night?

Did Alison go straight home after giving Emily the snow globe, or did she go somewhere else?

Where did Ian go after he left the bell tower?

Why wasn’t Ian that shocked when he saw Alison in the bell tower?

Who was the individual that was in the Dilaurentis house when Jason moved back in in Season 2?

When did Garrett slip Jason the note saying “I know what you did”?

Who was in the haunted house when the girls walked past it in 2x13?

Who was videoing Noel’s party in 2x13?

What was Jessica doing when the NAT club was in Alison’s room?

What happened to Ian after Jenna and Garrett left the Dilaurentis house?

Did Alison see anyone in Brookhaven the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Shana was the one who met Jenna in the park the day of the masquerade ball, what was her purpose of being there?

Who drugged Emily the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Who is responsible for taking Emily to the graveyard that night?

Where did Jenna and Noel take Emily to that night?

In Pretty Dirty Secrets, why did it seem that Garrett thought Noel was the one calling his house?

Who was the Red Coat that walked behind Lucas in Pretty Dirty Secrets?

Was Wilden the anonymous figure who Mona gave the pills and bullets to?

Were Melissa and Wilden the ones who tried to push Aria off the train? 

Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?

Who was the Red Coat that was across the street from Hanna when A had set up the fake job interview?

Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night of Alison’s disappearance?

Who is the Beach Hottie?

Who was Alison sleeping with?

Was Sara the one in the Red Coat the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Since Cece stated that Jason never saw her that night, is Jason’s flashback of seeing Melissa talking to someone dressed similar to Alison real or not?

If Jason’s flashback is real, but he misidentified the individual Melissa was talking to, then who was Melissa speaking to?

Did Melissa take the photo of Alison, Cece and Wilden in Cape May?


Did Wren grant Cece a Radley pass after she had escaped Radley (with Mona’s help), or was Wren lying?

Why did Wren lie about Melissa calling Cece about Mona, considering how Cece was already a patient at Radley at that point?

How did Melissa know the girls were going to be at the lodge?

Who is responsible for hitting Toby the night of the fire at the lodge?

If Sara is responsible for pulling Aria, Emily,  and Mona out of the fire, how did Sara avoid detection from the other individuals by the lodge, and get to the lodge in time, especially since she stopped in the woods to talk to Cece?

Why would Cece have thought Alison removed the girls from the lodge if it was Sara?

Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?

Why was Jenna’s hand burnt when she saw Emily in the first episode of Season 4?

Was Jenna simply lying when she told Emily that Garrett told her Wilden saw Alison the night she went missing?

Is it possible Garrett actually saw Wilden with Cece that night?

Was Cece the one in the Dilaurentis house in the second episode of season four when Hanna was talking to Mrs Dilaurentis?

Why were Melissa, Shana and Jenna afraid of Wilden?

If Shana and Melissa were on a team, why didn’t Shana tell Melissa Alison was alive?

Why was A (Cece) blackmailing Wilden to blackmail Melissa?

Why did Shana and Jenna tell Melissa Wilden set the fire when it was actually Shana?

Did Shana and Wilden both trap the girls in the lodge and start the fire?

Why were Shana and Jenna in Ravenswood?

Who was in the Red Coat, wearing the Emily mask, holding up the guilty sign?

Why was Nigel apologizing to Jenna for failing to keep quiet?

Did Shana tell Jenna Alison was alive, or was Jenna making her own conclusions?

Why was Jenna so scared of Cece?

Since the Red Coat living in the Dilaurentis house has a button missing, was it Cece who was sleeping in the Dilaurentis basement and the Red Coat who attended the hoedown, or was it Sara?

What was Mona referring to when she told Wren he had been withholding things from her and that he was untrustworthy?

Who was Wren on the phone to when he told them to take care of their end?

Who was Cece on the phone to when she said she was not returning to Rosewood?

Why was Shana in Wren’s house in 4x12?

Why did Shana go to Mona’s house in 4x12?

Who was Shana referring to when shed said that she didn’t have a choice?

Since Cece appears to have been the one giving Ezra the pictures seen in Ezra’s liar, why didn’t Ezra suspect Cece of being A?

