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Pennywise x Reader- Heat headcannons

So!~ This was supposed to be a list of head-cannons, but they kind of dissolved into a whole story near the middle! I hope that doesn’t bother any of you, I think it worked out for the better really~

Anyway! Here are some HC for Pennywise going into heat~ 

VERY NSFW, so be warned! 


- You don’t even have to see Pennywise to know he’s gone into heat, you can already tell by the sudden drop in disappearances.

- The very first time it had happened, you had thought that perhaps he had taken an early rest. He didn’t leave his den, he didn’t go out to hunt and the less you saw of him the more worried you had gotten.

- That was, of course, until he appeared to you one random night and dragged you down into the sewers for the most exhausting week of your life.

- Now though, after going through the ringer once already, you knew all too well what would happen. The problem was that you had no idea when he would come for you this time, so you found yourself preparing just in case.

- First things first, Plenty of stretches. You found out the hard way last time that penny is a clown who’s a fan of many different positions, and not so much of taking breaks.  

- Next, you packed a bag full of all the things you wished you had when he had surprised you last time. LOTS of Water, protein bars, and a few extra blankets.

- And finally, you cleared your schedule. The last time this had happened, you had almost failed a class dude to how many absences you ended up with. Now, you emailed all of your professors and your boss at work, going with the family vacation excuse.

- When Penny finally did come for you, you welcomed him with open arms, to which he returned with an almost pitifully hungry gaze. “I…I need..” speech was hardly a thing he could manage right now, and much to his relief you understood and agreed to coming with him.

-  Musk was flowing off of him in streams, his body was shaking as he stood over you and all you could do was obey as he guided you towards the sewers.

- His den was much more organized than normal, something you remembered from your first visit down here during his heat. He had pushed and piled assorted items around the lair, blocking the other entrances and creating a barricade around his stage.

- Sitting atop the wooden stage was a pile of blankets and mattresses, along with other soft things that Penny had found and gathered just for you.

- You appreciated the arrangement, taking note on how Pennywise truly did want you to be comfy through this whole ordeal. You decided to keep that in mind and try to hold onto it through what was coming next.

- Penny guided you gingerly towards the pile, absentmindedly touching and pushing you here and there. You knew it must be hard for him to hold back like this, and the gleam in his eye confirmed your suspicions.

- You have laid with pennywise before on multiple occasions, this was certainly not your first roll in the hay with the clown. But sex with him in heat was unlike anything you had ever experienced before, the normal gentleness he showed you was thrown out the door, and the anticipation of what was coming made your thighs tremble.

- before you even had a chance to unpack, the clown was on you within seconds of your knees hitting the mattress. His huge form pressed into you from behind, pushing you down into the sheets and pinning you beneath him.

- “finally…” You heard him pant in your ear as he buried his face in your hair, breathing in your scent. “Fucking…Finally..”

- His claws dug into your thighs as he held you, lifting your hips up against his own as he growled happily. You knew that it was better for you to just let him have his way, finding it irresistibly tempting to just go limp and let him play with you.

- His huge hips ground softly against your ass, his already stiff and straining sex pressing against your thighs.

- “Too many clothes…too many..” His claws made short work of your shirt and jeans, tearing them nearly to shreds as he scrambled to have you closer to him.

- Hot breath against your bare neck sent shivers up your spine, his tongue lapping along your shoulders and around your jaw. “Perfect..little human” he said harshly, his words digging into you as he pressed his weight against your upper back, tilting your ass farther up into the air.

- His cock was more like a tendril, long and tentacle-like as it curled around your thighs and ass. The entirely of it was coated in a thin layer of slick that coated your skin with warmth. Your eyes rolled back into your skull as it dripped down every curve of your body.

- The more he rutted against you, his cock searching for your hole, the more he began to lose himself. Rough growls dissolved into grunts and pants as he grew more and more desperate.

- Your hand reached back and softly took hold of the tendral, you thumb rubbing softly against its throbbing tip. It curled happily around your fingers as you guided it towards your entrance and once it found it, you had to quickly bring your arm back up front to catch yourself.  

- A loud, almost roar, ripped through the clown above you as he immediately began fucking you, thrusting fast and hard into you. You winced at the sudden feeling of being oh so very full, but the overall intensity of it clouded your judgement.

