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Spoken For

Prompt: Anbu!Sasuke visits Sakura at the hospital to find the entire male staff flirting with her.
Submitted by: anon

Nineteen year old Uzumaki Naruto smiled as he entered the village gates alongside his best friend. Even an idealist like him had trouble believing how well things had turned out. The world was saved, Sasuke was back, and on top of that they both made Anbu. 

“Stop smiling like that, dobe.” The Uchiha made a daily task of bursting his bubble. “It’s creepy." 

"Teme.” The jinchuriki growled at him but otherwise let the comment slide. “Hey, let’s go see Sakura-chan’s new office.” Their female teammate had recently been promoted to head medic. 

Usually Sasuke would refuse on principle, but he hadn’t seen much of the kunoichi since the war’s end.“Hn." 

Minutes later the two stood opposite a twenty-something brown haired male at the hospital’s reception desk. "How can I help you?”

“We’re here to see Sakura-chan!” Naruto exclaimed. 

Nodding, the man picked up a corded phone and dialed a few numbers. “Hey, Sakura there are two guys at reception asking for you…” He paused momentarily as she spoke. “Yeah…one’s blond with a stupid look…Send them up? Sure thing, cherry pie.”

By the time he hung up, both Anbu agents were glaring at him. 

“Stupid look?” Naruto twitched. Why was it always him?

Cherry pie? Sasuke was strangely vexed by the familiar nickname. It seemed plain disrespectful for a clerk to speak to the hospital head like that. Foot soldiers wouldn’t address their general in such a manner. 

“Sakura-san will see you now,” the guy said rather monotonously. “Top floor. Corner office.”

They followed his directions to her suite and found Sakura engrossed in conversation with a young surgeon. 

“We should talk more,” the pinkette told her contemporary. “I’m quite interested in your research thus far.”

The platinum blond man grinned at her, eyes hungrily roving every inch of her form. “Sure. One of these nights we should compare our findings. Maybe at my place over a glass of wine?”

Just then Sasuke decided to make his presence known. “Sakura.” His arctic glare paired with the tone of his voice let the kunoichi know that he was not happy. 

“Hai, hai. We’ll talk later, Nobu-san.” She dismissed the male doctor, leaving him with the displeasure of passing Sasuke on his way out. He could have had his susanoo out for how imposing his aura felt as the man crossed his path. 

Sakura sat on top of her desk with one firmly toned leg crossed over the other. She wore a short red civilian dress underneath her lab coat. “Sasuke-kun, Naruto! How was the mission?”

“Great, dattebayo!” The jinchuriki proclaimed. He scrunched up his face after observing her attire. “Sakura-chan, why are you dressed so sexy?”

“Hn.” In Sasuke’s opinion no one should be able to see that much of her legs without direct permission or a powerful dojutsu.  

“What do you mean?” The pinkette looked perplexed.“There’s no reason for me to dress like I’m on a mission if I’m just in the office.”

“He means,” the Uchiha began, still standing in the doorway, “men are looking at you." 

The kunoichi shrugged. She was a grown woman. "So? Let them look. It’s not hurting anyone.”

Yet,” he murmured quietly. Sasuke wasn’t quite sure what he would do to the next idiot in scrubs that tried to make a move on her. She was clearly a class above all of them. 

Sakura frowned, unaware of what caused his irritability. She worried she was just annoying him again. 

“Hey guys!” Naruto shouted, oblivious to the tension in the air. “Let’s all head over to Ichiraku! I bet Hinata’s  over there now!”

“No thanks.” The kunoichi inspected her nails as though she suddenly found them very interesting. “I went out for lunch with a coworker earlier. You two can go ahead.”

“I’ll stay,” Sasuke said, almost reflexively. And in a flash of blond and bright orange, the two were completely alone. 

Sakura chewed her lower lip anxiously. Something had to be wrong right. “Nee, Sasuke-kun…”

“Sakura,” he started at the same time. The stare he trapped her under was intense and rather inquisitive. “Are you…” He frowned, unsure of how to shape the question. This wasn’t like him. Uchiha Sasuke did not falter. “Are you involved with anyone?”

At this, her cheeks were dyed with a faint pink blush. She looked up at him, sea green eyes clouded with confusion. Since when did he care? “I…,” she gulped. “I’m not seeing anyone at the moment. What brought this on?”

“Hn.” Even after years of knowing her, Sasuke couldn’t fathom the depths of her obliviousness. Maybe, just maybe the fact that half of Konoha wanted to wed or bed her had something to do with it. “You seem popular these days.”

“I haven’t noticed.” After all, she only ever had eyes for one person. A million suitors may as well have been an empty room if none of them were him.

She hopped of the desk gracefully and made purposeful strides across the room. “What’s this about, Sasuke-kun?”

It was like they were twelve again and she was still all sweet concern and springtime innocence. The Uchiha’s eyes softened when he looked at her. She was gorgeous, and powerful, and far kinder than anyone he’d ever known. And she had loved him. Once. Part of him was dying to know if she still did. 

“You.” He spoke so low and so quickly she almost thought she’d imagined it.

The very air around them seemed to thicken as the distance between them dissipated. Sasuke’s eyes were fixed on her lips, pale pink and pouty. They were just begging to be kissed. 

“Sasuke-kun,” she breathed when their faces literally couldn’t have been any closer. Her eyes drew closed as they had in countess of her dreams and then…

“Hey, hot stuff!” One of the male nurses called, causing the pair of teammates to practically leap apart. “Your four o'clock is here.”

Sakura straightened and ran a hand through her pink tresses. “R-right. Thank you Hikaru-san.”

“Not a problem, love." 

Sasuke’s eyes narrowed at the man, glowing loathsomely with sharingan. Haruno Sakura was certainly not his love. Petty as it was, this man was about to get his skull cracked open. 

However, before he could act on his murderous intent, that softer than satin pair of lips was pressed against his own. The kiss deepened for a moment and then Sakura grudgingly broke away. "I’ll catch up with you after my shift,” she whispered into his ear.

After this she followed her subordinate down the sterile hallway.

“Hikaru, I just saved your life,” the medic informed offhandedly. 

The man smirked at her mischievously. “So, I guess it’s finally happened. The great Haruno Sakura is finally spoken for.”

The pinkette only smiled nostalgically. “I always have been.” She’d just been waiting for the one she loved to come and claim her heart. 

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