Was Alison the Red Coat Spencer saw in the episode Hot Water, since Cece claimed she saw a blonde girl in the Red Coat when spying on the liars, and it seems Cece took the photo of Wren and Spencer found in Ezra’s lair?

Who was Mrs Grunwald referring to when she said one of the liars has been touched by the one Alison fears most?

Did Alison phone the police the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Ezra is Bard Shorts but not A, why was Tippi calling the anonymous figure in the episode “Bite Your Tongue” Board Shorts?

Who scared Shana out of Rosewood?

Who was the blonde girl at the zoo?

Why did Cece say to Ezra that Jessica payed her to stay silent about witnessing the fight between Alison and Spencer?

Considering Spencer’s flashback in Cover For Me, is it possible Spencer did hit someone that night?

Who was in the Dilaurentis house when Jessica was in Spencer’s room?

Who was the anonymous figure Spencer was following when she left the bridal show, since the anonymous figure was not carrying the suitcase that Jessica gave to someone (presumably Cece)?

Who turned Cece in to the police?

How long has Noel been aware Alison was alive?

What secrets does Alison possess over Noel?

Was Ezra the one who took the photo of Alison in the Red Coat when she revealed tot he liars that she was actually alive?

Who was Jessica on the phone to when she told them to bring help?

Why did the body in the Dilaurentis backyard have an Alison bracelet?

Who killed Jessica?

Why did Alison state to Emily that Cece killed Wilden partly for her?

How did Mona know the girls were actually in New York?

Who was the individual Jessica was going to send the email to?

Since it was supposed to be Melissa’s hat in the Horse stables, does that mean Melissa knew Bethany or not?

Why was Noel so distrustful of Alison in his confrontation with Spencer?

Who was Melissa talking to on the surveillance camera, in the episode, “A Dark Ali”?

Did Mona (the Original A) get the photo of Alison in the hospital when she visited Hanna in Season 1?

When did Melissa bury “Bethany” that night, in regards to the timeline?

If Cece (A) was the one behind the shelf after A attacked Hanna the night of the Ice Ball, then where was Alison that night?

Is Cece responsible for placing the broken blood vial in Spencer’s bag, even though she was all the way in London?

If the Dilaurentis’s and Hasting’s were neighbours for 15 years, how did they not know about Charles/Cece?

(If Mona hit Bethany with the shovel, then that means Bethany was buried before Alison, since Mona found Alison on the road after Mrs Grunwald saved her; however, when Melissa found “Bethany”, the grave had already been dug up., indicating Alison was buried first. 

If “Bethany” was buried by Melissa first, then someone must have pulled “Bethany” out of the grave prior to Alison seeing Byron, Garrett and Jenna that night. The backyard must have been fixed by whoever pulled “Bethany” out of the grave, since Cece mentions nothing of the backyard already being dug up.

If Mona is telling the truth, then that means a third body was buried in the Dilaurentis backyard, and Bethany was within the vicinity of the Dilaurentis house when Alison was first in Spencer’s barn with the girls.

The only other plausible explanation regarding this revelation of Mona hitting Bethany is that it was not Bethany who Melissa buried, and Melissa found someone else’s body after Mrs Grunwald saved Alison.)

Whose body is actually in that grave?

Is Bethany actually dead? 

Was there a third body buried at some point during that night or not?

How does this fit into the timeline regard the day Alison disappeared??

16 Things That Might Happen in the PLL Season 5 Finale (Predictions)

I remember seeing a tweet that the season 5 finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse” is going to be somewhat similar to the season 2 finale “UnmAsked”. I decided to re-watch “UnmAsked” and came up with a list of possible parallels and predictions as to what might happen in 5x25. From here on I`ll be referring to the two finales as 2x25 and 5x25 :)

(PS. None of these are spoilers and I don`t actually know what`s going to happen in the season 5 finale. So if you don`t like spoilers this post is completely safe to read).

Okay. Let`s go!

1. Is Toby Going To Be in Trouble?

2x25 starts off with the liars sitting in the kitchen and watching the news. According to the news report, Garrett killed Alison and he became a police officer so he would be able to destroy evidence that linked him to Ali`s murder. Obviously, as we now know Ali is very much alive and Garrett was innocent. But what if Toby is wrongly accused of having some wicked ulterior motive for becoming a cop in 5x25?