- His cock twisted and swirled inside of you, searching for just the right spot. Your mouth hung open as it found it, a moan erupting from you as it continued to hit that same spot over and over.

- it was like being ravaged by a beast, some sort of animal that needed so desperately to breed. The clown that you knew was gone, a howling mess now left behind as he held your hips so tightly between his claws.  

- “My human! Mine! You are MINE!” His roars mixed with laughter as he continued to fuck you, his body hunching over to take hold of your shoulder between his jaws as the first ripples of his release streamed forth inside of you.

- Even though he was cuming, he didn’t stop, continuing to fuck into you and laugh as you gasped around his length. “Take it all.. Take it Little human! My little bitch!” Pennywise’s words were garbled around the flesh between his teeth, his jaws clamping tightly around your shoulder.

- So many feelings swam through you. The pleasure of his cock inside of you, the pain of his teeth sinking through your skin and the warmth of his seed now settling in your belly. It was all too much, but all so perfect.

- Soon you could no longer think of anything but how good he was making you feel, how happy you were that you were his and how little you cared about leaving.


I surely hope you enjoyed that! 

If you have HC’s you’d love to see, drop me an ask in my inbox! And be sure to let me know how I did in the comments~ 

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Back to the Future: Part 7

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: smut, porn gifs, oral (female receiving), angst, blood, injury, pregnancy, fluff (a little bit of everything, eh?)

~porn gifs from my blog fuckablecas ahead, my friends~

Back to the Future Masterlist


With a snap of Zachariah’s fingers and a wave of nausea from the sudden jump of time, the three of you had landed back in the map room of the bunker, startling Sam and Dean.

“Alright!” Zach clapped his hands, a gleeful smile on his face. “Now that I’ve held up my end of the bargain, it’s time for you to hold up yours. Ready to call Michael on down?”

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Mortasheen mutant generator

So yeah I did it

-No trace of eyes or even sockets
 -Long, thin, jutting teeth like an anglerfish
 -Circular ring of teeth or lamprey-like sucker
 -Huge in proportion, either muscular hulk or fat and bloated
 -Elongated, bony torso

-Protrusive lightbulb-shaped eyeballs
-re-roll, this is the actual number of eyes on head and/or body (1)
-Circular ring of teeth or lamprey-like sucker
-Extremely taught against skeleton and/or organs
Skin coat
-Twitching worm-like or root-like warts
-Transparent boils or blisters
 -Boneless and tentacle-like
-re-roll, this number is your total number of appendages (arms/legs in any mix.  (8)
-Boneless tendril-like digits
-Fetus-like parasite twin, may have own personality or be mutant’s true self

-re-roll, this is the actual number of eyes on head and/or body (10)
-Webbed, froglike or fused into one suction pad

 -eyes: Strange coloration and pupils, amphibian-like
-Mouth; Humongous overbite or underbite
-Head: Globular, lumpy asymmetrical shape
-Body; Asymmetrical, globular and lumpy
-skin texture;  Gnarled and knotted like an old tree
-skin coat;  Extra, external bones, face may be skull-like
-Extremeties;  Thin and knobbly like bird talons
-Extra internal organs harmlessly dangling outside body
-Entire form a large, amorphous blob of meat and scattered human features

limbs:  Joined in a membranous webbing

Name: Venus Rose 


Gender/sex: M/M


Quirk: Plant morphology: His hair grows into petals, along with his thorned stem growing from the base of his skull which he keeps wrapped around his neck feeling it’s the only part of his skin that isn’t somewhat defended without it. His arms and legs contain sharp spines that can grow to at least 8 inches in length and are coated with an irritant, the spines however can be delicate if they are broken take time to regrow and harden again. The opposite side of his arms contain pheromone sacks, which release an appealing scent when he’s in a good mood or near someone he is attracted too.

Affiliation: UA Second-year - Class 2-A 

Personality: Usually quiet and enjoys his own company, spends most of his time outdoors gardening and reading. Can have a short temper if he is prodded at too much which can result in flare ups. He is a junior expert in plants, herbs and toxins of plants and flowers. He will become more talkative if he can speak about what interests him, aside from plants he also finds bugs and insects fascinating. His favorite colour is pink and he is actually very into fashionable clothes and has to separate gardening clothes to ones he can wear out.

Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 19

Warnings: Death, violence, blood, PTSD
A/N: Sorry I took so long friends, had to restart it, and decided to put warnings because a lot of shit happens. Apologies beforehand

Previous Chapter // Next Chapter
You woke up, in a cold sweat. Jenny was sleeping next to you, unable to sleep on Lafayette’s mattress alone. You moved slowly, trying not to disturb her rest. You tip toed through your room, and out the door. You saw a light in the kitchen down the hallway.

“Thomas, we cannot just leave them, we have to stay. Y/N and Jenny will be quite worried, and I don’t think it’s a good idea.” You heard Lafayette whisper. You stayed in the shadows, listening.

“They’re safer here. Look Gilbert, we saw what we saw. Aaron Burr? That’s impossible for him to be here, and yet, there he was,” You heard some shuffling, and a zipper being pulled, “Now, I either go alone, or you come with me. Make a choice, monsieur.”

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the chain - peter parker

anonymous asked:

I saw your first imagine and loved it! Also took not your requests are open. Can you write something angsty?? Drunk!Reader is always funny to me but I’m a sucker for anything angsty

description: alcohol and unresolved feelings don’t always mix. 

pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

warnings: underage drinking, drunkenness, swearing, angst (don’t drink)

a/n: this really isn’t funny at all. reader is very weak and damaged but honestly that’s what being a teenager is like.. at least for me lol sorry if this isn’t what you wanted anon i’m just in love with this boy at the moment and everything is going awry. requests are open btw!

It feels like the world has folded upon itself, inverted in color, and is now pulsing around you with a ferocity. 

The music pulsing through the house rocks it to its foundation, but that in combination with the alcohol pumping through your veins makes you feel like your thoughts are actively being squeezed out of your head. The fun of the evening had long since diminished, leaving you anxious and disoriented as you made your way down the halls. Your classmates that pass you by are faceless, blurry figures who exist only to laugh at your miserable state. You clutch your phone in your right hand, attempting to stabilize yourself with your left by dragging it on the first surface you can feel. Your hand knocks against picture frames and artwork with no regard, and as you feel yourself growing more fatigued, you stop for a moment, resting your head on the coolness of the wall. 

It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic and you know it. For the past three months, you’ve been treating yourself like you’re disposable. You know you shouldn’t have drank this much, or even come to this party in the first place. It’s just that the pain you feel is all consuming at times, but especially on nights like this when everything that’s going wrong with your life seems to be culminating at once. Your legs slowly start to give out and before you even realize it, you’re slumped against Cindy Moon’s bookcase, contemplating just how bad it would be if you fell asleep right here. 

As your eyes fall shut it’s like you’re slowly being submerged in water. The music sounds far away. The refrain to a Hannah Montana song pops into your head and you chuckle a little, hugging yourself tightly. “(Y/N)?” Someone asks, but their voice feels warped and distorted. You feel what you assume is the person’s hand on your shoulder as they attempt to speak to you again. “(Y/N).” They repeat, shaking you by the shoulder lightly. 

Your eyes open and you blink twice, a sense of dread filling you as soon as a pair of concerned, chestnut eyes bore into yours. A frown spreads across your face and you squeeze your eyes shut, your slightly deluded state leading you to hope that when you open them, Peter will have already disappeared. Nevertheless, when you do, he’s still leaning above you, brushing your hair off your sticky forehead. 

“Don’t touch me.” You mumble, weakly pushing his hand away, “Leave me alone Peter.” 

Peter glances both ways, ignoring your pained look for a moment as he pries your phone out of your hand, unlocking it with ease. You protest, reaching for the device but he keeps it just out of reach, typing something quickly before putting it in his coat pocket. He knows he’s crossing a line, but the sight of you slumped quite pathetically against the wall, alone in a practical strangers house invokes an instinct within him. You need help.

“C’mon (Y/N),” He says, helping you stand to your feet. He braces his arm tightly around your back, your arms hanging loosely in front of you. “I’m taking you home.”

