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A couple years ago - a brand new island popped out of the ocean off the coast of Japan. That new island - called Nishinoshima, engulfed a smaller nearby island and is now 12x the size it used to be. The eruptions have stopped and the island now is at least temporarily stable, so life has begun occupying it. This short video documents a group of Japanese Scientists as they visit this nearly unexplored landscape.

I’m so glad to have such a beautiful person to spend my life with. Through all the hardships and distance put between us we always overcome the obstacles together. Our strength and love is unshakeable and I know we can make it through anything. I’m walking into this with no doubt we will be Ok. I have such an amazing wife. I couldn’t be more thankful. I love you so much, baby. Thank you for living this life with me.
—  Words said by my husband right before he shipped off to Afghanistan
Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here tomorrow and here are some things to remember or essentially keep in mind. If you are spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, laughter, and full of memories. If you have a significant other and he’s away due to military or any other reason I hope you still find the day to be full with love, happiness, laughter, and so many memories. The same goes if you do not have a significant other. You do not need a significant other to have a good Valentine’s Day. Sure, it is nice to know you have that special someone, but Valentine’s Day is about love. Love can come from a friend or a family member. Love does not have to come from the romantic point of view. Have a girls night or guys night, get together with family if you can. My personal favorite is ordering a heart shape pizza and drinking wine haha. The list is endless. Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day and be kind to yourself and one another.

Finished colouring this Surf Life Saver sketch I did at the beach last weekend! When I get a chance I want to try painting a beach background for her 🌊

(Drawn in @adobe Draw on iPad)


38-foot United States Coast Guard picket boat Miss Pensacola II, and it’s odd catch. In the summer of 1933, the anchor of the boat became tangled around a particularly large (5000 pounds and 22 feet wide) manta ray. Unable to untangle and risking a capsize, the Coasties aboard “dispatched the beast with 30 shots from a high-powered rifle”.