2. Will Toby & Spencer Continue to Be on Bad Terms?

In 2x25 Spencer and Toby are on bad terms. He is very distant and Spencer accuses him of not letting anyone in. Spoby is in a very similar situation right now since Toby`s police duties force him to be distant from Spencer. Could we expect more of that in 5x25?

3. Will Jenna Be Back and Be Shadier Than Ever?

Jenna is a busy bee in 2x25. She has a secret meeting with Shana in a secluded area. She gives Shana something, telling her that the girls will be at the dance and that she knows what to do. At the dance, Jenna is seen watching Aria. Later Jenna is seen talking to Lucas and Melissa who is dressed as the black swan. Could we expect to see Jenna sneak around in 5x25?

4. Is Mona Going to Come Through for Hanna?

Although in 2x25 Mona is revealed to be the original –A, she actually comes through for Hanna showing that she truly cared for her. Mona has rented room #2 at the Lost Woods Resort and has turned the room into her –A lair. The girls go looking for Ali-related information and they end up staying in room #1. Hanna and Emily have a conversation and Mona (though a hole in the wall) overhears Hanna saying that Caleb isn`t going to the dance with her and that she can`t go either because her costume requires a date (she wants to be Juliet). Mona gets Caleb a costume and makes sure that he comes to the dance and surprises Hanna. Even Spencer admits that Mona is a very good friend to Hanna.  

Mona is most likely dead and can longer physically be there to help Hanna out. But, could she possibly have left behind a huge clue that will be extremely useful to Hanna and the girls in 5x25?

5. What Do the Mannequins Have to Do With It?

The picture above is one of the few pictures Marlene King tweeted out of props we`ll see in 5x25. Some of the props were mannequins that will probably tie into the “doll” theme since the episode is titled “Welcome to the Dollhouse”. Well, upon closer inspection, I was able to spot the same mannequins in 2x25. 

Mona speaks to Spencer about seeing Ali in Brookhaven and that Ali (dressed as Vivian Darkbloom in a red coat) was there to spy on -A. We get a flashback and in the flashback Mona and Ali are inside of a shop. The same female and child mannequins from Marlene King`s photo can be seen here.

At the end of the episode we figure out that the flashback was probably fake and that Ali wasn`t spying on –A. –A (Mona) was spying on Ali. Since we`ll see the same mannequins in 5x25, can we also expect to get another Vivian Darkbloom sighting?

6. Will Melissa Have a Bigger Role in 5x25?

Melissa is a very prominent character in 2x25. She arrives to the masquerade ball dressed as “Black Swan”. She doesn’t do it willingly. We eventually find out that –A (Mona) sent her the costume and forced her to wear it. HOWEVER, this isn`t the only reason why Melissa was suspicious. In the beginning of the episode Melissa finds the girls sitting in the kitchen. She spots Aria`s frozen yogurt and takes if off her hands. Melissa makes sure to ask Aria what flavor the frozen yogurt is. It`s toffee.

At the end of the episode when Mona is taken into custody, she has a little monologue going on in her head. Mona talks about how much she likes the lipstick she is wearing. The lipstick is called “TOFFEE TANGO”. So, “toffee” is mentioned twice, once by Mona and once by Melissa. The “toffee” reference hasn`t been explained yet, but I`m sure it means something.

So, if Melissa appears in 5x25 I can see her taking part in some shady business that will make all of us question her in a big way.

7. Will –A Be “UnmAsked” in 5x25?

2x25 revolves around a masquerade ball. Everyone is in costume. Everyone wears a mask. People were guessing whether Ezra or Aria are –A OR shady in some way because Ezra “unmasks” Aria and then takes off his own mask. However, they are not the only people who are “unmAsked” in this episode. I only noticed it this time around, but Jenna and Lucas are also seen taking off their masks.

Since we are supposed to be getting some MAJOR –A clues during the season 5 finale, and since 2x25 and 5x25 are somewhat similar, can we expect –A to be wearing a mask (possibly one of those “Alison” masks) and then eventually take it off? I suppose “unmasking” yourself can also be a figure of speech, meaning “revealing one`s true identity”.