You whine, pettily staying in place as he attempts to guide you towards the stairs. Your glare wavers as you struggle to stay conscious, your brain feeling like it is desperately trying to bust out of the front of your skull. Peter rolls his eyes, and in one swift movement, he hooks his arms under your legs and back, lifting your body off the floor.  You gasp, protesting with something incoherent that he disregards, carrying you down the stairs and eventually out of the party. 

It’s only half an hour later that you’re back at your apartment, but having fallen asleep multiple times along the way, it feels like it was only a few minutes. He climbs in through your bedroom window with ease, careful to avoid that one particularly creaky part of your floor. You’re slack against his chest, you have been for a while.

Everything about your room itself is the same. Your furniture is in the same position, the walls are still crowded with posters and bulletin boards. The level of mess surely hasn’t changed; Peter even smiles when he sees that your hamper-like chair is still serving its purpose, stockpiled high with half the items in your wardrobe.

It feels different, however. This was once where he felt the most at ease and where he looked forward to going to every day. When Peter looks at the walls, the only slivers of open space are where he used to be. Every photograph, polaroid, ticket and stupid love post-it has completely disappeared.

Peter moves around your room with familiarity. He places you on your bed, draping the sheets on you, recalling that. When he takes off your shoes, he places them in the exact spot you always did. He’s careful with you, treating your body like it’s made of glass as he replaces your socks with fuzzy ones and your jeans with sweatpants. You’re watching him the whole time, albeit solemn, wishing you possessed enough courage to want him to go away in the first place. The atmosphere in your small space is heavy, and as Peter walks towards your dresser, he feels like he’s being choked.

There are only a few things in there, among other comfortable clothes of yours. He finds the item he’s looking for with ease; it’s the large sweatshirt you got at your first concert. His fingers twitch as his eyes catch a burgundy one tucked at the very bottom, one he used to wear all the time before it mysteriously went missing along with other items of his clothing. Unlike the other items you took, this, in particular, was purposely left out of the bag of his possessions you dumped by his locker following the incident.

Peter clears his throat, grabbing the sweatshirt and approaching you, sitting at the edge of the bed. You put it on yourself, and even though he’s seen you before, he looks away. The fabric is hanging loosely on your body and you lie back down, watching curiously as he reaches in your nightstand silently, retrieving the packet of makeup wipes stowed away in there. 

And your heart just about stops. 

His hand, covered by the cool wipe, contacts your forehead and for a moment, it feels like you’re completely sober. Peter drags the wipe gently across your face, trying his best not to look you completely in your eyes. Tracing over your face invokes a flood of old memories, like every freckle on your skin is a moment he spent with you. His expression is hard, yet lately, that’s all he knows how to be when it comes to you.

He tosses the dirty wipe away, but his hand lingers on your cheek for longer than you both knew to do with. You’re tired, no, you’re exhausted, but neither of you can’t quite bring yourselves to tear your eyes away from each other. Peter sighs, gazing down at you like you’re the only thing in the world. 

“You left.” You say, suddenly, your voice quivering as your tears well in the corners of your eyes. You reach up to feel his hand but he’s quick to draw it away, turning away quickly as if he’s suddenly repelled by you entirely. 

He slumps his shoulders, resting his elbows on his thighs, his eyes dead set on the spot on your wall where the first picture you two ever took together used to hang proudly. And now it’s just empty. It’s all so empty. 

You clear your throat and sit up, cringing as your head and your heart ache in the process. “I thought you loved me.”

His blood runs cold and his heart hammers in his chest, trying with all his might to keep the tears at bay. Behind him, the floodgates have opened as a sob threatens to rip out of your throat. You place your hand on his shoulder, desperate to feel anything from him. You just want to move on, but he is staring at the floor like you mean nothing, like you aren’t on the verge of pouring your heart out. “Please,” you beg, not caring how desperate you sound. 

The boy who answers you is not who you implored only a moment ago. You sought after warmth, answers. You wanted the boy who knows your giraffe fuzzy socks are superior to all others, who knows you can’t sleep without a sweatshirt on, who gives you butterflies and makes you blush. The Peter who replies disappears from your room like he was never there in the first place. 

“I never did.” 

Request 30-Tattoo

I took the tea from my best friends hands and rested in the chair that sat opposite the window. As I took small sips I watched small groups of people walk past; some of them already clearly drunk, some just starting their night out. Cassie, Jaime and I still had another 3 hours before we could go out to town.

