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Gleninagh Castle, Ireland

The 16th-century Gleninagh Castle, an L-shaped tower house, stands on a hillside looking out over Galway Bay in County Clare. It was an O'Loghlen (or O'Loughlin) stronghold from the early 16th century.  Although it changed hands many times over the next centuries it was eventually regained by the family who used it until circa 1840. In 1839, it was described as “in good repair.”  It remained occupied until the 1890s.


Ferrycarrig Castle, County Wexford, Ireland

Ferrycarrig Castle was built in the 15th century by the Roach family on the north bank of the River Slaney near Ferrycarrig. It was built to guard the ferry and the river traffic. The Roche’s lost their titles and lands in the early 1600’s in the Cromwellian invasion and following plantation.


This ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ rumor needs to happen

  • SPOILER ALERT: According to a report from Making Star Wars, the planet that Luke Skywalker resides on could be inhabited by some intelligent alien creatures.
  • You see, Lucasfilm is using the real-life island of Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland, for the planet Ahch-To — and the island is inhabited by puffins.
  • Per the report, Episode VIII could actually include at least one puffin in modified, CGIed form as “protector of the island(s) on Ahch-To.”
  • The rumor adds that the creature could be a mixture of “the terrifying and the adorable,” with razor sharp teeth, akin to some combination of a bird and a Gremlin. It will also apparently be speaking with Luke.
  • Amazingly, this isn’t the most absurd Star Wars rumor to come out of the report.  Read more

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