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Fall River, MA


“ Announcing the Maplecroft Mansion, a significant and historically important Queen Anne Victorian located in Fall Rivers’ Highlands District. The property was commissioned in 1889 by Charles Allen and sold to Lizzie Borden (and her sister Emma) in 1893 after her acquittal of the murder of her parents, a story and trial which engaged the nation. Ms. Borden lived in Maplecroft until her death on June 1, 1927. “


Forgotten Realms region of Tethyr! An interested history for a land caught in between Calimshan and Amn.

Many people feel a deep connection to their national marine sanctuaries – but how many have named their family members after them? 

When Sonoma County high school sweethearts Anna and Justin Girkout got married and started a family, they knew they wanted to maintain a strong connection to the coast and ocean they loved. What better way than to name their son Cordell, after Cordell Bank, a biologically-rich offshore feature protected by Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary? 

Anna explains that “Our hope is that with a name like Cordell, our son will always have a connection to the coast and will grow to love and respect it as much as we do.” At 3 ½ years old, Cordell happily declares that the beach is his favorite place. Anna says he loves to dig in the sand and find rock and shell treasures, and has even been known to spot a whale or two out in the waves. Maybe when he gets older he’ll be able to get offshore to Cordell Bank in person! 

How do you connect to your sanctuaries? 

(Photo: Anna Girkout)