Tying the lace on my Doc Martins I adored the small tattoos that crawled up the outside of my leg. Each of them delicately hand drawn by Jamie and Cassie. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork when an unusual voice echoed through the room. “Hi, uh I booked an appointment for a tattoo. Obviously.” Who the fuck told winnie the pooh to get a tattoo.

I looked up to see a tall, 6"2 maybe 3, man stood at the counter. He was dressed in mostly all black and his hair swept to the side as if he never left his emo phase. A beautiful black leather jacket covered his broad shoulders and a black t-shirt hung off his body. Cassie was already talking him through the process before and after his tattoo. “You must be Dan” I interrupted, offering my hand.  He seemed polite and took hold of my hand shaking it a little. “I’m y/n. I think I’m doing your tattoo today.” I couldn’t be more pleased that this man would be my last tattoo of the day.

After a little small talk we walked over to the tattoo chair where all of my equipment was. “So this is the tattoo you want?” I asked pointing to a small crumpled piece of paper he handed me earlier. He nodded his head and removed the jacket. I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the definition in his upper arms. He was surprising me with everything he did.

I rolled up the sleeve of my laced dress and pulled the metal trolley closer to me. As I lifted my head I saw how Dans eyes had widened at the sight of my arm. Before snapping him out of his trance I searched his eyes. They were like pools of chocolate, capable of trapping anyone. “Dan” I laughed bringing him from his fascination. He shook his head a little and pointed at my forearm.
“They’re amazing” he said in awe.
“Thanks” I laughed looking down at the words and pictures that coated my skin. A thick rose vine swirled around my arm making its way to my shoulder. Petals and thorns rained off the vine. Some replaced by lyrics that caught my heart, some replaced by skulls that caught my mind.

The small purple marker traced over the simple pattern that I previously coppied. Dan let out a small chuckle as the pen ran over his soft slightly tanned skin.

My hair swung behind my back as I wipped the cold blue cream off the inside of his arm. I couldn’t believe the softness of his skin. “This shouldn’t hurt too much by the way. Just thought I’d reassure you.” I laughed before taking the tattoo iron in my more dominant hand. “Okay?” I checked when his breath hitched. He nodded his head and I began guiding the needles.

Five minutes past and he seemed to adjust to the small pain. “So what’s the reason behind your tattoo?” I questioned as I continued tracing the pokeball. “There’s no deep reason for it” he laughed again, “I’m just a huge nerd basically. I’ve always played pokemon so why not be a huge nerd and go all the way.” He finished his sentence with a giggle realising how dorky he sounded.

“What about yours” he sounded curious about the ink that made a home on my body. I thought about what to explain first; the rose vine that he noticed earlier, the butterflies that flew up my neck, the pocket watch on my chest.

I decided to explain the meaning behind the pocket watch as it was the most absurd tattoo on me. “Well this is uh… basically I’m a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and somethings that everyone recognises from it are the pocket watch, the hat which is further under my dress, and the eat me cake and drink me potion which you can see parts of out of my dress.” I finished explaining, managing to never take my eyes off Dans tattoo.

Leaning back in my chair I placed the iron back on the metal table. I wipped away the ink that surrounded his now permanent pokeball. I took the time to move the neck of my dress over and show him my collection of tattoos. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he saw they weren’t what someone would expect.

“So uh Dan, you sure you don’t want any colour in this?” He looked down at the outline and I watched as his brain ticked. “I could put some red in, like a pokeball.” I saw confusion form on his face “My best friend, Jamie, is a huge nerd.” I filled in the blanks for him. He nodded along and I began filling the space with a bright red ink.

Time past and I finally finished Dans tattoo. The red on his arm stood out from the black outline. From what he told me, it suited him. I cleared the ink away and applied a small amount of anti-bacterial cream before covering the tattoo with a non stick bandage. I explained the instructions he’d need to follow until the area fully healed.

“If anything happens that you don’t think is normal be right back here okay” I added before he left the parlour. I watched as he made is way down the street. “He’s just gonna come back so he can see you!” Jamie laughed. I rolled my eyes at his comment, secretly hoping he was right.