8. Will the Liars Stumble Upon Another –A Lair?

2x25 was special because we got to see –A`s (Mona`s) lair. We`ve seen a couple more lairs since, but the last lair ended up being a red herring because it was Ezra`s lair and as far as we know he isn`t –A. So, I think it`s very possible that in 5x25 the liars will come across or maybe will be lured into the real –A lair.

9. Is Food Going to Be a Clue?

Toffee flavored frozen yogurt is mention and I think it is a very important clue. However, chewing gum plays a MAJOR role in this episode. Throughout the episode Mona chews gum. When Spencer and Mona arrive at –A`s lair Mona offers her gum once again but Spencer says that she doesn’t want any. Moments later Spencer opens Ali`s diary and finds a gum wrapper. Mona must`ve used it to mark the page when she was reading. That`s how Spencer figures out that Mona is –A.

“Pie” has been a reoccurring clue in seasons 4 and 5. Aria and Ezra can`t get enough of it. Books like “Blackberry Pie Murder” and “Double Fudge Brownie Murder” (which will only be released in a couple of days) can be seen in Ezra`s bookstore/coffee shop. You can also check out my “Key Lime Pie” theory if you haven`t already.

Since gum led Spencer to –A in 2x25, maybe pie or another type of food will lead the liars to the new –A in 5x25?

10. Will One of the Girls Get Dangerously Close to –A?

In 2x25 Spencer figures out that Mona is –A, but there are consequences. Mona knocks Spencer out, puts her in a car, and they speed off into the night. Mona gives Spencer a choice – Spencer can either join her or she can disappear.

I suspect that in 5x25 at least one of the girls will get dangerously close to –A and will be in some kind of a near death situation.

11. “You Bitches Have Underestimated Me”

In the car ride scene Mona tells Spencer that she isn`t the only genius in the car. “You bitches have underestimated me”. In the later seasons Mona truly reveals her true colors. Despite her “Wide-eyed, All I Care About is Boys Clothes and Popularity” façade, she is actually extremely smart, she has better hacking abilities than Caleb, and she can pulls off even the most complicated plans (like faking her death, for example).

According to Marlene we probably won`t get a straight up –A reveal in 5x25, but we are going to get some very substantial clues. I can definitely see –A being someone that us, the fans, and the liars themselves haven`t even considered as a suspect. Someone we have been underestimating all along. Hanna definitely comes to mind because her intelligence has been a staple in season 5 so far. I`d love one of the liars to turn “evil” in the course of the show, although with two more seasons in our future I think it`s too early for that kind of a reveal.

So, when thinking about the 5x25 –A reveal we should keep our eye on those characters that are sometimes overlooked or those that seem to have the least knowledge of -A and go from there.

12. Will One of the “Dead” Characters “Rise”?

At some point in season 2, Mona makes the liars believe that Dr. Sullivan is dead or that she will kill her if the liars don`t do something she wants. In 2x25 Dr. Sullivan returns to Rosewood and explains that she is alright, but she had to stay out of town because Mona threatened her son.

Maybe this means that in 5x25 we`ll either find out that someone we thought to be dead is actually alive, OR, that a character we haven`t seen in a long time will make an unexpected appearance.

13. Is a Mental Disorder Going to Come Into Play?

At the end of 2x25 Dr. Sullivan explains to the girls that Mona has mental problems and that she lives in her own “hyper-reality” which is why she was able to have different personalities and be “omnipresent”. In this episode Mona is placed in Radley Sanitarium.

Since Marlene said that we would feel sorry for –A once we find out who he/she is, could a mental disorder, something similar to what Mona had, come into play in 5x25? At the moment, -A being mentally unstable is the only reason why I could not necessarily excuse, but at least understand –A`s behavior.

14.  Will Spencer and Toby Reconcile?

At the end of episode 2x25 we understand why Toby was so distant. He was secretly helping Dr. Sullivan deal with Mona threating her son and convinced her to come back to Rosewood. When Spencer finds that out she and Toby make up and share a super duper romantic kiss in front of Sullivan, Hanna, Emily, and Aria.

With Toby and Spencer`s relationship hanging on a thread for so much of 5B, can we expect a similar reconciliation to happen in 5x25?

