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Graphic novel features UFOs, alien abductions, and government conspiracies -

A web comic titled Trying Human is a fictional drama about an alien abductee. The comic’s creator, Emy Bitner, started Trying Human on the Internet in 2008, but she is now taking the comic from the web to print. Bitner launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 17 to help fund the process of turning Trying …

OpenMinds wrote a lovely article about Trying Human and my Kickstarter campaign! :D  Maybe I can get Coast to Coast AM to do a little thing on me…

Clyde Lewis broadcasating live last night from the McMinnville UFO festival shows off his paranormal cred..

There are some who love Lewis and others who don’t.. As for me, I maintain he is currently the best radio show host on today..

He will have some competition when Art Bell resumes in July, of course.. 
As will the worst host on radio today: George Noory.

Coast To Coast A.M.: The Early Years

Coast To Coast AM is a show that focuses on paranormal and occult issues, occasionally dealing with other economic, political. health, and cultural issues if they intersect with some aspect of the show’s agenda to give voice to alternate viewpoints for an audience of mostly conspiracy theory sympathists. The show was created and hosted by Art Bell, who had been doing a late night political talk show based in Las Vegas up against Larry King and advocating a more Conservative viewpoint. When he took the show national in 1992 it still maintained the political format briefly before topics such as the Ross Perot presidential run and the Waco siege sent it in a different direction entirely. 

During those early years Coast To Coast AM was wildly entertaining for a variety of reason, but mostly it was fun because it was something new. The guests and callers were whack jobs, mostly, and nobody was even altogether enough to be selling anything. It was entertaining because these were just crackpots telling their stories for no better reason than they were nuts. They weren’t selling a book or a series of tapes to teach you, too, how to be a psychic or a remote viewer or a paranormal ghost hunter. Of course in the early years alien abductions were all the rage, so many of the shows focused on that topic, with a smattering of ghosts, cryptozoology, and psuedo science from hacks like Richard C. Hoaglund thrown in to muddy the waters.

Popular guests from the beginning were Richard C. Hoaglund spewing weird and scientifically unfounded theories about the moon and space travel that were discredited by NASA, Linda Moulton Howe seriously investigating topics such as animal mutilations and The Dover Demon, invariably concluding the evidence points to aliens, Whitley Strieber selling his alien abduction science fiction books, Sylvia Browne hawking her psychic line and generally being dangerously wrong about everything, Major Ed Dames doing largely the same as Sylvia Browne, conspiracy cheerleader Alex Brown, and witch Evelyn Paglini, who claims to be a spiritual warrior, and who I actually find very entertaining, as many of these guests were in the early years before the paranormal became a cottage industry, then simply an industry. Lies seem less harmful when they’re not being told simply for profit.

Several other factors made the early years of the show extremely entertaining. The time slot, midnight to 4 a.m. was perfect. After a long day you could just shut off your mind and go somewhere weird and occasionally frightening. Another factor that helped the show catch on is Art Bell typically didn’t deliver a lot of critical judgements on his guests and callers, even when they were clearly unbalanced. That’s not to say there were no rules, or that he wasn’t clearly in charge, he just showed a great talent for walking the line of not interfering when a story was good. 

The theme song, “Chase,” composed by Giorgio Moroder for the movie Midnight Express created a high energy and highly recognizable opening for the show, and was followed by a brief reading of current events. Adding to the dram on many nights guests would pretend to be experiencing phone troubles or even disconnection. Mysteriously they always returned.

In those years, for better of worse, Coast To Coast truly was the jewel of alternative media, with over 500 stations, and broaching topics no one else was talking about first, sometimes sharing false information that was later credited, and on occasion, like The National Enquirer, being first in telling the truth. The trouble, of course, was knowing how to tell the difference. When Bell sold the show to Premiere, and relinquished editorial control, the beginning of the end was evident. It became a mouthpiece for a higher class of lairs and charlatans who had their stories together and were most definitely selling something. That became boring and tedious immediately. The culmination of the end of the original incarnation of Coast To Coast AM happened when George Noory took over as host in 2003. Premiere, a scion of Clear Channel Communications, simply didn’t appear to want anyone rocking the boat anymore, and although Coast To Coast still explored mostly the same topics, they seemed to do so in a much more sanitized and homogenous manner. I haven’t regularly listened to the show in nearly a decade, with the exception of some of the guest hosts have come through on the weekends, like John Wells. I really do miss those early years of the show when it was all for fun and anything could happen. Anyone with a crazy story had a seeming chance of telling their story to maybe 5 million of us night owls out there in the darkness. It’s unlikely that will ever happen again.


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Ancient 200,000 Year Old Human Metropolis Found in Africa

^^^^^^^^^NOTICE How big by comparison the archeological site is compared to the city of Johannesburg.

^^^^^The scale in the bottom left corner shows how this is miles wide.

These next close-ups are from just south of the D coordinates…

“To see the number and scope of these ruins, I suggest that you use google-earth and start with the following coordinates:

Carolina – 25 55’ 53.28” S / 30 16’ 13.13" E 
Badplaas – 25 47’ 33.45" S / 30 40’ 38.76" E 
Waterval – 25 38’ 07.82" S / 30 21’ 18.79" E 
Machadodorp – 25 39’ 22.42" S / 30 17’ 03.25"

[original article link]

Interview with the man studying these ruins:

[YouTube Link]

Shadow Man
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And here’s another “Modern Day Campfire Story” for your Halloween listening pleasure: an oldie from Art Bell’s run on Coast to Coast AM. This is from a batch of some of the first clips of Coast to Coast I ever heard, which I downloaded way, way back on Kazaa. In this clip, Art reads an email from a listener who recounts a creepy disembodied voice and the true meaning of the words it spoke to her.

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This is a 40 min excerpt from a coast to coast am interview with David Paulides who did years of research on disappearances going on in National Parks in the US, he gathered these stories in his two books both titled “Missing 411” The disappearances are mysterious and most of the time the bodies of these people are never found. This interview terrifies me because all of these stories are true, even though they sound like campfire horror stories.