A/N: Just so people can get an idea of the tattoos I’m drawing them and they’ll be done later in the week so drop me a message if you want to see the ideas.

Fate (Bucky x Reader)


Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female), Steve x Peggy makes a brief cameo

Prompt: Soulmate AU where a timer on your wrist counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate, then underneath appears the date and time that you met your soulmate and the initials of your soulmate written in their handwriting.

Summary: It didn’t matter to Bucky that his timer was extremely long, or that it wasn’t on his left wrist like everyone else’s. No, he just lived his life to the fullest as per the words of his father. A soulmate didn’t matter to Bucky. Until it did. Until a big buff Steve rescued him from the HYRDA base and he saw how happy they were together, Steve and his soulmate Peggy. Until he fell off that train and he realized, that he wouldn’t live to see his own soulmate. Then he regained his memories and realized that he didn’t deserve a soulmate. But then he found her.

Word Count: 2286

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this, well I just swore but that doesn’t count, I don’t think there’s any warnings, maybe some sad Bucky and a bit angsty. If you see anything that you think is a trigger or warning, please let me know.


Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters. Marvel belongs to Disney blah blah legal stuff, don’t sue me I’m poor.

Disclaimer No. 2: I know that a lot of people have written Soulmate AUs about Marvel characters and the timer seems to be the most popular one, this has been sitting in my docs for months on end and I just cleaned it up a bit. But I have read a couple stories about the timer so if you do see anything familiar to something you wrote here chances are that I’ve read your story and somehow remembered little details and wrote them in. If this is the case and you aren’t comfortable with it just message me or send an ask OFF anon and we’ll work it out.

A/N: OMG I’m alive! My first Bucky x Reader fic I’m screaming internally I have my laptop (YAY!) and I’m spending the night at my grandma’s place so I have WiFi (double yay!) and I found this sitting in Docs from like, way back when i don’t even remember and I haven’t written anything soooooo long, so I cleaned it up and I thought why not? Feedback is always welcomed, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command, you tell me what you think! jk. On with the story!

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

When he’s in fourth grade the word ‘soulmate’ is one of the questions his teacher asks the class if they know the meaning of. Bucky does, but still he copies down the statement written on the board.

Soulmates – People that the universe destined to be together.

There’s a box on the underneath, for him to draw a picture that represents the word. The girl and the boy in front of him try their best to draw pictures of themselves, writing their names underneath, their timers having stopped two weeks after the start of the initial school year when the girl transferred into their class. Bucky draws the best stick figure of himself, holding hands with another mystery figure, a question mark in the place of their head.

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anonymous asked:

no one left behind - Reaper (pls, ilysm)

@mrsdorn also requested this one.

You groaned, pain splintering from your side as you cradled it. The light in your eyes were beginning to fade, a sweet song of peace whispering in the wind. Death would claim you soon.

Heavy footsteps sounded close by, gaining in volume as the figure grew nearer. Blood leaked between your fingers, coating the ground with scarlet. A darkened figure scooped down to your level, skull mask betraying nothing.

Under the mask, however, Gabriel was shaking. He’d never seen you so weak, so vulnerable. You were dying.

“What are you doing here?” You coughed out, leaning onto him when he pressed a hand onto your back.

“Remember my rule,” he said lowly, his arm sneaking beneath your legs to pull you to his chest.

“No one left behind.”

“I thought that was for enemies,” you admitted quietly, voice fading by the minute.

Reaper’s heart clenched, a frown on his features. He would not let you die this day, not if he could help it.

“It’s for you too,” he whispered, a soothing hand in your hair as he tried to keep you awake.

anonymous asked:

Hello, love your blog c: How would the first "I love you"s or kisses happen with the UT and UF brother's with their S/O? Thank you!!!

Ahhh, I love two things in this world: heart wrenching angst, and sappy romantic shit that makes me squeal EVERY TIME.


Classic (Ut Sans)

He’s never told anyone other than Papy that he loves them. And when he tells you, he thinks you’re asleep. The two of you had been cuddling on the couch, watching a movie, and you had been drifting off in his arms. Your breathing had evened out, and the light of the t.v had bathed you in an unearthly- but certainly beautiful- glow. His soul throbbed the longer he looked at your, and he let out a soft breath of adoration. ‘stars, i love you,’ he rumbled absently, stroking his fingers down your back. “I love you too, Sans,” you sighed sleepily in return. His whole face went blue, and your giggles followed him as he sunk into his hood with an embarrassed chuckle.

