Fourteen hours ago, Chuck Hansen called Raleigh Becket mediocre in absentia. (It was a shitty thing to say, Chuckles. Most of those “mediocre” pilots are dead. All of the Mark III pilots are dead.)

So Raleigh’s expression here makes sense.

But why would Chuck also be wearing a likewise judgmental face?

Chuck’s piloting years never overlapped with Raleigh’s; regardless of what you believe as to how aware Chuck was of the Beckets, how likely are you to have a perfect memory of someone nobody’s seen in five and a half years? Even assuming Herc and Chuck were in the loop and knew Stacker was jaunting off to bring back a former pilot Chuck has never worked with before, that doesn’t mean the grubby guy carrying the bags is that guy. (Assuming you read there being a friendship between Chuck and Mako, there’s no reason to read jealousy here, she and Raleigh aren’t copilots YET.) So why does Chuck look at Raleigh like he has a bad taste in his mouth, like he takes Raleigh’s presence as a personal affront?

Because his presence there is a personal affront.

Chuck is from Sydney. He’s been stationed at the Sydney Shatterdome. Sydney had a Wall, before Mutavore went through it. Walls of that size take years to build, though, and the Jaeger program was in decline before what’s implied to be the World Security Council decided to decommission it in favor of building more coastal walls.

Chuck watched them build the Sydney Wall for years. He was stationed in Sydney, he can’t have missed the construction and the signs–



Kicking off #mypubliclandsroadtrip Week 8 - Places to Beat the Heat – at the Beautiful California Coastal National Monument at Point Vicente.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula’s coastal beaches adjacent to the California Coastal National Monument rocks are an inviting place to beat the heat! Only minutes away from the fast-moving Los Angeles, the coast is filled with rugged natural beauty and majestic beaches while providing some of southern California’s last remaining untrammeled habitats for a variety of seals, birds, and intertidal organisms.

Considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Point Vicente is the centerpiece of breathtaking coastline vistas, dramatic steep cliffs, gracefully rolling hills, and off-shore rocks of the national monument. While visiting the coast, please view wildlife from a distance and give them the space and peace needed to breed and co-exist. 


Salmon Fishing Wolves of Alaska

Wolves have learned to fish for salmon by watching coastal brown bears. Filmed and photographed by naturalist guide Brad Josephs on Natural Habitat Adventures expeditions.


Gunmetal Eye Tutorial: How to Take Your Eyes to Smoking Hot Heights

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