coast of ireland


The Giants Causeway should definitely be on your bucket list. The ancient rock formations are truly beautiful. Hopefully the sun will shine for you when you go! I got the full Irish special with torrential rain and cold winds, but that did nothing to dampen the beauty of the place.

Happy Travels x

“Dunluce Castle & Mermaid’s Cave”
Bushmills, Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland
Gareth Wray Photography

Dunluce Castle stands proud on the end of White Rocks cliffs to the east of Portrush. It is one of the finest medieval castles in Ireland. Parts of the castle date back to the 14th century, the first record of it is from 1513 when it belonged to the MacQuillans. Dunluce Castle’s sheer magnificence actually inspired the “Royal Castle” in C.S Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” & recently it has been featured as "House of Greyjoy” in the TV series “Game of Thrones”

However under the beauty, hidden in its dark depths lies a cave of enormous proportions that is every bit as grand as the castle sitting above it. Measuring 300ft long myth has it that the Lord McQuillan’s daughter “Maeve” had fallen in love with an officer in her fathers army, her father was furious when he found out about this! Maeve & her lover tried to flee the castle via this underlayer cave. Suddenly a terrible storm struck & smashed their wooden row boat off the caves sharp walls! Sadly both of them were crushed on the rocks that evening. It is said that on stormy nights you can still hear the broken hearted “Banshee of Maeve” wailing in the northeast tower to this very day….