Papy (Ut Papyrus)

You were the first to say it to Papyrus. You were watching he and Undyne play wrestle, admiring the secret stores of brute strength you’d never seen coming from your cinnamon roll before today. Suddenly, though, Undyne caught him off guard and flipped the skeleton, sending him splashing into the lake, and you nearly choked on your drink. You watched as Undyne swore and jumped in after him to drag him out, and once he was on the shore again, you barreled into his arms. “WOWIE, DATEMATE, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WORRIED ABOUT ME SO MUCH!” “Of course I do, Papy, I love you!” you blurted before turning a bright shade of red. Papy wasn’t much better, turning bright orange, and started stuttering as Undyne loudly teased the two of you in the background. “I LOVE YOU TOO, DATEMATE!” Papy, recovering first, nuzzled a skeleton kiss against your forehead as you hid shyly against his chest.

Red (Uf Sans)

Holy heck, you were freezing. You thought your sweater would ward away the chill of fall, and so far, during the day, it had. But now the moon was up, the stars were out, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…which meant it was cold as shit! Red was chuckling in triumph- he’d told you to dress warmer- but it stopped when he made a joke and you didn’t even smile. ‘doll?’ he rumbled in concern, reaching out to touch you and flinching away from your ice cold skin. That probably wasn’t good, if humans got too cold, they could…. You gasped as something heavy, warm, and smelling like tangy mustard and cigarette smoke was draped over your trembling shoulders. You eagerly hug the thick coat around yourself and nuzzled into the soft fur of the hood. ‘ya lucky i love ya,’ the skeleton grumbled as he kept walking, zygomatic bones tinted red at the sight of you in his jacket and his hands in the pockets of his basketball shorts. He felt your arms go around his neck and your lips press into a spot just below his skull and he lit up like a Christmas tree. “I love you too, Sansy~.”

Edge (Uf Papyrus)

He was skeptical at first. He didn’t know if it would be worth it to keep you around. He didn’t need you weighing him down, weakness could get you killed. But you… you could hold your own, and you made lasagna that was almost as great as his! Even Doomfanger liked you, and she hated everyone (except him but that was different)! But what sold him was how you treated his brother. You always hang out with Red, and not only did you put up with his awful puns, but you helped him through his panic attacks and didn’t treat him like garbage. As much as he acted like he didn’t, Edge loved his older brother. DATEMATE, I….I Love You… he rumbled one night when you came back into his room after calming Red from the after effects of a nightmare. You smiled adoringly as you crawled back into bed with him and kissed his clavicle. “I love you too, sugar skull,” you whispered sweetly as you settled into his arms for the night.


I hope I did okay with Edge. I’m a firm believer that Edge was only an ass to Red and vise versa to protect him. Old habits die hard, though. I’m a huge sap…whomp.

All That Remains

{ Part 1 }


June ? July ?

Don’t know what month it is. Lost track ages ago. Hot. Somewhere in summer at least. Hard to run with the heat and pack on my back. I couldn’t do it. Even if it meant those monsters getting me. Watched Dad do it and just couldn’t. Blood and brains everywhere. Your parent’s blood spraying in your face is more traumatic than the dead rising. Don’t even know how I got out, a blur of adrenaline and blood and screaming. Remember hitting the grass in our backyard at least, so jumping happened. How the hell I didn’t break something I don’t know.

Left the diary I’d used there. In case anyone goes to my house. Remember me. Remember my parents. Remember all of us.


July ?

Got to be in July now. So hungry, didn’t grab that much food, couldn’t. Those things were crawling and shuffling over one another up the stairs, they almost got up. If anyone manages to get in they’ll find a good stash of supplies at least. Left dad’s gun so they’ll have that too. Not gonna use a gun, not after what happened with Mom. She abandoned us and let the dead come knocking. I can’t do that to myself, or any other survivors I might meet. I have the baseball bat, it’s done fine for now.

Don’t like getting up close and personal with the smelly flesh sacks, but it’s better than drawing every one of them to me within a few miles radius because of a gunshot.


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