coast village


Untitled by Stefan Georgi

Positano - Italy

This picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is well known for its steeply stacked homes and buildings, leading down to the sea. The town boasts colourful, wisteria lined streetscapes and tourists love to eat pizza down on the beach. 

Everyone always speculates about House Sotha, Sotha Sil’s dead house. But let’s look at the facts.

Ald Sotha was a little town on the coast, probably a fishing village. They were a minor house at best that only ever produced one notable person, and Sotha Sil apparently spent his boyhood carefree and outdoors.


House Sotha were all redneck fishermen. The reason we’ve never heard Sotha Sil speak and why he remains silent is because he’s got the dunmer equivalent of a heavy souther-cajunesque accent. Now of course, there’s also his uncle Sotha Billybob who weren’t none too happy bout Sil coming home with his fancy college educashun talking and his dang ole robot army, acting all high and mighty just cause he could cast more spells than the ability to summon a fishing pole. That boy seems to forget the time Billybob had to chase a nix-gator out of his momma’s house.

Sotha Billybob was of course, grandmaster of House Sotha, having caught the biggest gorddamn slaughtertrout y’all ever seen, s’gonna feed his family for a week see. Ain’t no fancy clock city gonna do that, that’s good ole homegrown fish that is. And all that stuff bout Anu? The only three-letter word a Sotha man needs to know are U S and A.


Staithes, Yorkshire by Ian Gedge
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