Creepy Mary

So, there is a nature park not far from my house. There is a little wooded area near the water, and there has been a plastic statue there that would move around to slightly different spots each day until she was knocked over.

I didn’t take any photos of her before she was knocked down, so my sister and I went out so I could take pictures. 

Ordinarily, random plastic in a park isn’t a big deal. It’s likely garbage some asshole threw out. For some reason, there was a coastal cleanup and no one even touched her. 

Say hello to Creepy (Virgin) Mary:

Her eyes, mouth, and  heart have all been gouged out. Who knows why. (A thank you to my sister for holding her still for me.)

And then she went straight back into her little grove because not putting her back as she was feels like asking for a curse.

She is just always there. Watching the path.


Heal the Bay - Coastal Clean Up - September 20, 2014

Hubby’s school was doing a field trip for the Coastal Cleanup and we invited our niece to come along so she could get some volunteer hours. Then hubby just wasn’t feeling up to venturing out so I decided to take Tia anyway. It was actually quite a fun day despite one thinking that picking up trash isn’t the best way to spend your time. 

At first we walked just a little way down the path and found some nice benches, which I guess attracts a lot of people who feel like they can just leave their trash behind. Found a tub of Clairol conditioning cream tubes, 3 large Budlight cans, and a Shock Top bottle and our little bucket was almost full. We headed back, marked our stuff on a collection survey sheet and headed back out. This time we took a second bucket. We made it to the beach and that’s where I found a busted up surfboard. I took that back and then Tia and I headed to a little island in the lagoon area where we found the remains of a mom and baby seal, so sad.

A bit bummed by what we saw we headed off the island and headed to the Pier area. By this time there were more and more people and it was harder to find trash, which is a good thing. We finally made it past the Pier and found a bunch of large boulders and rocks that secure the shore, which seem to be a big magnet for trash. A lot of it unfortunately was out of reach. Next time bring grabbers!! Before long it was time to head back. We almost didn’t make it back in time. We recorded our findings as quickly as we could so the volunteers could wrap things up. Nice to be done and off to grab some lunch as we were getting quite hungry.  

All in all a super great event and I found it cool that my niece and some of the other students I saw were really taking this event and task seriously. Hope next year hubby can join us. 

Oh I decided to start the Garmin and track our mileage and it ended up being about 3.2 miles. Not bad!! A cleaner beach and some exercise. 

Off to bed now for an early group run!! 


So, if you don’t recycle your shampoo bottles, where exactly do they end up? The answer is in a landfill along with up to 552 million other shampoo bottles. Join the 20% of Americans who consistently #caretorecycle and toss your bottles in the recycling bin. Also, be sure to look out for International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 20th!

First Time to Layout for a Shirt Design

Our society is participating to the annual activity of Ocean Conservancy – which is the International Coastal Cleanup. Since I’m the new income generating committee chair, I decide on tshirts and other stuffs. I have no idea who to contact regarding the design, so I personally made three designs and layouts to choose from. And this is the winning design. I know it’s not the best. I know it’s too weird and unattractive. but I had no idea. it’s my first time. I just made up that statement, “I pledge to support a healthy ocean.” and downloaded some fonts for the text and brushes/vector shapes on the marine organims. Well, thank you free stuffs from the net! And the typography part of the design is a technique I got from Kuya Martin! (Thanks Kuya!!) And I’m just happy that it was more than 60 people who availed the shirt for 190 pesos each :)

Here’s a finish product!

I was also assigned in the certificates. So, days before the event, I made the layout of the certificate.. :)