It really bothers me when people talk about the military branches but leave out the Coast Guard

Like yes they may not be directly involved in combat, but that doesn’t make them any less of a military service. They still protect our nation, and even carry guns. Their families still have to watch them leave for weeks at a time for missions. The men and women of the Coast Guard should be just as appreciated as the rest of our armed forces!

So about a year ago my boyfriend who is stationed in Florida had sent me a picture with the caption saying “sit with me” so this year I had taken a picture (bottom) and had sent it to him with the caption saying “someday we will be looking at the same view, but for now think of me when you look out to sea and remember no matter where we are, in your heart I will always be” cheesy I know, but long distance relationships are all about being corny and cute, just like the beginning!

I know these aren’t nails, but I would like to just take a minute out of your time to tell you guys that this is the guy who stole my heart. I haven’t seen him in a little over 2 months. He’s been gone at boot camp because he’s joining the Coast Guard. We’ve been dating for almost 14 months and I love him. I can’t see myself without him. <3

This is my Coastie, Medriel. We didn’t meet in the most traditional way. We actually met online and became close friends. Eventually, over time we developed feelings for each other and hit it off perfectly. We are currently just dating, but plans to move in together and get engaged are in the works. The Coast Guard likes being a tease in our relationship. Normally every other two months he has to leave on patrols or go underway. Recently, it’s been every other month. I get him back, get use to being with him, and then once again he is taken away from me because duty calls. Since the Coast Guard is so small it’s hard to find other CG milso’s. I hope that this will allow me to find some and of course I am always open to other branches as well. After all, no matter what branch, we all go through similarities and support our significant other. <3

I am joining the Coast Guard.

Yay! It feels good to be able to type that openly!

For the past 8 months, I haven’t only been running, watching what I eat, and working out just for my own personal happiness and health. That of course was a major objective, but I had another goal - or set of goals, rather - in mind as well.

Last July the idea struck me: Maybe I should join the Coast Guard! I’m not sure exactly how or why the revelation came about, but after that initial spark it settled in very, very slowly. At first I decided to get “Coast Guard Fit,” meaning I would start running and working out to get to the point where I could conceivably pass the CG’s physical fitness test. It was a nice way of giving myself a more concrete goal than “just lose some weight and get fit.”

As time went on, though, the idea of actually joining the Coast Guard grew on me more and more. Around Christmas, I decided that I was really going to do it. It was a huge decision for me, but it was one that formed gradually.

My parents, brother, and handful of closest friends have been the only people aware of my plans all along. I’ve protected this plan so fiercely for many reasons. One is that I knew I would possibly face a lot of criticism and skepticism. I’m not from a particularly militarily-involved family, nor am I what most consider a typical militarily-inclined person. I’m silly, not particularly tough or assertive, friendly, sensitive, artistically inclined, etc.

But I’ve realized that that doesn’t matter. It’s foolish to think that just because you have traits x, y, and z doesn’t mean you can’t adapt and take on new challenges. I know I can do it. I know I can be strong. I want to serve my country, to be a part of something that really matters. I’ve always had a soft spot for the CG in my heart; my grandpa was a CWO4 in the Coast Guard for over 30 years. I also love that it’s a service centered on saving lives and keeping people safe. The fact that women in the CG are not limited in any way as far as jobs go is another major plus. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that becoming a member of the Coast Guard would be the absolute proudest accomplishment of my life. Imagining the day I get to tell someone “I’m in the Coast Guard” makes me feel so warm and happy and hopeful inside.

Hopefully that day isn’t too far in the future. I spoke to a recruiter for the first time last Friday and submitted my first round of paperwork Monday morning. Even though it’s only been 2 days, it’s already agonizing to wait around. I know I have to prepare myself for a long and arduous joining process, however. I need to stay positive, focused, and determined.

Anyway, that’s the basic summary thus far. I plan to continue blogging about my runs, workouts, weight loss, and all the same old stuff. But now I will also include updates about my entry into the USCG. :)

wow I can not believe I am leaving so soon.

15 freakin days. I still remember when It was 173!!! wow. I am starting to get nervous…any basic training tips ? I have the physical part down thank God , I took that rescue swimmer test so many times.

              Me                                                    bootcamp requirements.

Swim: 500 meters-9 mins                            100 meters- no time

Pushups: 59 - two mins                                15-one min

situps- 89 two mins                                       20 something i think ? in a minute

Pull ups- 10                                                     NONE

1.5 mile run : 10 mins                                    under 15

I am ready for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!