15. Are We Going to Get Information on Maya?

In 2x25 the girls return home from a long night of –A drama only to see police running around the neighborhood. Mrs. Field`s announces that a body was found and it probably belongs to Maya. I`ve always felt like this was one of the plot holes of the show. Did the police ever confirm that this was Maya`s body? Correct me if I`m wrong, but I don`t think we`ve ever gotten that confirmation which is why so many PLL fans out there think that Maya could still be alive.

So, since Maya`s death was one of the last shocking things to happen in 2x25, could we hope to get more information on Maya and once and for all be told whether she is or isn`t dead in 5x25?

16. Will We See Red Coat?

At the end of 2x25 Mona is in Radley and she has a visitor. It`s a person in a red coat who we later started to refer to as “Red Coat.” Hanna, Aria, Alison, and Cece were all at some point seen wearing a red coat on the show. Anyway, Mona looks up at this person and tells him/her “I`ve done everything you`ve asked me to.”

It`s still up for discussion whether A) Mona hallucinated this meeting B) whether the visit wasn`t just a figment of Mona`s imagination and she in fact was visited by someone. I think it could`ve been Cece because Wren later admits to giving Cece permission to visit Mona, so she could help her “get through the trauma Alison inflicted on her”.

So, because 2x25 ended in such a big way with this mystery “Red Coat” appearing in front of Mona, is anyone else going to be visited by “Red Coat” in 5x25?


HOLIDAY MEDLEY - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

These were my xmas eve nails! I wanted to do something festive, but if taken away from the holiday context would be somewhat seasonally neutral. :)

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + jade is the new black
  • Color Club - Wicker park + fig sprouts
  • Sally Hansen - golden-i + white on
  • Cover Girl - natural blush
  • gold nail art beads
  • star sequin
  • blue zircon Swarovski Crystals

Stay tuned for the remaining three designs featuring this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more!

mishercollions-deactivated20160  asked:

headcanon: Tony can use the little watch on coat like a little spy. It can turn into a mini version of his clock self and walk around terrorizing people/retrieve information for him. After all, he can't waste time on doing such tedious things himself!

(( Yes, very important info indeed ))


NEW YEARS / NEW MOONS - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + my boyfriend scales walls
  • Revlon - espresso
  • Ginger + Liz - icing on the cake
  • 14k gold foil
  • gold star sequins

This is the third look using O.P.I. - the spy who loved me. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.

Big A and Uber A Theory

Marlene says “wait for it” when asked if Big A and Uber A are the same person.  If Big A and Uber A were the same person, there would be no reason to give such an ambiguous answer to the question.  She also says there is only one active A.  So here is what I think.

There are two A’s: Big A and Uber A.  Charles is Big A, and Red Coat/Black Widow is Uber A.  Charles is the only active A at the moment, but Uber A has always been there, and she is the ultimate A. The real A. Right now she is only watching. In season 3 red coat was always spying on them, and in 4x01 Black Widow was lurking around.  She’s been around for a the whole time.  Everyone just forgot about her.  The end of 6x07 made it very obvious that there is another A-like person out there, Charles was caught off guard by the gift, and the card that said “Your friend and ally” was written in red (reminds me of some earlier messages that they got in season 4 from supposedly Red Coat).  Everyone seems to forget that the real A is, and always has been, a woman. Red Coat, Black Widow, Kisses -A, the picture Clark took in 6x05, Toby saying how it’s always felt like a SHE.  Everything points to it being a woman.  They made such a big deal in season 3 about how Red Coat was the captain of the A-Team and that she was the one in charge.  She was giving Mona orders.  We saw Red Coat buying gloves for the A team in 3x02, watching A dig up Alison’s grave, and torching a Hanna doll in A’s lair. We have seen both Black Widow and Red Coat in A’s lair, which means they are for certain A.  We never truly found out who Red Coat was, that mystery was never disclosed.  Everyone has totally forgotten who the real A is. 

