Coasters That Teach You About the Heart 

A coaster can teach you a thing or two about the heart. Literally—the six glass drink rests each depict a different part of the cross-sectioned organ. To see its various chambers and ventricles, simply stack them in order (each is numbered) and admire this hard-working muscle. The scientific decor accessories are now available through 


Playful Jigsaw Puzzle Coasters by Ryan O'Neill

Fans of jigsaw puzzles will love this playful set of wooden coasters by Ryan O'Neill of Ryon Design. The normally-square drink trays are given a quirky twist with interlocking edges that snap together and form a large wood slab—making them useful for bowls and plates, too. Each piece is hand cut out of oak, waterproofed, and ready for the coffee table. See more of O’Neill’s woodworking on Etsy.


Playful Cloud Decor Inspired by London’s Rainy Days

London is known for its cloudy, rainy days. Inspired by the city’s weather, Pygmy Cloud creates playful home decor items that are a sure-fire way to brighten a dreary day. Our favorite pieces include their coasters, which feature the simple shape of a cloud and adorned with tiny raindrops. They’re sold in cherry wood and thick felt to complement a number of decor schemes. As a bonus, we’ve also included a fun cloud organizer for your desk. Check out more goodies on Etsy.