It really bothers me when people talk about the military branches but leave out the Coast Guard

Like yes they may not be directly involved in combat, but that doesn’t make them any less of a military service. They still protect our nation, and even carry guns. Their families still have to watch them leave for weeks at a time for missions. The men and women of the Coast Guard should be just as appreciated as the rest of our armed forces!

wow I can not believe I am leaving so soon.

15 freakin days. I still remember when It was 173!!! wow. I am starting to get nervous…any basic training tips ? I have the physical part down thank God , I took that rescue swimmer test so many times.

              Me                                                    bootcamp requirements.

Swim: 500 meters-9 mins                            100 meters- no time

Pushups: 59 - two mins                                15-one min

situps- 89 two mins                                       20 something i think ? in a minute

Pull ups- 10                                                     NONE

1.5 mile run : 10 mins                                    under 15

I am ready for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATC Mobile’s 1st All Female HC-144 Crew

Women have graciously risen up through the ranks and excelled at every job within the U.S. Coast Guard since they were first assigned as lighthouse keepers back in 1776. Throughout the infancy years of our service, women have been carrying out tasks, side-by-side with men, and in some instances, picking up the slack when called upon to get the job done.

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The Ones Left Behind (Deployment Music Tribute) from Alexis Chervony

So about a year ago my boyfriend who is stationed in Florida had sent me a picture with the caption saying “sit with me” so this year I had taken a picture (bottom) and had sent it to him with the caption saying “someday we will be looking at the same view, but for now think of me when you look out to sea and remember no matter where we are, in your heart I will always be” cheesy I know, but long distance relationships are all about being corny and cute, just like the beginning!


every soldier, marine, sailor, airman, and coastie needs to see this. absolutely beautiful.