While Charles is not Red Coat or Black Widow, he is still A.  He’s just not Uber A.  Like, the writers mean it when they say he’s A.  But he is being manipulated and controlled by Uber A this whole time.  Charles isn’t the bad guy.  We’re supposed to feel bad for him.  The bad guy is Red Coat/Black Widow.  She is the ultimate A.  This is all her game. She stole the game from Mona when she was sent to Radley (don’t forget the ending scene of season 2 when Mona had a visitor in Radley wearing a Red Coat).  She is A. So Charles is Big A, and the only active A, but Red Coat/Black Widow are Uber A, the true mastermind.

So first of all, who is Charles?

Charles Dilaurentis is Charles Dilaurentis.  I don’t think he’s a character we’ve met yet.  i know the writers said we’ve met Charles already, but they lie all the time to protect the show (eg. They said Mona was dead).  I think that Charles is a character who’s face we have yet to see. The actor Justin Fix (who has blonde hair and blue eyes) is labelled in a photo for 6x09 at the prom, and he’s wearing a mask. Ali looks scared of him.  I think ABC family might have made a mistake by crediting his name.

Justin Fix posted a photo of the script for 6x09 on Instagram and wrote “no lie, gonna be fun… #grateful”.  This Instagram post was deleted soon after.  (This reminds me of when Dre Davis posted a photo of her wearing the yellow top from 6x01 and later deleted it, because it was a potential spoiler).

This wasn’t long after Marlene tweeted that the actor/actress now knows that they’re A.

The fact that he made that post and then deleted it quickly makes it seem like he has a pretty important part in the episode, and from the photos it looks like he is playing Charles.  Why else would there suddenly be a new character showing up, wearing a mask, looking a Ali, that has blonde hair?  Justin looks exactly like how you would expect Charles to look (blonde hair, blue eyes).  

It makes sense, no other character that’s already established on the show would make sense.  Wren just doesn’t fit the look. I get that people’s hair colour and eye colours can change when they get older, but why would they deliberately cast a kid with blonde hair and blue eyes if the character he’s meant to be has dark hair and greenish/brown eyes? Also, why would we have ever seen Charles before anyway? It’s not like he can walk around Rosewood and not be recognized as a former Radley patient (especially by his parents), and be working at the hospital.  it wouldn’t be logical.

I believed that Wren was A/Charles for a long time, but now it just doesn’t make sense.  Yes, there are a lot of hints/clues that it could be him, but it would just create a million plot holes/make no sense, and I don’t think these writers are that horrible to try to pull that off.  So I don’t think Wren is Charles, although he is without a doubt a helper of the A team.  There’s too much evidence for him to have no involvement.The “That’s what A said” account on twitter was asked to describe Wren and they said “Handy”.  It sounds like he’s a helper.  Maybe he moved to London because he wanted out, or he was threatened. 

And who is Uber A/Red Coat/Black Widow?

It’s Cece Drake.

I don’t feel like typing and explaining every single hint/clue they’ve given that she’s A, but I will give a link to the theory that convinced me.  Check out this user’s other theories too.

This post will convince you that Cece is A.  I think she’s controlling Charles, and she is Uber A.  I agree with almost every single thing in this post.  And the number of clues towards her would make it astounding if she wasn’t A.  Like, the writers have been working in all these subtle yet deliberate hints towards her for 3 years.  Everything makes sense.  No other character makes this much sense to be A.

So that’s my theory.  I believe Charles is Big A, and we haven’t met Charles yet.  And Uber A is Cece Drake.

  • Alison stays at the Hilton Head with Ian. Melissa shows up unannounced and confronts Ian for spending his spare time with Alison, whom she suspects is in the other room. Alison deletes the latest video she and Ian filmed together and goes to check his computer. She finds several incriminating NAT videos including one of Jenna and Toby. She copies everything on her USB device then leaves.

  • Alison visits Jenna at the hospital and threatens her with the video, saying she will bury her if she is to receive another threat or if Jenna ever returns to Rosewood. On her way out, A texts her: ‘Bitch can’t see you but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you’. Alison concludes Jenna is not A. Jenna likely tells Garrett of this.

  • Alison checks in at the Lost Wood Inn. She likely watches all the videos there.

  • [Alison has a planned meeting with A. It is unknown whether this happened or not].

  • Alison calls Duncan to fly her back to Rosewood. She arrives several hours before her planned schedule.

  • Alison puts her USB device in her lunch box which she locks up in a private storage room. She hides the key in her grandmother’s snowball.

