leotards ain't just for ballet class anymore

no, they ain’t. 

they for any and all occasions (i’ve only recently discovered) especially a lovely fall evening when the sunlight still heats your face right before it sets, and the breezy wind gives you a gentle chill.

i’m proud to announce (and i never thought i’d hear myself say it) I’M LOVING LEOTARDS. coming from a girl who usually prefers a more bag like silhouette to an actual silhouette, i’ve been having fun building outfits with a snug, fitting silhouette up top and (big surprise.) a high waisted flowy bottom. i found this charming little leo on the endless shelves of forever21 (another biiig surprise.) and love how it has a slight little demi bra detail sewn into it for a nice surprise and added structure.

i wore this beauty (along with a favorite vintage denim skirt picked up at beacon’s closet in williamsburg (one more biiiiiig suuurrprise.)) recently when i got to spend the last hour of the friday’s light with my love having a beautiful stroll on the streets of williamsburg.

and on this beautiful day, we happened to have all stars align at the right time so that we could go visit our mobile retailin’ friends, who popped up their amazing vintage clothing trailers on bedford ave and do a little bit of what i love most, shhhhoooolllllppppp. i haven’t gushed yet about these amazing people and what they do and how they do it [STAY TUNED YA DRIFTERS, IT’S ON IT’S WAAAY] but the amazing jamiee and adam of coasttocoast vintage and the beautiful laura of la poubelle vintage are lovely people with excellent eyes tastes and big old hearts who scowl the country for amazing vintage finds and bring them to the people from their vintage trailers. YOU MUST check them out and follow them on their mobile adventures.

here i am surrounded by the magic of la poubelle and swooning over this amazing rrrrromper (which sadly didn’t work on the bod but worked in my heart!)

iamwearing: forever21 leo, vintage denim skirt, vintage bag, sweater on loan from beautiful friend l. killea, snake join necklace from the ligonier pa farmer’s market, assorted baubles and jewels, juju jelly sandals, sunnies from the nomad truck

for more pictures, click on (read more) friends!

wear your leotard, and wear it proudly!

and, as always, sholp til ya drolp.

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