coat of arms of the holy see

cuddling with boyfriend!chen was requested so why the fuck not !!

- coming home after a long ass day that never seemed to end while clocked ticked so slowly you wanted to rip it off the wall
- jongdae lazily sitting on the couch as he sees you with a pout across your features
- “you tired?”
- “no you fucking mango this is my daily expression”
- soft laughter filling the place as jongdae walks over and takes off your coat for you whilst leaning a bit closer
- after a nice peck on the lips he whispers that it’d be a nice idea to cuddle rn
- him taking your hand leading you up the stairs, glancing back at you ever so often bc holy shit you look like you could collapse any second now
- laying down on the bed as his arms wrap around you gently, hot breath tickling your neck
- but oh fucking no you aint having that
- “get your mouth away from my neck or i will castrate you”
- “… well damn”
- cuddling seemed all fun and games until he started twitching and moving
- you nearly kicking him off the bed bc fuck you just wanna sleep
- in conclusion cuddling with jongdae is nice until he stayed still for too long