  • [Mona recalls seeing Alison dressed in a red coat as Vivian Darkbloom spying on someone. Alison sends her off by giving her her phone number in exchange for not telling she saw her here. It is unknown if Mona told the truth or if she made it all up].

  • Alison meets the girls who are excited about their sleepover at the barn on the evening. Spencer notices a Hilton Head sign on Alison’s suitcase and points out it is the other side of the country compared to Alison’s grandmother’s, where Alison said she was staying. Alison brushes it off and tells the girls she can’t spill every detail right now and they have to wait for it.

  • Alison goes home and changes clothes, putting on a yellow top her mother bought for her. Alison notices A has left a message for her on her mirror: 'I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere’. This is so far the last message Alison received from A before her disappearance.

  • Alison visits Emily and entrusts her with the snowball, simply saying it is more valuable than it looks. She then leaves, saying she has to be somewhere else and they will see each other at night.

  • [Alison does something unknown].

  • Alison returns home and has dinner with her family.

  • Alison readies herself to go to the barn but her mother tells her she does not want her to go out. She is on the phone and clearly upset about something, asking for someone to be sent. Alison argues it is the last day of summer and that this was planned long ago and her mother had agreed. She suspects this has something to do with her mother’s suspicions over the Hastings’ family to which Alison says she has it all on control. Her mother tells her she knows what the Hastings are capable of and they should never turn their back on them. As her mother goes back on the phone, Alison quietly steals some sleeping pills and sneaks off the house.

  • Alison is the last to arrive at the barn and scares the girls on her entrance. She receives a call from Toby which she ignores.

  • The sleepover begins and Alison drugs the girls with the sleeping pills in order to test them. If she receives a text while they are asleep, she can rule them off as A. The girls fall asleep until Alison is the only one awake. At some point, she texts Toby to meet her outside.

  • Alison meets up with Toby who thanks her for indirectly helping him break free of Jenna. Alison comes to the conclusion he is not A either. Toby gives her his jacket as she is cold and leaves. This is the last time Alison sees Toby. Alison texts Ian to meet him at the Kissing Rock,

  • Before she can go, Ezra drives by. Alison climbs in and is confronted by Ezra for lying about her age. Alison says they did nothing wrong since they did not sleep together. Ezra tells her he likes her and just wants to make sure she is safe. Alison tells him he is an OK guy and she will see him around, to which he replies she will not, He then drives off.

  • At some point, in the barn, Spencer wakes up due to having already been on drugs before Alison gave her the sleeping pill. She notices Alison is gone and waits for her.

  • Alison goes to see Ian at the Kissing Rock where they make out and film a video. A 'struggle’ ensues where Alison falls to the ground and pretends to go limp in front of the camera, After what, Ian readies to leave. Alison thanks him and tells him she hopes he will stay with 'bitch’ Melissa, stating the two of them deserve each other. She then threatens him he will go to jail if she were to tell about his videos. Ian tells her those videos can bring down a lot of people including her own family. Alison tells him the threats have to stop and she has made a copy of every video. Ian leaves.

  • It can be assumed Ian quickly warns Melissa, Jenna and Garrett and they all meet at Alison’s house to search for the videos but are unsuccessful. Outside, Melissa makes a call to someone (probably Wilden or Cece). Jason witnesses it.

  • Alison returns to the barn where Spencer awaits her. They enter a fight and go to Spencer’s house where Alison tries to have Spencer confess to Melissa she kissed Ian, Spencer eventually agrees but tries to break free of Alison’s influence to which Alison responds by stating the girls are her puppets and they wouldn’t exist without her. Spencer counters by saying perhaps it is Alison who wouldn’t exist without them and says Alison is now dead to her. Alison leaves the house. Spencer hesitates a moment before going after her.

  • Someone takes a picture of Alison from her room with Spencer’s shadow behind her.

  • [Probably around the same time, Cece arrives and talks with Melissa. Jason recalls seeing the two of them, with Cece wearing a top similar to Alison’s, although he was drunk and high so it is unclear if this really happened].

