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Do you have any headcanons involving Hunk and his culture?

There are SO. MANY.

  • Hunk is the the third of five kids; he has an older brother and sister, and a younger brother and sister.
  • Both his parents are Samoan–his father hails from the village of Lalomanu on Upolu in the Independent Nation of Samoa and his mother is a Samoan-American who was born in Oakland, California.
    • Hunk’s mother is the daughter of a church pastor who runs a Samoan Assembly of God
    • Hunk and his siblings would be raised in this church until they moved to the east coast
    • As a kid, Hunk actually loved celebrating White Sunday because saw that when he sang, it would make his grandmother happy; Hunk is super close to his grandma
    • Hunk’s favorite song ever is an old Samoan song that he sang all the time with his grandma
  • Hunk’s father made his way to the US by enlisting in the US Navy, which landed him in the Bay Area
    • A few cousins of his brought him to the church, where he met Hunk’s mother
    • They were married 2 years after they met
    • Hunk’s father was naturalized as a US citizen when Hunk was 6 months old
  • Hunk’s family moved from California to Norfolk, Virginia when he was 10 because his father’s fleet transferred to Naval Station Norfolk (his interest in Space came about when he found out that he was quite close to the Langley Research Center in Hampton)
  • Hunk’s interest in space travel grew during his early teens, when he expressed a desire to learn more about his heritage
  • Hunk was inspired by ancient Islanders exploring the Pacific 
  • Hunk is, like, half-fluent in Samoan (he understands more than he can speak), but he’s still learning (his favorite words are malosi, which means strength, and agalelei, which means kindness)
    • When he was 15, his sister was born and he’d always sing Send Me the Pillow to her when she was upset; it always calmed her down
    • Hunk plays old school Samoan songs when he is homesick and when he cleans, since his Saturdays at home always started with the sound of Samoan music and his mother barreling into his and his older brother’s room, demanding that they start cleaning
    • One time, Hunk made the mistake of playing Pretty Lil Teine to Lance and Lance loved it so much that he learned all the words
  • Whenever there’s a celebratory event, Hunk is always the one who helps his older sister make the ulas: graduations, weddings, birthdays–Hunk always helps make the ulas (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)
    • When Hunk was accepted to Galaxy Garrison, his folks threw a huuuuge shindig and buried him in ulas.
    • Hunk gets L O U D when one of his sisters are the taupou and doing her taualuga and he has to escort her onto the floor
  • Contrary to popular belief, Hunk actually sucks at football and rugby.
  • Hunk doesn’t have any traditional tattoos because he feels like you have to earn it and he’s hella traditional about it and wants to go to his dad’s village to do it with permission of the elders
  • Hunk’s favorite Samoan dish is pani popo, which is a coconut roll (his mother always made hers look and taste like a cinnamon roll with coconut sauce)


College!Tom AU: American House Parties

Summary: A few days before your roommate’s birthday, her boyfriend flies up to party the weekend away with her. You tag along for the celebration at friend’s house party where you meet two very attractive British foreign exchange students, Tom and Harrison, and their close friend. After a moment away with your roommate, you notice that Tom might be interested in your roommate. After learning about her boyfriend, will he give you a chance? Maybe! Will we ever learn the name of your roommate’s boyfriend? Yet another maybe!  

Warnings: underage drinking, weed, and some good old fashioned grinding!!!! (it’s probably PG-13)

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A Thursday night seems like a bad night to have a party. But everyone at your school knew the best parties were the ones on a Thursday night. Where you’d have to wake up and get to class, with less than two hours of sleep and the worst hangover of your life.

But you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t have class on Friday. You could sleep in, get plenty of fluids, take a nice, hot bath, whatever you wanted really. And since it was the weekend of Laura’s, your roommate, birthday; tonight seemed like the best time to let loose.

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Dark Lip Aesthetic
A playlist full of badass girls killin' it. Listen while you get ready and feel like you rule the world. Inspired by dark lipstick and bluish lighting and girls who are too self-confident and self-determined to smile on command while walking down city streets.

1. “Is There Somewhere” – Halsey

2. “Wanna Have Fun” – Lolawolf

3. “Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix)” – Beyoncé

4. “California Nights” – Best Coast

5. “The Sea (Night Version)” - MØ

6. “Buzzcut Season” – Lorde

7. “Oil and Water” – LIGHTS

8. “Partners in Crime” – The Internet

9. “Cat Rider” – Little Dragon

10. “Guns and Synths” – Kelela

11. “My Song 5” – HAIM

12. “Twice (Little Dragon Cover) – Lianne La Havas

13. "Million Dollar Man” – Lana Del Rey

14. “Trouble” – Halsey

15. “Swingin’ Party” – Lorde

16. “What You Need (The Weeknd Cover)” – BANKS

17. “Body Electric” – Lana Del Rey

18. “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” - Lorde

19. “Superpower” – Beyoncé ft. Frank Ocean

a list of songs for the person i really like

1. breezeblock - alt-j

2. lover of mine - beach house

3. i wanna be yours (acoustic) - arctic monkeys

4. outta my mind - bleached

5. quiet - lights

6. love dies - club 8

7. i thought you’d fall for me - hope sandoval & the warm inventions

8. lottery - kali uchis

9. i only have eyes for you - summer camp cover

10. sea of love - cat power

11. all i need (live from the basement) - radiohead

12. lover - devendra banhart

13. bloody bandaid - cherry glazerr

14. no one like you - best coast

15. the moon song - karen o ft. ezra koening

16. baby blue - king krule

17. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches

18. unrequited love - lykke li

19. boyfriend - best coast

20. dreams - cat power cover

21. by your side - beachwood sparks

22. mi negrita - devendra banhart

crushed: send me to the moon. launch a rocket into my eye. anything would be better than this.(x)

i hate myself for loving you - joan jett // boyfriend - best coast // every day - stevie nicks // a daydream away - all time low // love me already - black kids // closer - tegan and sara //  please do not go - violent femmes // maps - yeah yeah yeahs // why won’t you make up your mind - tame impala // sea of love - cat power // a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” - fall out boy // monday morning - fleetwood mac // love will tear us apart - joy division // please please please let me get what i want - the smiths