  • Spencer goes after Alison to continue the fight. Alison says they are over. Spencer picks up a shovel and threatens Alison. However, she trips before she can hit Alison and her drugs slip out, which Alison quickly picks up. Spencer runs away. Both Cece and Mrs DiLaurentis witness the fight.

  • Alison goes after Spencer and tells her she will not tell Spencer’s parents about the drugs. She asks Spencer not to take anymore for the night and that it is dangerous to mix them with alcohol. She sends her back to the barn to sleep it off.

  • Alison goes back to her yard in order to meet Byron Montgomery whom she probably texted. She meets Jenna and Garrett who likely just got out of her room, Alison tells them she knows exactly what they were doing in her room and reminds Jenna she had told her explicitly not to come back to Rosewood. Jenna gets angry and tries to pick up a fight with Alison before Garrett intercedes. Jenna asks Garrett to do something. He and Alison exchange a nod and he hits a tree with Jason’s hockey-field stick while Alison screams to make Jenna believe Garrett killed her. Garrett and Jenna depart and leave Alison.

  • Byron shows up and Alison again threatens him to tell his wife about his affair with his student. She tells him she has incriminating tapes. Byron believes she is not as mean as she wants to appear and that she will not hurt Aria, to which Alison replies he does not know her. Byron does not bend and leaves. Garrett, who comes back to see if Alison is fine, witnesses her discussion with Byron.

  • Alison returns to the barn and waits for another text. All the girls are asleep, She receives nothing,

  • Alison heads home and arrives in front of her house where her mother is waiting for her at the window. Someone arrives behind Alison and tries to kill her by bashing her head with a rock, knocking her out. Mrs DiLaurentis witnesses the whole scene and rushes outside.

  • Probably around that time, in Ravenswood, Mrs Grunwald has a horrible feeling and drives to Rosewood.

  • Mrs DiLaurentis drags Alison to the backyard where the gazebo is being constructed, possibly with the help of the aggressor. She digs up a hole and places Alison inside. Alison regains consciousness but not enough to move. She hears her mother hysterically repeating 'What have you done?’ and sees her burying her alive.

  • Alison tries to hold her breath and manages to poke her hand out of the ground. Mrs Grunwald arrives just in time to pull her out. She puts a very shocked and confused Alison in her car and drives her to the hospital. However, when she runs in to get help, Alison has regained enough of her spirits and runs off. This is the last time Mrs Grunwald sees Alison,

  • At some point at the barn, Spencer wakes up again to find Alison gone once more. She goes outside to look for her.

  • [Later on, Spencer recalls going after a blonde girl with a yellow top who she believes is Alison and hitting her with a shovel. However, it is unclear if this really happened or if she just mixed up her memories because of the drugs].

  • Elsewhere, Alison wanders alone on the road when Mona drives by, It is unclear what Mona was doing at this hour of the night. Mona asks Alison if she is OK and Alison tells her to drive to the Lost Wood Inn.

  • Mona checks in under the name Vivian Darkbloom and tends to Alison’s wound. Mona points out whoever hit Alison could come back and advices Alison to disappear and 'stay dead’ for her own safety. Alison gets some sleep. In the next room where she has set up her lair, Mona plays with one of her Alison dolls. It is unknown if as the original A, Mona was the one who tried to kill Alison.

  • At some point during the night, another girl is killed and is buried in place of Alison. Melissa claims she knows who killed her.

  • At the barn, Aria wakes up and asks Hanna and Emily of Alison and Spencer’s whereabouts. Spencer comes back to the barn and tells them Alison is gone and she thinks she heard her scream. The scream might actually be the girl who was killed in place of Alison. Due to her drugs, Spencer represses some memories of the events of the night, including the end of her fight with Alison.

  • The following morning, the girls report Alison’s disappearance.

  • At the Lost Wood Inn, Alison asks Mona to go back to Rosewood and provide her with things she will need when she leaves.

  • In Rosewood, the girls are questioned by the police.

  • Mona gives Alison her red coat, hair dye and probably some supplies. Alison assumes her identity of Vivian Darkbloom/Red Coat and thanks Mona for saving her life, giving her advice on how to become popular. As she drives off, Mona eerily smiles. Alison later suspects Mona was actually wishing her gone and tricked her into leaving.

  • In Rosewood, the search for Alison begins.